Short, short last chapter because the chapter before this was supposed to be the last one but I accidentally wrote tbc on the end of it so here is the new last chapter.

Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Epilogue - Football crazy!

By Purple Penguin

"Wow look at it!" Seifer said in awe.

"We are, we have been for the past ten minutes." Zell answered in a bored tone.

Nida shifted uncomfortably. "Can we move yet?"

"My face is going numb." Squall complained.

"This a chance of a lifetime, I don't think you guys understand that."

"We can come back later and stand here again."

"But Chickie by then the shiny newness would have worn off." The tallest man whined.

Squall winced. "I have to move."

"Me too." Zell and Nida agreed in unison.

They had a 5 inch plastic trophy made to celebrate them winning the match and beating Irvine and co. It stood in the cabinets of achievements that garden had received, so it was the only thing in there. After Seifer had insisted that it be showed respect all four boys stood with their noses pressed to the glass starring at the object for ten minutes and counting.

"Fine on three, okay?"



"God, yes."


The three other boys flinched causing Seifer to smirk. "Wait for it!"


Quistis shook her head. "I can't believe you're still there."

"Seifer's fault!"


"Don't we go on 1?"

"No we go on go."

"But that's 4."

"Oh shut up Nida what do you know?"

"God Seifer hurry up for fuck's sake."

"Language. Language Chickie!"

"Okay are we ready?"

"YESS!" They all yelled in unison.


They all sighed in relief and stepped back from the glass, straightening their necks. Raijin gave Quistis a questioning look.

"You don't want to know, just the three stooges again."

"Four." Seifer said. "Haven't you noticed our new recruit?" He gestured to Nida.

"Oh no Nida, you used to be so normal."

"I still am, it's all his fault." He gestured to Squall.

"She wasn't talking about the sex factor." Seifer said.

The pilot looked disgusted. "Neither was I, you're disgusting."

The blonde woman shook her head at the two male blondes. "Are you two trying to get as many recruits as possible to sleep with you?"

Zell stared. "Don't look at me, it's all Seifer's fault!"

The taller blonde leaned closer to his lover. "I haven't heard you complaining chickie."

The little blonde frowned. "That's because I love you, you ass!" He turned and walked out before his lover could reply.

Seifer's mouth open and closed a few times before he quickly ran out of the room after Zell. The halls were busy so Seifer pushed his lover into a corner and leaned in close to stop them being over heard by others.

"I- What? You- I- err.... Did you mean that?"

"Of course." He whispered back, ducking his head.

"Chickie why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"I thought it might- ruin things?"

"Ruin things?"

"Well yeah..." He didn't look up, fidgeting with his fingers. "I know you've been with lots of other people, some better than me."

Fingers forced his chin upwards. "Now you listen to me! You. Are. Beautiful."

Zell's lips slightly twitched upwards.

"And I wouldn't be with you for.... 7 months, 6 days..." he looked at his watch. "4 hours and 5 seconds... if I didn't love you."

His lover smiled. "That was a little sad."

"Hey I was trying to be nice, are you saying my efforts aren't good enough?" he poked his lover in the ribs knowing he was ticklish.

Zell yelped. "Seifer, this is the middle of the corridor, people are looking at us funny."

The tall blonde looked over his shoulder and shrugged. "Let them." He leaned in and kissed the shorter boy, wrapping his arms around him.

Lots of female cadets stopped and giggled, some leaned in for a closer look.

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