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Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Twelve

By Sniffles

Not dead... Not dead... Squall... Don't...

I watch as he struggles to his feet and stumbles across the room towards me. NO! Squall! Not... Not...

I open my mouth to tell him, but no words emit from my throat, just a pained whimper. The pain... All around me now. I can't think. I can't... I can't breathe. Back... Please go back Squall. He's not...

He stumbles, I can see the strain in his face. He's drained all his energy into attacking m-me and... and Koisoko. Squall! TURN BACK!

No matter how hard I try, he doesn't hear. He doesn't see.

Too late...


The room lights up. Squall screams, then slumps to the floor. Unconscious.

Koisoko stands slowly. He's hurt, I can see it in his face. I can't...

I can't focus...

I close my eyes tightly. The pain is fading. It's fading and leaving me empty. It's burned away everything inside of me. Or at least... that's how it feels. I just want to... I just want to...

I drop my head. I wonder if Squall is dead. I don't think so. I would feel it if he was dead. He may as well be though.

I saw the look in his eyes when he... When he...

There was no life in those eyes. No... No soul behind them. What has Koisoko done to him?

Doesn't matter...

Not anymore.

So easily... He... He hardly seemed to struggle. Just goes to show how much he cares about me... doesn't it? I allowed myself to foolishly dream... I can see it now. When he stood before me and Koisoko said; 'Here is the one you can kill.' I was so sure Squall wouldn't do it. He wouldn't do that to 'me'. I'm his friend.

But he barely hesitated before releasing that... that 'stuff' into me. And there was no remorse in his eyes. He didn't care. It hardly seemed to bother him.

I thought he at least saw me as a friend.

Now I know... I don't mean anything either way.

This is what I get. It's all I deserve. I shouldn't have left myself so open. I shouldn't have cared...

The magic tingles inside me. The magic he put there. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it's still inside. Burning in the pit of my stomach. It's a constant reminder. Again I see Squall throwing it at me. No hesitation.

He didn't hestitate.

Not even a little.

"Wake up." A voice hisses. "Please... Wake up." When I open my eyes, there is a familiar face leaning over me. Cool hands are stroking my cheeks.

"Wh-who?" I stutter, closing my eyes, because they hurt.

"Tier. I'm so sorry... I... I'm the one who brought you and your friend here... Gawd! I shouldn't have. I'm so terribly sorry."

I open my mouth to ask him, 'why?' but he places his hand over my mouth. "Shh. We have to get your friend. Koisoko is resting. That little friend of yours took more out of him than I would have expected. If we act quickly... You two just might be given the chance to live."

He helps me sit up. "Couldn't... Couldn't he come..." I can't finish the sentence. My throat hurts too much to speak.

"No." Tier shook his head, "He never leaves this place. He'll send me... but... but never again."

With his help I get to my feet. I'm so weak... I have to lean against him heavily as we walk out of that cell... I feel as if... I've been locked in there forever. I know it's not true but...

It feels like it.

"What did he do to...?"

"Your friend?" Tier finishes for me. He glances up at me, his expression is strangely worried. "I'm not entirely sure. He... He may have... Well I think his plan was to create... Sorcerers."

"Sorcerers?" I repeat, with a little frown, "But..."

"Yes. Yes, I know. So does he. But he claims he has found a way to... get around the frailty of the male psyche in relation to the magic. And... And it looks like it worked. Your friend is okay. He's still alive."

"But... But mentally? What has it d..." I can't finish the sentence. I gasp for air.

"Sh. Calm down. Your lungs... They won't be as they were before. It'll take a while before..." Tier stops talking and just lets me rest against him. We stand there for a few moments, then begin walking again. "Just... Try not to speak. It's too hard on you."

What has it done to him mentally? I remember the look in his eyes when Koisoko brought him to me... There was no soul in those eyes that I love; no life.


"If he did complete his... Experiments on your friend... You may as well accept the fact that the Squall Leonhart you know is dead." Tier looks up at me. There's a pity and sadness in his eyes that makes my heart stop, "He'll never be back again."

My fault.

It's all... my fault.


I lean against Tier heavily and squeeze my eyes shut. The tears burn at the back of my eyes but I won't let them fall. I won't give up on him... Even if he doesn't care about me. I won't give up. I'll help him... I'll make sure he gets better.

And then..

When we're home... And he's better.

I'll go my way.

He'll go his.

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