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Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Eleven

By Sniffles

Burning inside of me. Anger. Hatred. I want to hurt something. I want to kill something. The salty sting of blood settles in my mouth, filling me with blood lust. Kill, kill, kill. Hurt... I must hurt something. "Patience, child." He is there. I snarl and throw myself at him. But just before I touch him I slam into an invisible wall. The pain rips through me and throws me to the floor. I lay panting, gazing up at him with anger. I can't get near him. He is the one I really want to kill.

"You will have your bloodletting soon." He continues, acting as if I hadn't just tried to rip his throat out.

He walks further into the room and I crouch on the floor, staring at him, at the invisible magical barrier that surrounds him. I imagine that if I stare hard enough I can see it. And maybe if I can see it, I can spot a weakness. Some hole that will allow me to get in and rip him apart. "Ah... That anger. That hatred. I can feel it, even here. It's so... thrilling." He smiles and turns to me. His eyes are bright with demonic glee.

With an angry growl I leap at him again. The invisible wall stops me. I slam into it, harder than before. The world blacks out for a brief second. I feel the cold bricks under my knees and know that I've fallen but it hardly makes a difference. I shake my head, to clear it. His smile is wider now and it makes me burn.

I will kill him. If I have to slam into that magical wall a million times, I will get to him. "If you agree to behave, I will take you to someone you can kill." He offers, his voice kind.

Kind... Hmph... "All right." I get to my feet and stand before him, my hands clenched.

"But... You cannot kill him with your hands." He steps close to me. So close I feel as if with little effort I could reach his heart and rip it out. "You must use the gift I have given you."

Gift? Oh... Yes... The thing that is burning inside me. Eating at my soul. All right, I'll use it. I'm not entirely sure how, but the anger will guide me. I nod, and he brushes past me.

"Come then. He's waiting eagerly to see you."

He is hanging on the wall. His head is hanging down. His chest is barely moving and I wonder if he's breathing at all. Hanging in that position must be hard on his lungs. Koisoko, or the demon, walks across the room and places a hand on Seifer's cheek. "He's still alive." He looks over his shoulder. "We have to keep a close watch on him. His lungs are starting to feel the strain of his... extended stay."

"Where is the one I can kill?" The anger is stronger now. I must hurt something. If I don't I will ... burst.

"Here." He pats Seifer's cheek and grins at me, "This is the one you can kill."

/No!/ The voice inside me screams. I hesitate, staring at Seifer's bowed head. I can't kill him... But I have to kill something... Besides... He's already dead. Isn't he?

The demon steps away from Seifer and gestures with his hand towards that limp body, "Go ahead."


He's dead already. It won't hurt... Besides... I need this.

/Stop! He's alive!/

I feel it growing. It wraps around my forehead and works it's way down my neck.

/You can't do this!/

It tingles up my arms and settles in the palm of my hands. I focus on it. Letting it grow and gather in a ball between my palms.

"Beautiful." The demon whispers.

I can feel his excitement. I can feel my excitement. Blood... Soon... I must... I must hurt something.


Seifer's body stirs. He lifts his head.

With a scream I release the energy in my hands. As it slams into the chest of... of the one I... of... Seifer... I find myself staring into brilliant blue eyes.

I don't care. I don't. The energy enters his body. His eyes widen, then his pupils constrict as the pain starts. I can almost feel his pain. It excites me further. His mouth drops open but he doesn't cry out. No wounds appear but blood begins to seep right through his skin as the energy rips him apart from the outside.

"Better... Better than I ever dreamed." The demon murmurs.

It is good... It feels wonderful too...

/What have you done? Oh gawd... What have you.../

I close my eyes.

The voice continues. I can't turn it off. I press my hands against my temples. Stop. You're ruining this!

/How can you enjoy his pain? You lo-/


I'm not sure who screamed. Was it me? Was it Seifer? It doesn't matter, I suppose. The sound ripped through me, tearing apart the thing that was building inside my heart. I fell to my knees. "SEIFER!"

"Stop it! Stop focusing on him! Focus on the anger!" The demon is suddenly by my side. He grabs my arms and tries to pull my hands away from my face.

No, no, no!


"FOCUS ON THE ANGER!" The demon screams, his voice strangely laced with desperation.

I can't. I can't! It's not there anymore. Just pain. His pain. Seifer's pain. The pain I caused. I place my palm against the demon's chest.

His eyes meet mine.

There is fear in his gaze. Before he can move I have released all of my power into him. Now he is being ripped apart... Just like Seifer.

He falls back, crying out in pain.

I get to my feet. I feel so drained, as if there's nothing left in me. But I must get to Seifer. I have... I have to...

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