Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 6 - Balamb Practice Match

By Purple Penguin

He stared in disbelieve at the two items of clothing. “That’s it he’s gone too far, I am not wearing a football strip. It’s ridiculous.”

There were white jogging shorts and a tight blue vest. Nida had said it was professional, Seifer thought it was stupid. The refused to even remove it from the clear bag. Zell stood beside him wearing the kit, the shorts hugged his ass nicely. He did a little twirl.

The taller blonde smirked. “Although it does have its upsides.” He pulled Zell closer by the front of the vest, hands running down to his ass.

Zell jumped as his lover squeezed gently. “Stop that!”

“You’re cute Chickie; perhaps I’ll have you keep this for some... amusement.”

The little blonde wiggled away. “Shut up and put your uniform on.” He picked it up and held it out. “It won’t bite Seifer and everyone has to wear it.”

The tall blonde froze in horror. “Everyone?”

“Yes.” His lover said slowly, not catching on yet.

“Including the subs?”

Zell gasped in horror too. “NOOOOOOOO!”

Seifer hid his face. “God, I just pictured it. Headmaster Cid in jogging shorts!”

Zell hid under the other man’s trench coat. “Hide me, Seifer, I’m scared.”

Someone knocked on the door and they both jumped.

“It’s just me you know.” A voice said through the door.

Seifer opened the door to Raijin who was in full uniform. The dark man stood in the doorway, the tattoo on his shoulder visible, three pairs of earrings hung from his ears as usual and he wore the white jogging shorts, blue vest and black football boots with gold stripes on. Both blondes bit their lips hard, but Zell was the first to go. He burst out laughing, Seifer following him. They leant on each other for support.

The large man frowned, folding his arms. “It’s not funny you know. At least I’m man enough to wear it you know.”

Zell joined it. “He’s right Seifer put it on, look on the bright side you can’t look worse than that.”

Raijin frowned again. “Quistis, Squall and me have been waiting for ages; I’m going back you know.”

Zell shut the door and leaned on it. “You are not going anywhere until you are wearing that uniform.”

Seifer gave a mock salute. “Yes Sir.”

Nida paced up and down in front of Matty, Quistis, Squall and Raijin. “Where are Seifer and Zell?”

“I told them to hurry up you know.”

Squall tugged on the hem of his vest, it didn’t quite reach his shorts so his stomach was getting cold.

“And where is Headmaster Cid?”

“Sorry I’m late boys-and Quistis.” The older man said.

Squall’s eyes nearly fell out of his head. If they turned up at G Garden with him dressed like that they really would get laughed out of Irvine’s garden and maybe out of the country too.

Matty hid his eyes. “Oh god scarred for life.”

Zell and Seifer arrived and the little blonde his under his lover’s trench coat as the older man walked like a crab past headmaster Cid, his eyes wide and fixed on Cid, his face paled. Squall looked on with a smirk at their reaction.

“Are you alright Seifer?” The older man asked.

“I-I’m f-fine s-sir.”

“What’s the matter with Zell?”

“Maybe he got his head stuck up Seifer’s ass you know.” Raijin smirked.

Squall chuckled.

“Oh for goodness sake.” Nida shouted. “There are eight of us so Quistis you can have Seifer, Zell and Squall. Everyone else you’re with me.”

Zell peeped out when the headmaster had walked away.

Squall looked amused. “What are you so afraid of? You’re in goal; you don’t have to run around the field with him.”

Seifer shuddered.

“Look here comes Fuijin.”

The albino walked up, raised an eyebrow at the headmaster and continued to walk with her eyes watched Cid curiously. She smirked at the others and ran her eyes over Zell.

“Are you checking me out?”

“LOOK 12!”

He frowned. “Hey!”

Seifer laughed. “Are you refereeing this match?”


“Rule? What rule? Should I know?”

He handed him for rule pack on the right page. “That wasn’t in our packs.”

“Yes it was.” Zell said.

“And you understand this?”

“Yeah it’s not that hard.”

Seifer nudged Squall, looking scared again. “Zell understands something that I don’t should I be worried?”

Nida interrupted them. “Are you ready?”

Zell moved into the goal, Matty was the other goalie, Seifer and Nida was defence, Cid and Squall were the mid-fielders and as usual Quistis and Raijin were the strikers.

Fuijin put the ball roughly in the middle and blew the whistle.

Raijin blindly kicked the ball up the field and Squall kicked it straight back. Headmaster Cid got the ball and ran round Quistis and Squall, Seifer hesitated about tackling him and even Zell couldn’t stop him.

“GOAL!” Fuijin smirked.

The two blondes stared at each other. “That was your fault!” They yelled at the same time.

“Seifer you didn’t stop him!”

“Well, he’s old!”

“I’m not that old thank you Seifer.”

“But let’s hope Irvine thinks the same way.” Quistis added.

Nida stepped up. “This time Seifer I want you to stop anyone who comes near that goal.”

“Right, right.”

Fuijin blew the whistle again. This Quistis got the ball and dribbled it up the field, she managed a decent-ish pass to Squall but he had to run after it a bit but not far. Nida tackled him for it.

“That can’t be legal.” Seifer argued. “You said I couldn’t be that!”

Fuijin sighed and even bothered to speak properly. “No I said you couldn’t hit people. PLAY ON!”

Nida passed the ball to Raijin who hit Zell in the face with the ball. The blonde managed an unmanly shriek.

“Well done Chicken you stopped the ball with your face.” Seifer teased as he helped his lover to his feet.

“Sorry you know.”

“OW!” The tingly feeling of a Cura spell washed over him. “You have to learn some aim.”

“Why? He can just knock their goalie out.”

Zell swayed on his feet and half walked; half fell to the side of the pitch.

“Where are you going?”

“Over there to wait for the world to stop spinning.”

Nida sighed. “Okay let’s take a break but as soon as he’s better we continue.”



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