Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 2 - Practice I

By Purple Penguin

“What are you beer cans for?”

“That’s the goal.”

“I thought we needed two.”

“Well yeah but we’re not playing yet are we?”

They stood outside Garden; two beer cans stood a distance apart for a makeshift goal.

“Okay there are different positions you can play in; there’s mid-field, defence, striker or goalie.”

“Question.” Zell said.


“How do we know what position we want to play in?”

“That’s why we have practice.” Nida threw the ball to Squall and moved into the goal. “You all have a go shooting then someone else can have a go in goal.”

Squall hesitated before dropping the ball to his feet and kicking it, knocking down the cans.

“Err- Squall you’re supposed to get the ball between the cans not knock them down.”


Zell stepped up next and the ball shot off no where near the goal.

Seifer smirked. “Chickie the goal’s that way.”

“Fine let’s see you do it then!”

“I will!” The tall blonde kicked the ball straight into Nida’s arms.

“HA!” Zell yelled cheerfully.

“Well it was better than anything you could do.”

Nida looked worried as Raijin stepped up; he kicked the ball so hard that the goalie flew back in the net.

“Question.” Seifer said.

“Y-Yeah.” Nida picked himself up.

“What do defence people do? How do you stop the enemy?”


Seifer grinned.

“But you can’t just beat people up.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll be sent off.”

“Well where’s the fun in that?”

Nida shook his head.

“Excuse me but I haven’t had a go yet.” Quistis said.

“Go on Quistis show them how it’s done.”

She smiled and kicked the ball past the goalie and into the net.


“Have you done this before?”

She shrugged. “Maybe once or twice.”

“When? What? How?”

“Remember that football player that I used to date? I used to join in with him and his mates.”

“Well that’s just cheating.”

She stuck her tongue out at Seifer.

“Is that an invitation?”

She put her hands on her hips. “My dear I don’t know where you’re been.” She glanced at Squall. “Or maybe I do.”

“Me? Don’t drag me into all this, you mean him.” He pointed to Zell.

“What? Why does everyone always pick on me?”

“Because it’s fun Chickie.”

Zell gave him the finger. “Fuck you.”

“Maybe later.”

Quistis chuckled and even Squall smiled. “Funny how the only straight one out of us was Irvine and he’s so girly.”

The blonde woman gave Squall a look. “He is not; you’re only saying that because you know we’re going to lose to him.”

“No he spends way longer in the bathroom than any woman I’ve ever known.”

“How do you know how long women spend in the bathroom? It’s not like you’ve ever had a girlfriend.”

“What about Rinoa?”

“She doesn’t count, I swear she wasn’t a girl anyway more like a mutant in a girl suit.”

“Excuse me.”

They all turned to see Nida holding the ball, looking impatient. “Zell you’re up in goal.”

The little blonde bounced in the goalmouth, as everyone had a go. He saved them all except Raijin’s go but the ball hit him in the groin causing him to fall to the ground clutching his balls.

“If I can’t have children it’s your fault.”

“But you’re gay you know.”

“Yeah Zell plus what could you ever teach a kid?”

“Fuck you Seifer!”

Zell took the hand-up that Squall offered him and limped around holding his groin.

“Zell can be in goal.”

“But we haven’t had a go yet.”

“I know but he’s really good and Quistis and Raijin can be the strikers.”

Seifer was about to protest when Nida continued. “You and Squall can be the defence.”

Seifer grinned.


“Hey Fu what you reading?” Seifer looked over her shoulder in the cafeteria after practice.


Nida had made some sheets for her to learn with all the rules on, what was a fair tackle, what she could send people off for.

Her friend took a page to look at. “He even bothered to laminate them, isn’t that going a bit too far?”

She shrugged.


“It was okay; Squall and me are the defence I get to tackle people.”

She handed him the page on tackling.

“What if I accidentally put my foot in someone’s face?”

She shook her head.

“You’re on our side though right? You can bend the rules for me can’t you?”

She smirked. “FOR YOU.”

“See? How can we lose? I think we’ll win by miles, I mean who can Irvine get Selphie and Rinoa? We’re better than they are.”

A little blonde whirlwind flew into the cafeteria and up to the counter to order hotdogs. He sat down at the same table as Fujin and grabbed a sheet to read.

“Ooh cool.”

“Who said you could sit with us Chickie?”

“Shut up Almasy if you want to get laid tonight!”

“I could go to Squall!”

“Not if I get there first.” He grinned

The tall blonde just glared at him.

Fujin smirked seeing the two men glare at each other.

“Glad you two get on so well.” Squall said from behind Fujin.

“Squall come here baby.” Seifer patted his lap.

“No Seifer’s being mean to me so come here and comfort me.”

The brunette gave Fujin a look. “I love it when they fight over me.” He walked round and sat in Seifer’s lap causing the blonde to grin and Zell frown at both of them.

Squall ran a hand through Seifer’s short hair. “I have to work tonight so you can play with Zell.”

“But I don’t know where he’s been.”

The short blonde stuck his tongue out at Seifer.

“Play nice guys.”

Nida came in with arms full of papers.

“What’s all that?”

“Things you all need to know, tackling, passing, dribbling etc.”

“Dribbling? Hey Zell that’s something you don’t have to practice for.”

“Not that sort of dribbling.“ He gave out 4 page packs to each person and a 20-page pack to Zell.

“What the fuck?”

“You need to know more.”

“Because you’re stupid.” Seifer added.

Zell gave him the finger. “As I’ll be busy reading all this tonight you’re not getting laid.

“What?!” Seifer glared at Nida. “You’re ruining my sex life!”

“Do you want to win?”

“Yeah but-”

“Then your sex life will have to wait.” He walked out before Seifer could argue.


Next chapter = choosing subs for their team.

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