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Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Thirteen

By Sniffles

That's just the way it was meant to be. With a little sigh I open my eyes. It worked. I can feel the power surging through me, I can feel... His anger inside me. I am him, and he is me. Beautiful. His body, his mind, his psyche can handle it. I am thankful to him. Without his existence... I would never be given the power I now possess.

It's truly wonderful. I feel so invigorated. So young. I feel immortal. The smile feels strange on my lips, but I allow it to stay as I get to my feet and stretch my new arms out before me. His mind screams at me. It's still very alive, very passionate. This boy, he had so much strength. He will be hard to quiet, but eventually I will snuff him out. He will become nothing but the soul that I feed on. Even after he dies his anger will keep this body strong. Anger like that cannot be destroyed.

The door to his cell opens and Tier and that other boy, Seifer, step in. "Squall." Seifer speaks first. His voice is hoarse, tired.

I quickly hide the smile on my face and in my eyes. They will lead me out of this place. They will take me back to the world. The world which I have been unable to step foot on since that sorceress cursed me. I was the first male born with the power of a sorcerer in me. I was the first to come even close to having the power which the boy Squall has helped me acquire. She hated me for it. She took away the power in my soul and locked me in this miserable place. For years I have waited... And now... Now, finally I will exact my revenge.

They will cower before me.

"Seifer?" The voice, his voice, sounds strange in my head. I wish I could have done this with my body, but my body cannot step foot out of this building.

"Are you all right?" Seifer stumbles, and Tier steadies him.

How sickening. The weak should die, not be coddled and helped. Only the strong will inherit the earth. "Let's get out of here, Seifer." I reply quickly. I must get outside. The power is burning inside me and I have to release it. I need to see pain. The bloodlust has gripped the mind of my host, and it is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

"Yeah... Let's go." Seifer agrees, his voice strained. His eyes gaze at me with hurt.


He looks so strange. Something about him feels... wrong. I watch him warily as we walk down the many halls leading to the front door. And then...

Just as we reach the door, I realize what's wrong.

His eyes. "Squall."

He turns to look at me.


His lips tilt in what appears to be a smile. A smile?

From Squall....

"You first." He says. His voice is soft, husky.

Koisoko... Somehow he's... In Squall's body. How??? It doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense. I just wish... Things could be simple again. "No... No, you go first. I'll follow."

His face darkens. He glances at the door, then to me. "Tier. Go." He growls.

"No Tier." I grip Tier's arm tightly. He looks at me, questions in his eyes. He doesn't speak though. Somehow he senses the gravity of the situation and he remains quiet.

Squall... No, Koisoko's eyes narrow. He glowers at me, his hatred shining in his eyes. I wonder how much of that hatred is from Squall...


"Koisoko! How?" Tier gasps, his eyes widening.

Koisoko smiles. He is the picture of calmness. "Where is Squall?"

"Inside." Koisoko taps his forehead with one long finger. "But he won't be for long. Step through the door, and I might consider letting you live."

"Why don't you go first? I'll come out after."

A shudder runs through his body, his eyes darken with rage. "It would be in your best interest to obey me, boy. It would take but a flick of my finger to kill you."

"I'm. Not. Moving."

He begins to glow, his eyes turning as brilliant as the sun. He raises his arm. The energy crackles around him like a living thing. I push Tier aside, my own anger rising. I won't let him hurt Squall. I won't let him hurt anyone, not now. Not ever again.

A stream of blue energy streams from his fingers. It slams into my chest, but strangely I feel no pain. Just more anger. More hatred. I want Squall back. I want him out of Squall's body. I want things to be right again.

I feel so warm. So strong. My whole body is tingling. I barely feel it as Koisoko lifts his other hand and releases another burst of energy. The more he attacks me... The stronger I become.

My turn to smile.

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