Chapter 7

By Purple Penguin

I headed towards the house as tears stung my eyes. I wiped them away in vain. The scene seemed to be replaying in my mind. I couldn’t understand it I thought he loved me. Maybe I did something wrong, why did Seifer propose if he was attracted to someone else? Questions spun in my mind as I stepped on to the doorstep. I tried to stop the tears again not wanting people to see me this upset.

I opened the door and Ellone rushed towards me as soon as I was through the door.

“Where’s Seifer?” she frowned and tried to loo in my face.

“Are you okay? Have you been crying?”

I pushed her away and wiped my face. “The engagement’s off!”

The room went silent, everyone staring at me.

“What? Why?” Irvine asked.

I simply shook my head and I saw my sister’s eyes narrow. “What did he do?”

My mother stepped forward. “Ellone don’t-“

“Why else would he be here alone and so upset?”

I pushed through the crowds of people, heading upstairs.


I locked myself in the spare room that used to be mine.

Ellone knocked on the door. “Squall! Let me in!”

I buried my head in the pillow. It was funny, the last time I was this upset I ran to Seifer and now I had nowhere to go.


I got up and let Ellone into the room. She looked even more concerned when she saw my tear stained cheeks.

“Oh Squall, what happened?”

“S-Seifer… he was kissing Tristan at the garage.”

I let Ellone wrap her arms around me and pull me into an embrace. I hugged her back and cried into her shoulder. I raised my head slightly when Irvine came into the room; he offered me a sad smile.

“Ellone I thought you might want to come and-”

“I can’t, what is it?”

The cowboy’s expression hardened and he mouthed ‘Seifer’ to Elle. I looked up torn between running away and running to my lover. Part of me thought it must be a mistake, Seifer wouldn’t do that to me, while the other part of me knew how much Seifer had been talking about that guy lately.

Ellone pulled away from me slowly. “It’s alright you can stay here and I’ll go see what he wants.”

I was reluctant to let her go, I knew she’d get rid of Seifer and even though it hurt to see him we had been together for years so it felt wrong to send him away.

I stopped in the doorway seeing the looks of hostility from almost everyone in the room. I didn’t see Squall or Ellone.

“Where’s Squall? I need to talk to him.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

I looked up to see Irvine come down the stairs.

“Listen it’s not what you think, I just need to talk to Squall for a second.”

“Well I don’t think he wants to see you.”

I sighed. I wasn’t going to win this, Irvine was Squall’s best friend he would protect his friend even from me. “Look Irvine you know me I wouldn’t do this, I don’t two-time people especially not Squall.”

“Why not? You’ve done it before.”

I cringed at the familiar angry voice and cursed inwardly. No, not Ellone she could be a real bitch when she wanted to be, I remembered from last time how she made Squall’s life hell when she found out about us.

“Look I don’t want to fight you, I only want to talk to Squall.”

“Why? So you can hurt him again?”

“I didn’t mean it! It was an mistake!”

“What, you just tripped and fell on his lips?”

I glared at her, I knew she was protecting Squall but I think she was enjoying it a little too much as well. She stepped up to me. “I don’t understand why you didn’t break up with him first before you-”

“Because I love him.”

“Then why did you-?”

“I didn’t! Look I just have to talk to him, please.”

She folded her arms and was about to reply with something bitchy when her mother stepped in and saved me.

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow Seifer? When everyone has had a chance to clam down and think.”

I backed off and nodded. I desperately needed to see Squall but I didn’t want to upset his family for they might stop me from ever seeing him again. I walked to the door, turning back to see Ellone’s smug expression. “I’m not giving up though, I’ll be back tomorrow.” I walked out the door heading home which was a long walk from here.

I pushed back the blinds, smiling sadly as I watched Seifer walk farther and farther away. It hurt to see him leave, even though the thought of him and Tristan made me feel sick. Before I knew what I was doing I knocked on the window, loud enough for him to hear. He stopped, listening to the sound before he turned and noticed me watching him. His gaze met mine through the pane of glass.

He stared up at me he looked hurt, upset and very sorry. My fingers stroked the cold glass like I was able to touch him. I barely noticed a silent tear that slid down my face and I brushed it away. He mouthed something slowly and clearly. ‘I love you’.

I heard the door open behind me but I was fixed on the window.

Oh Squall.” Ellone frowned sadly and drew the blinds leading me away from the window.

I marched out of the door, pausing when I heard this little noise and I glanced around in search of the source. I looked back up at the house and froze seeing my beautiful lover standing at the window. He looked so sad and I really wanted to hold him and make the pain go away. It hurt more than anything to know that I caused that pain. He moved his hand up to the window, I so wished I could touch him. I flinched as I watched him wipe away a tear. I mouthed ‘I love you’ clearly so he would see. He just stood there; I wanted him to mouth it back.

Ellone came into sight then and the bitch pulled down the blinds so I couldn’t see my lover anymore. I sighed and walked home, not looking forward to sleeping alone.

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