Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 3 - Practice II

By Purple Penguin

“Zell! Dribbling does not mean kick the ball away and run after it.”

“I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously Nida it’s not a big competition.”

The pilot glared. “Look Squall put me in charge of this and I intend to make this the best tem ever!”

“But why do I have to know this stuff? I’m in goal.”

“Yeah but you don’t have to stay there.”

“B-But if I leave they’ll score.”


Quistis flipped through the pages of her rule pack. “It says here that you can head the ball, well that’s it then we have won there’s no way that Rinoa or Irvine will want to mess up their hair.”

Squall smirked. “I told you he was girly.”

“Irvine won’t let Rinoa play for him, no dogs allowed on the pitch.”

“Seifer don’t be silly, she’s not going to bring Angelo with her.”

“Actually I was talking about Rinoa.”

Zell sniggered and the others just rolled their eyes.

“Okay passing practice. Pair up and pass the ball between each other.”

Seifer grabbed Squall right arm and pulled him in one direction. At the same time Zell grabbed Squall’s other arm and pulled him in the other direction.

“I’m with Squall.” They said in unison.

They glared at each other and pulled the brunette both ways.

“Err guys?”

Nida threw his arms in the air. “Oh for god’s sake, Squall you can pair with me.”

The two blondes went to protest, but Nida pointed at them. “You two play nice now.”

“Come on then Chickie.”

Seifer kicked the ball over Zell’s head. “Seifer!”

“It’s your fault short-ass!”

“You’re supposed to pass it to me and I’m down here.” He turned and looked at the pilot. “Nida! Seifer’s doing it wrong!”

“Zell’s too short.”

“Seifer if you kick it over his head then the other team will be able to score, is that what you want?”

The blonde looked at the floor. “No sir.”

“Seifer I want to you to do laps around the pitch for that.”

“Laps? How many?”

“24.” Zell said.

“Shut up Zell!”

“That’s a good idea actually.”

The tall blonde gaped at him. “What? I’ll be good I swear.”

“Sorry but you should have thought of that earlier.”

Zell stuck his tongue out at the tall blonde. “Ha. Ha.”

“Zell you can run with him now.”


“Go on.”

Seifer smirked and ruffled the little blonde’s spikes as they both started their laps.

After morning practice all the players sat at a long interview table in the classroom. A foam ball sat in the centre of the room. Nida said they have to interview people to be subs, so that was what they were doing. 6 people had applied and they only needed 2, so far so good.

Someone knocked on the door. “Come in.”

Xu came in.

“Xu? You want to play on our team?”

“And what’s wrong with that? I’m good at it, unlike most you I have siblings who I used to play with.” She frowned at them, folding her arms.

“Okay, okay. Well, what position did you play?”


“Yes, like defence or mid-field.”

“I was the one at the back.”


“I thought so, the one behind the goal.”

“Behind it? Well-um- w-we’ll let you know.”

“What’s the matter? Am I not good enough for you’re team? It’s because I’m a woman isn’t it?”

Seifer pointed to Quistis who sat beside him. “There’s a woman sitting right here... Unless there’s something you’re not telling me Quistis.”

She gave him a playful slap.

“I CAN play!” She kicked the ball full power at the line of players.

“AHH!” Seifer and Zell ducked and the ball hit the wall behind them.

“T-Thank you w-we’ll let you know.”

She stormed out and everyone picked themselves up.

“She’s a psycho. “ Seifer muttered. “Please tell me you’re not putting her on the team.”

“Not if there’s someone better.”

“How could they be worse?”

The door opened again and a small boy (the running boy) came in. “Hey Matty!” Zell greeted.

The boy shrugged. “I thought I’d give it a go.”

“You play?”

“Well not professional or anything, but in the street with my friends yeah.”

“You can pass the ball and all that?”

“Yeah of course.”

“What do we think guys?” Nida asked.

“Sounds better than Zell already.”

“Shut up Seifer!”

“Can you come to practice tomorrow? If you’re any good then you’re on the team.”

“Really?” The boy did a back flip. “Cool!” He ran out of the room. “Thanks.”

Seifer gave Zell a look. “You taught him to do that didn’t you?”

“Yeah he lives in my street.”

“Hello everyone.”

“H-Headmaster Cid. What are you doing here sir? We booked this room for-”

“I know that, that’s why I’m here. I want to try out for the team!”

Seifer laughed, quickly turning it into a cough.

“Now I know you boys- and Quistis think I’m too old but I’m only 52 and when I was young I used to play for my local team.” He looked dreamy. “I could tell you some stories.”

“Wake me when it’s over.” Seifer muttered, resting his head on the table.

“Anyway I think I’d be good at it.” He started to play with the foam ball, flipping it up onto his knees and then back to the floor.

Zell stared at him. “I-I can’t do that, should I be able to do that?”

“Oh god even he’s better than Zell, how worrying.”

“Shut up Seifer!”

Nida whispered to the group. “Would it hurt to let him come to practice?”

“We can’t show up at G-Garden with him on our team, Irvine will laugh us back to Balamb.”

“We can let him practice with us and then if he’s good it doesn’t matter if they laugh because they won’t be laughing when we win.”

They all shrugged in agreement. “If you say so.”

“Sir can you make practice tomorrow?”

The older man smiled. “You won’t regret it.”

“Hope not.” Seifer looked doubtful.


Author’s Notes: Lemon? I don’t know, I don’t want to get kicked off AGAIN.

I’ll think about it.

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