Notes: Okay so as in Football I mean British football or soccer and I know that most of you know it as soccer but I’m going to say football because to me that’s what it is. So there.

Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 1

By Purple Penguin

Irvine had been made the headmaster of Galbadia after the war and his girlfriend Selphie had gone too. Rinoa had gone back to her father after the her split from Squall, she complained about him spending too much time with his friends Seifer and Zell and that he shouldn’t be mates with the guy that tried to kill her.

Squall glared at the view screen in his office. “What do you want Kinneas?”

The cowboy chuckled. “Nice to see you too Squall.”

“What’s the deal cowboy?”

“Selphie and me thought a little challenge between friends would be fun.”

“We don’t have time for games here unlike some garden we actually have work to do.”

The cowboy smiled. “Afraid you’ll lose?”

He watched Squall squirm “What’s this challenge?”

“At a boy Squally. It’s just a little football match.”

The brunette would have winced but he didn’t want Irvine to think he was afraid to lose.

“Galbadia V Balamb think of the publicity for both of our gardens.”

“You’re on when do we play?”

“Two weeks I’m sure you’ll need the practice.”

Squall glowered at him.

“It’s a 6 a-side game and we play at our stadium.”

Squall opened his mouth to protest but Irvine cut him off. “You can pick the referee.”


“I have my team ready to go. As long as they’ve lived in Galbadia at some point it’s okay and the same goes for your team okay?”

Squall nodded slowly, he knew that somehow that cowboy had got some great players for his team. But Balamb would win he’d see to it that they would win.

Irvine waved. “Bye for now.”

The screen went blank. Squall grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down names of people that he wanted on his team. Referee? Who could he get for a referee? Who would be good at that job? He thought about it before nodded in sudden realization and scribbled down a name. He hit the intercom button.

“Everyone this is Squall. Could Zell, Seifer, Quistis, Raijin, Fuijin and Nida come up to my office? Thank you.”

Nida arrived first as he was only on the bridge, the others followed and stood in front of his desk looking expectant.

“Guys I have a special mission for you. Headmaster Kinneas has proposed a Galbadia V Balamb Football match in 2 weeks time. He thinks he’s going to win and I want to prove him wrong so do you accept the mission to be the players?”

All six of them just stared at him. “I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard him say, ya know.”

“F-Football? Do you know how to play?”

“Err- well- no I was hoping one of you could.”

Nida slowly raised a hand. “Yeah I can, my dad taught me.”

“Perfect you can teach us then.”

The pilot winced, wondering what he had got himself into. “Great.”

“Fujin I had a special job for you.”

She blinked at him.

“I want you to referee for the match.”


“Nida with help you, right?” He looked at the pilot, who nodded.

Seifer smirked. “Are you feeling okay? You actually want to play a game with Galbadia?”

“This is not about games this is about Irvine thinking that his garden, being bigger and full of Seeds rather than cadets like our garden, is better than Balamb. I hope to prove him wrong.”

“We’ll need at least 2 subs.” Nida put in.


“Substitute players, in case any of us get tired or injured or something.”

“You can get injured in this game?”

“You scared Chickie? Careful you don’t piss yourself.”

“Shut up Seifer or you’re never sleeping in my bed again!”

Everyone turned and looked at them. The tall blonde squirmed. “It wasn’t like that I was just too drunk to remember my own door code that’s all.”

“But sober enough to remember mine?” Zell asked.

Squall smirked. “Was the great Seifer Almasy making up excuses to get into other people’s beds? Because you know you could have just asked.”

Everyone just shook their heads, knowing the whole Squall, Seifer, Zell thing.

“So football, huh?” Seifer said quickly.

Squall suppressed a small smile. “We meet outside for practice in one hour. Dismissed.”

Quistis hung back. “Do you really think we can win? Irvine and Selphie have probably been practicing for months and god knows who they have on their team.”

“Quistis how can we lose? The referee is on our side and Fuijin never did like Selphie much, too loud I think.”

“Like she can talk.”

He smiled. “We’ll see won’t we?”

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