Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 10 - Second half

By Purple Penguin

Laguna sat on the bench for the second half as did Quistis and Zell. The headmaster was on instead of the blonde woman and the other two were injured. Irvine hadn't wanted to take Laguna off because with Ward in the goal and the moomba tied down that meant Rinoa was in defence. Matty was in goal in Zell's place, the little blonde had wanted to go on but Squall wouldn't let him.

Fujin looked between the two teams when they were both back on the pitch and blew the whistle.

Raijin got the ball straight away and ran into everyone leaving a trail of unconscious players behind him.

"Foul." Irvine said from the ground.

"Why? I didn't do anything you know."






Raijin grinned and continued to play, passing the ball to headmaster Cid.

"Get him!" The cowboy yelled to his all girl defence line.

Rinoa looked up from doing her nails as Ellone managed to kick the ball away from the older man. "Rinoa kick the ball!"

The girl ran up and gingerly kicked it 2 inches up the field.

Irvine stared as Nida ran in and took it. He smiled at Rinoa. "Thanks."

"What the hall was that?"

She put her hands on her hips. "I kicked it didn't I? What else do you want?! I didn't want to get my new shoes dirty!"

Laguna stood from the bench. "Shall I come back on?"

"NO!" Kiros yelled.


"You're injured, sit down."

The brunette sighed. "Yes mother."

Nida stopped and stared at the lot of them. "Are we still playing?"

"What? Oh yes! The game!" Irvine pushed Kiros in the right direction. Move!"

Nida moved around the bewildered Rinoa and shot at the goal. Ward grinned as the ball bounced straight off his chest, he wasn't grinning when the headmaster hit it in on the rebound.

Irvine gaped. "You lot are useless!"

"Speak for yourself cowboy!" Kiros frowned at him.

Seifer high-fived the headmaster. "Headmaster Cid, that was great man!" Zell cheered from the bench.

"Well thank you boys."

Raijin patted Nida on the back, nearing knocking the smaller man off his feet. Squall smiled at him and came up close causing him to jump at how close the sexy brunette was standing. "Nice set-up."

"T-Thanks." He managed, watching the other man walk away.

Raijin came up beside him. "Close your mouth, you're drooling."

Nida snapped his mouth shut quickly looking up at the dark man who smiled knowingly at him. Fujin blew the whistle again to start the play again. Selphie got the ball and ran around Raijin and carried on until Squall went to stop her.

"No, no, no, no that's mine Leonhart!"

She turned round again but saw Raijin come at her so turned back yet again. Nida nipped in quick and tackled her for the ball. She stamped her foot. "That's not fair! You're so much bigger than me!"

Seifer elbowed her in the head.


"Sorry Selphie I didn't see you down there!"

She glared and hit him in the balls. "Oops I didn't see you all the way up there Seifer."

The blonde fell to the ground holding his groin.

"FOUL!" Fujin called.

"I need these! If I can't fuck Chickie anymore then it's your fault!"


"B-But he hit me first!"

Fuijin smirked. "Maybe but I don't like you!"

The petite girl turned to her lover. "Irvine! They're cheating!"

Nida frowned. "My team does not cheat! You're the ones that said we could pick the referee!"

Seifer staggered to his feet. "Chickie get over here and kiss it better for me!"

"Fuck you Seifer!"

Nida sent him to the bench and Quistis came back on. The tall blonde frowned as play went on without him, this was boring. He turned to Zell and grinned.

"Ahhh! Squall! Seifer's molesting me!"

The little blonde wiggled away and ran to the other bench where the moomba was tied down. "I wondered what those do?" He said to Seifer gesturing to the buttons on the wall beside the Galbadian bench.

His lover grinned and hit them all at once; they both smirked as the pitch sunk in on its self.

"IRVINE!" Squall yelled.

"What? They did it not me!"

"Was this what you had planned?" Laguna asked from the bench as he went to the edge of the hole to pull out Ward and Kiros.

Zell gave a hand to Squall and Nida, Fuijin helped Quistis and Mattie and Seifer got the Headmaster and Raijin.

Then they told back.

"What about us?" The cowboy asked.

"Maybe we'll leave you down there."

"What?" Ellone said. "But what about me and Selphie?"

"And me!" Rinoa screeched.

Seifer walked off with Zell on his back in piggyback style. "We are the champions! We are the champions!"

Later after everyone escaped the hole.

Irvine paced up and down in the changing room. "I can't believe they beat us! I-I-I mean it's them! The Balamb lot and you know how stupid they are."

"Hey!" Selphie protested. " I did used to be one of they you know."

"I've got it! We can challenge them to something else. What are we really good at?"


Selphie lay on the bench with a hand over her eyes, Ellone had escaped to have a shower and Kiros sat side-ways with Laguna sitting in his arms, one hand running through his lover's hair.

Rinoa came in and slumped on the bench, she raised an eyebrow at how close the two older men weren't sitting and opened her mouth to ask when the dark man leaned down and kissed his lover on the lips and whispered something to him. She gaped at them like a goldfish.

"D-D-Did you s-see-"

Irvine and Selphie rolled their eyes while Ward smiled. He was mute not blind.

"I've got it!" Irvine jumped up. "We can have a tiddly winks contest!"



"Just shut up Irvine!"



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