Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 4 - Galbadia’s Team

By Purple Penguin

Irvine and Selphie had lived at Galbadia garden for a year now and they had been together for almost two years. Selphie had banned Irvine from looking at other girls by agreeing to look at guys with him. Learning that her cowboy was Bi was the greatest thing; they would both point out guy and mark them out of ten. Sometimes she would let him pick a girl, she was straight but she’d humour him.

The cowboy sat in his office. At first he had to have Martine’s old one but now he had his own office. A glass fronted cabinet with guns in from his own personal collection. Lots of plant, Selphie said an office had to have plants so two large leafy pots stood on either side of the door and little pots stood in the large windowsill.

He wondered how Squall and co were dealing with his little challenge. Selphie had insisted on playing, she was one of the strikers while he was the mid-field player. He didn’t know how Squall would cope with his little surprise. The videophone beeped and he pushed the button on it, seeing a friendly face appear on the screen.

“Hey Laguna all set?”

The president grinned. “We’re very excited about playing on your team.”

Irvine smirked. His team was the best it was the subs that were the big let down.

Kiros was the other striker; Laguna and Ellone were the defence and Ward was in goal, as he pretty much filled it. The subs- well there was no one else and Selphie said it was mean to leave Rinoa out all together. She had joined in with practice and bitched about breaking a nail. Also they had a moomba as a sub he was- well- not so bad- better than Rinoa.

“Been practicing hard?”

“Yeah we made a goal from guards.”


“Yeah they were the posts, you’d be amazed the things those guys will do for you if you’re the president.”

Irvine bit his lip to keep from smiling and to halt the dirty thoughts that were running though his brain. Laguna would never do something like that.

“We’re training Bo-Bo up too, he’s really coming along. I think he’ll be the star player.”

“Uh huh.” Laguna had named the moomba Bo-Bo and they had been training him.

“Seriously I think he’ll score the winning goal.”

“Are you guys still coming down here tomorrow?”

“Of course but I-err- have to tell Squall first.” He held up crossed fingers. “If I survive then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The cowboy smirked. “See you.”

Laguna stared at the blank screen; he raised a hand to dial the number for Balamb garden then let his hand drop again nervously. He tapped his fingers on the desk before raising his hand again and then hesitating.

He heard a sigh was annoyance. “Do you want me to dial the number for you?”

He looked hopefully over at Kiros who sat opposite his desk. “Do you want to speak to Squall for me?”

“He’s not that bad, he’s your son Laguna so you have to do it.” He reached over and dialled the number than got up to leave. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“No! Don’t just leave me here to-”

Squall’s face appeared on the screen. “Hello?”

The older man jumped with a little squeak of fear.

The younger brunette deflated slightly. “Oh it’s you, what do you want?”

“I-I-It’s nothing.”

“You rang me for nothing?”

“O-Okay it is s-something.”

His son gave him a ‘Well?’ look.

“I know about your football game against Galbadia.”

Squall frowned.

“A-And I know because- um- I-Irvine asked K-Kiros, Ellone, Ward and me to play on his team.”

Squall’s eyes widened. “And you didn’t accept did you?”

“Um- Well yeah I sort of did.”

“You can’t play for them! It’s Galbadia, the enemy of Esthar for god’s sake!”

“I know b-but I used to live there, I was born there and Irvine’s not the enemy he’s your friend.”

“He WAS my friend.”

“It’s only a game.”

“No” Squall shook his head continually. “This is no game this is about Galbadia having the Seeds and few cadets and about Balamb having few Seeds and lots of weak cadets.”


“Ellone- She’s on your team right?”


“Well she’s no Galbadian; she’s never leaved there. She can’t play for you, that’s cheating.”

“W-Well she lived in Winhill that’s Galbadian territory really isn’t it?”

The commander folded his arms. “In that case so am I.”


“I-If you put it that way I’m a Galbadian as I was born there!”

“Squall don’t be silly, Ellone lived there for a few years you’re weren’t even one year old when you left.”

“You tell Irvine he can’t use Ellone or I-I could go find a great football player who lived in Balamb for a couple of weeks, that would count right? He never said how long a person had to live here.”

“Squall you’re being completely unreasonable.”

“Unreasonable? Me? No that’s Irvine!” He made the move to hung up.

“Squall wait. Don’t-” The screen went blank.

The older man sighed. Okay that went well.

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