Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 11 - We be camping

By Purple Penguin

The headmaster sat leaning on a tree looking up at the stars. Quistis rubbed her arms to keep warm, she watched Nida put up a green tent for some of them to sleep in. Their train left first thing in the morning to take them back to Balamb. Irvine was such a sore loser that he refused to let them back into G garden. All their stuff had been thrown out, Ellone and Laguna had brought them some tents and blankets to sleep under, both looked very apologetic but Irvine wouldn't listen to them. Raijin wasn't happy with the tent he got stuck with, it was bright pink with flowers on. He said it didn't help his image. Seifer joked that he preferred puppy dogs to flowers. Squall was working on a pale green tent and the two blondes had a blue one.

"AHHH you bastard!" Came a shout from the half crumpled blue tent.

"Give that here chickie!"

"No I don't trust you!"

"Let me see!"

"No! Seifer w-what are you doing?" A leg shot out the side of the tent.

"Now look what you did! It took me ages to nail that bit down."

Nida stood from his complete tent. "Ta-da!" He gestured for Matty and the headmaster to take it for the night, before going to help Squall. He ducked to go into the pale green canvass coming face to face with Squall's ass as the brunette backed out.

"Sorry." He muttered. "Do you need a hand setting up?"

"Sure you can help me bang the pegs into the ground, you're good at that right?"


"You know Banging." He grinned wickedly.

The other Seed's eyes widened, swallowing hard as he watched the hand creep up his thigh squeezing gently.

Outside the tent Quistis gave Fujin a knowing smile. "All that testosterone." She said with a roll of the eyes.

Seifer laughed from the other tent. "You're useless chickie."

"Bite me!"


"WHA-!" There was a lot of rocking in the half made tent, the few pegs in the ground popped out and the materials wrapped around the struggling boys.

"Seifer look what you're done now! Stop it!"

"You're fault chickie!"

"Help! RAPE!"

"You wish." They wrestled some more until the canvass fell away from their bodies a little way and Zell's head appeared, looking up at Quistis and Fujin. "Hi guys." He looked sheepish. "I'm just not cut out for this tough tent business."

"Fought back did it?" Quistis asked.

Seifer's head appeared next from under the material. "Look what Chickie managed to do to our tent!"

Squall and Nida came out of a perfectly good tent and waved at them. "Well we're good here so-err- Goodnight!"

Seifer smirked. "In a hurry to do something boys?"

Nida faked a yawn. "You know how it is.... Long day and all that. Got to get some sleep."

An arm reached out and grabbed him, they disappeared.

"Yeah right." The blonde muttered.

A curse came from the pink tent and the girls smiled. "Problem?"

"Err-no you know just err-" Raijin put the last peg in the ground and shuffled out backwards. "There."

"Err- Raijin-" Seifer started to say but Fuijin cut him off.

"What have you done to it? It's not tent shaped at all!"

The large man put his hands on his hips. "It's fine, we can still fit inside, me, you and Quistis so don't yell you know."

"Alright alright don't have a hissy fit."

Both blondes watched the last of their friends disappear into the pink tent. Zell looked down at their own flat useless canvass. "Now what?"

There was a moan from another tent and Seifer bit his lip hard to stop laughing, glancing towards Squall and Nida's tent. Zell was the first to give into his giggles, leaning on his lover as he too laughed. Both of them hiding their faces in each other's clothing to stop the noise.

"Shush!" The tall blonde hissed, holding a finger to his lover's lips.

Zell took the finger into his mouth, sucking on it, the taller man pulled back with a shake of the head. "Don't. Not tonight."

"What about our tent?"

"Sod it! It's not that cold." Seifer pulled up a blanket and the tent material dragging it under to a tree where he leant on the trunk, holding the blanket open as he gestured for Zell to join him. He pulled his lover against himself and wrapped the material around them both.

Another sound came from the green tent. "Why do they get to have all the fun?"

Seifer smirked. "What we should do is put lights behind their tent, it'll cast shadows and we'll have our own little x-rated puppet show."

Zell laughed. "Yeah! I'd love to see Nida's face if we did that!"

"Shame we have no lanterns though huh?"

"Yeah." He lover muttered quietly, tucking his head under Seifer's chin, playing with the silver collar. He yawned. "Night Seify!"

The blonde bit his lip at the nickname, he'd get Chickie back for that one in the morning. "Night short-ass."



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