Note: pov switches between Seifer and Squall. At a ~ mark the pov changes.


Chapter 6

By Purple Penguin

Elle buzzed around the living room excitedly holding onto her brother’s hand, gazing at his ring.

“Aww, my little brother’s getting married.”

“Elle!” He pulled out of her vice grip and walked over to me. I sat in the corner in an armchair, I reached out and pulled him into my lap. Squall blushed as Ellone clutched her hands together in that dreamy way again.

I chuckled and held him close to me. “Elle don’t you have work to go to?”

She snapped out of her trance and glanced at her. “Oh my god! I’m late!” She ran to the door.

“Tomorrow night after work there’s a party for you guys at home.”

Squall smiled after 2 years of living with Irvine and she still called her parent’s house home.

“See you there.” She called.

“Yeah bye.”

“See ya.”

Squall sat up in my lap. “I’ll pick you up from work tomorrow and we can go together, okay?”

I nodded and leaned in to kiss him. He smiled around my lips and his fingers curled into my shirt.

“What was that for?” He asked as he broke the kiss.

“Aren’t I allowed to kiss my beautiful fiance?”

I pushed him up so I could get up and wandered into the kitchen, he followed me. “When do you want to get hitched then?” I asked as I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and tossed one to Squall.

He paused. “I don’t know I haven’t thought about it.”

I shook my head. “That’s what being engaged is for, to plan the wedding.”

“I know that!” He pouted at me and perched on the edge of the counter.

I set down my beer and walked over to him, wrapped my arms around his waist and leaning in to trail kisses down his neck.

“You won’t get round me that way either.”

I undid the top button of his shirt and placed kisses over his collarbone. I paused thinking I heard a noise but maybe I imagined it. I undid the next button and the next, pausing to take one of his nipples into my mouth. He gasped and arched slightly. I looked up to see his eyes closed. I smirked and started to undo his pants when I heard someone behind me clear their throat.

I turned round and Squall’s eyes snapped open. “MUM!?”

She looked a little uncomfortable and a faint blush stained her cheeks. “I’m sorry but the door was open so...” She trailed off.

Squall hastily did up his shirt buttons and I wanted to disappear. “I’m -er- going go- away.” I ran out the room leaving Squall to face the music.


“Did I scare him away?” My mum asked.

I shook my head. “No, it’s fine.” I tucked my shirt back into my pants and gestured for her to sit at the kitchen table.

“I just wanted to say congratulations.” She hugged me and then added. “And your flies are undone.”

I blushed and hurried to do them up.

She smiled. “I glad you’re happy and if you want any help with the wedding your father and I was happy to lend a hand.”

I smirked. Like I was going to let my father anywhere near the preparations of my wedding after the mix up with Ellone’s wedding cake. The company he had chosen had given their wedding cake to a funeral party and so Ellone and Irvine’s cake read ‘Sorry for your loss’. Luckily everyone saw the funny side and it was a nice cake.

As if reading my mind my mother added. “And I’ll make sure you get a proper cake as well.” She stood up. “I have to go, tell Seifer I said bye.” She kissed my cheek and left.

“You can come out now.”

Seifer shot out the bathroom. “Was she angry?”

I shook my head and took his hand. “Maybe this time we should take this to the bedroom.”

He grinned and allowed himself to be led.

I looked up at the clock. It was 6:00. Squall should be here soon to pick me up so we can go to our engagement party. I was actually looked forward to it, lots of food, drink and Squall. My three favourite things.

“I’m gonna head off, k?”

I looked back at Tristan and nodded.

At the beginning of the day we had formed a truce and he actually did some work. Miracles really can happen, I wondered what he was up to, he had expected him to want revenge for that punch in the face but he seemed to have forgiven me. Maybe the boss had had a word with him too not that I thought he cared if he lost his job or not. I turned back to the car, looking under the bonnet (hood).

I had one ear listening out for the sound o a car pulling up but I must have missed it because a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and a lean chest pressed against my back. Nimble fingers ran over my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. I closed my eyes as a mouth sort out mine, we kissed passionately. Squall seemed a little bit rougher than usually he tugged at my hair and fought for dominance, Squall was normally submissive.

I heard the creak of the door open and someone gasped. I opened my eyes and turned to see a very hurt Squall standing in the doorway, I stared at him in shock then turned to see the shit-eating grin on the face of the green haired man who stood in my arms.

“Squall.” I whispered and turned back to him but the doorway was empty.

Tristan started to laugh. I shoved him back and ran after my fiancé “SQUALL!”

The driveway was empty; I could see the back of the car driving away down the road. I just stood there and stared until I couldn’t see it anymore, he should have waited I could explain, but I did look guilty as sin. I turned back to collect my coat, pausing when I spotted something glinting in the sun. I bent and picked up a gold ring, identical to my own.

I was barely aware of the silent tear that fell down my cheek. “Squall.” I mouthed.



ANGST! At last! Good? Bad? Terrible? Was that too far fetched?

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