Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 5 - Sexual Frustration

By Purple Penguin

“I can’t believe that cowboy, how can he think he can get away with this?” He arched his neck slightly feeling strong hands sooth his muscles.

Zell swung around in the desk chair opposite him. “Does it matter? I mean it is only Ellone, I’m sure she’s not an expert. I thought you’d be more worried about the fact that your dad is playing for the enemy.”

Squall slumped tensing up again under Seifer’s hands. “I was trying not to think about it.”

“Nice going, Chickie.”

“Shut up, Seifer!”

“How about you both shut up.” Squall got off the bed and grabbed his shirt.

“Oh come on Squall, ignore the chicken.”

The door slammed and the two blondes winced. “Nice going Almasy.”

The taller blonde opened his mouth to reply but snapped it shut. “What are you doing now Chickie?”

“Nothing...” He narrowed his eyes at his lover. “No!”

“But I haven’t said anything yet.”

“I know what you were going to say and no.”


“What? Because you can’t have Squall, you’ll settle for me?”

The taller man smirked. “Yeah.”

Zell sneered in disgust and he also got up and left.

“Chickie! I was just kidding!”

The door slammed for a second time.

The sexually frustrated blonde glared at the door. He hated the stupid football thing; it was ruining his sex life.

Quistis slipped into the free chair opposite Seifer in the cafeteria. “Are you going to eat that?”

He looked up at her with a pout.

“Oh dear what is it this time?”

“This football thing is ruining my sex life; do you know how long it’s been since I last had sex?”

“Aww poor Seifer!”

“Even Raijin’s getting laid more than I am and he’s- RAIJIN!”

The blonde woman smiled. “That’s what you get when he play fuck buddies with mister workaholic. What’s up with Zell? You two are normally joined at the hip.”

“I don’t know he said something stupid about being second best to Squall.”

“Well there you go then, go tell Zell you love him.”

Seifer winced. “Quistis I’ve never said that to anyone and I’m not about to start now even if it does get me laid.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine you play the bad guy then but I know you love Zell, I mean it was just you two before Squall wasn’t it?”

The blonde grunted.

She leaned over to table. “I remember not too long ago when that guy came to garden with a bit of a crush on our Zelly.” She smiled as Seifer frowned at her.

“Is this going somewhere?”

“Humour me, tell me you lurve Zell.” She laughed.

“Will you stop? I didn’t think about this when we started the three-way thing I think I was blinded by all the sex and threesomes.”

She chuckled.

“But now I have to worry about Squall’s silly thoughts and-”


“Oh Squall tells me he’s getting in the way and Zell tells me that he feels second best.” He put his head in his hands. “Urgh.”

She smiled as he went silent for a moment. “And Squall still hasn’t let me fuck him on his desk!”

“You thought he would?”

“He let Zell.”

She laughed.

“Okay so they were both off their head at the time but still-”

“My, you do have problems don’t you?”

“It’s not a joke.”

“No of course no.” She chuckled. “Well go make up with Zell and leave me to look after your dinner.”

He pushed the plate towards her. “And now you’re robbing me of my food.”

“Got to keep my strength up it’s our first practice match tomorrow.”

“Don’t remind me.” He got and walked past her. “I’ll see you Quisty.”

Zell lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. God he was bored. Maybe he was a little hasty when he had left Seifer’s room. It was tough when he not only slept with Seifer he also hung out with him so now he was bored. He considered going back to Seifer but that would mean the arrogant blonde would think he had won. He wasn’t in the mood for Seifer’s childish gloating.

Someone knocked on the door and he ignored it. The noise got louder.

“Go away!”


The little blonde looked up surprised. Seifer? He never come around to his dorm, he must be desperate. He opened the door and folded his arms staring at the taller man.

“I thought you weren’t going to let me in then.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m bored.”

“What you doing?”

“Staring at the ceiling.” He said as if that was perfectly normal.

“O-Oh well that’s sounds like fun.”

“It is.”

“Can I join you?”

Zell shrugged. “If you want.”

Seifer walked in past the little blonde and the door shut behind them both.



No football in that, but next chapter Nida dropped a surprise on them.

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