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Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Twelve - Confusing what is Real

By Sniffles


"Reno," Tseng anxiously pressed his hand against Reno's cheek, he immediately jerked away when he saw the bloody handprint his hand left on that pale flesh. His hands were covered in blood, Reno's blood. He cast another cure spell, but the magic had no affect on the wound in Reno's side. "Please Reno..."

Reno moaned softly, turning his head, but he didn't regain consciousness. "What's going on?!" Elena, looking ruffled and thoroughly kissed rushed upon the scene. She stopped, gasping with horror when she saw Reno.

"Mako bullets." Tseng glanced up, "The magic won't work. Reno open your eyes!"

"Magic can't heal wounds inflicted by Mako." Rude commented quietly as he walked up behind Elena.

She reached back and grabbed his hand, her eyes filling with tears. "Reno.."

Tseng ripped off his jacket, tossing it aside he also pulled off his shirt. He ripped it into pieces, wadded the material up and pressed it against the wound in Reno's side. "You can't die on me Vegas." Tseng said hoarsely, holding the ripped shirt against Reno's side as he leaned down, "Dammit Reno, if you die I'll kill your sorry ass."

At this, Reno's eyes fluttered open. He groaned, shifting and trying to push Tseng's hands away from his side, "Christ ..." He groaned, "that.. hurts ss.. sing.."

Tseng sighed with a small measure of relief. Reno wasn't dead and that was a good thing. But now he had to figure out how to help the wounded man, "Elena, you took that course in first aid?"

"That's right."

"Get your ass down here and help him then!"


"I did tell you to tell her kiddo, but don't you think it'd be better to wait for morning?" Irvine asked with a little laugh as they walked to Quistis' room.

"No. I have to tell her now." Selphie stopped walking suddenly, "Can you wait here? I'll tell you how it went when I get back."

"Sure." Irvine shrugged and reached up to scratch the back of his head.

Selphie flashed him a bright smile, then she turned and hurried off. "Q.... in love with me?" Irvine laughed a little nervously and paced to the bench. He sat down heavily and leaned forward, placing his elbows by his knees. "Who woulda' thought?"

/'Who are you in love with?'/

Irvine shook his head with a wry smile, "If only you knew kiddo."

"Irvine! HEY IRVINE!"

Irvine looked up just in time to see Zell barrelling towards him. He got to his feet and held out his hands, "Woah there partner!" /Speak of the devil./

Zell leaped, heedless of the hands, and pounced on Irvine. Laughing all the way. Irvine cried out in surprise as he was tackled to the ground by an overactive bundle of blond energy. It took a minute for his head to stop buzzing, when it did he realized Zell was talking to him. However, the blond fighter was speaking so fast none of the words could process in Irvine's now muddled brain.

"Woah! Slow down Dincht!" Irvine grabbed Zell's arms and pushed the shorter man to the side. He sat up and brushed at his jacket. "What's the big deal?" In truth he was used to Zell tackling him, the silly blond did it everytime he was excited. Get excited, hunt down Irvine and tackle him, spout off and then run away, leaving Irvine confused. That's what Irvine had gotten used to.

However, the blond didn't run off this time. "I figured it out!" He declared happily, sitting up and tucking his feet under him so he was sitting in a cross-legged position.

"Figured it out did you? Well good for you," Irvine reached over and patted Zell's shoulder, "It's about time!"

"Yeah! I'm so... wait," Zell's happy smile dissolved into a puzzled frown, "how did you know what I figured out?"

"I didn't." Irvine grinned and got to his feet, he brushed at the back of his jacket. When one was knocked to the ground so unceremoniously, one's jacket often got wrinkles and/or dirt on it.

"Well then..." Zell shook his head, "Ah, who cares! Irvine! I figured out why I'm so worried about Seifer!" He bounced to his feet.

"Because he's your friend and even though he's a bastard, you like him." Irvine commented calmly as he sat back down on the bench.

"B-but..." Zell gaped at Irvine, surprised.

"How did I know? Call me psychic." Irvine brushed at an imaginary speck on his shoulder.

Zell huffed and walked over to the bench, with a little sigh he plopped down beside Irvine. "So, am I the only one who didn't know?"

"No. Squall didn't know. But the girls knew that you liked Seifer." Irvine reached under his jacket and pulled out a cigarette. He placed it between his lips.

Before he could light it up Zell grabbed it and tossed it on the floor. "A guy is my friend for years, and everybody knows but me!" Zell groaned, but his brief spurt of self-pity didn't last long. His face split in a huge grin, "We're going to get him back Irvine!"

"That's right." Irvine nodded, reaching into his jacket for another cigarette, but when he pulled it out, Zell once again knocked it away.

"And you know how?"

"How's that?"

"I'm going to use his gunblade and summon Ifrit myself!"


"Too late." Valentine muttered as they drew near. The trees in this area were so thick it was hard to walk, let alone see anything.

Rufus, face scratched from branches that had slapped him, feet aching from the many tumbles he'd taken, stepped up behind Valentine and peered past him. "What's too late?"

"Sephiroth is entering..."

"WHAT?!" Rufus pushed Valentine aside and hurried forward, "We're not giving up yet Valentine! MOVE YOUR BUTT!"

Valentine smiled wryly, but he followed nonetheless. /Still strong Rufus Shinra. That was always your greatest attribute/


The hands touched his arm and the fire in the pit of his stomach burst into a raging storm. He tried to jerk away but suddenly he couldn't move. The angel placed both it's hands on his arms. "Don't touch me." He hissed, but the angel didn't seem to hear. It continued to stare at him with those soulless eyes.

/move move move/ He urged his body, but it would not and he could not get away.

//You see, my son lost his body when he was sent to the Lifestream... Your body will do quite nicely I think... as a replacement.//

"WHAT?" Seifer fought harder against the invisible hands that gripped his brain.

//I will give you a purpose, and your purpose will be to sacrifice yourself for my son.//

"Like hell it will be!" Seifer snarled.


"UNCLE! Stop! By Hyne you're got the hands of Lucifer himself!" Reno wailed, struggling to push Elena's hands off his aching body.

"Hold still Reno!" Elena snapped, tying off the last stitch, "I'm done. Quit your whining."

Tseng kneelt beside Reno across from Elena. He held Reno down by his shoulders, "Dammit Reno, we're just trying to help you." He growled.


Elena couldn't help but snicker as she ripped her shirt into bandage sized strips. "I'd say he's feeling better already."

"Reno, shut up. You're giving me a headache." Tseng sighed.


Elena gaped at the two, shocked by the sight of Tseng, her stoic boss, kissing Reno quite passionately. "Get the bandages on while he's distracted." Rude murmured.

"R-right." Elena stuttered, quickly wrapping the bandages around Reno's chest.

After a few moments Tseng pulled back reluctantly. Reno gazed up at him with his lips parted as he gasped for air. "All done." Elena declared.

"Bullshit it's done." Reno said gruffly, reaching up to grab Tseng's shoulders and pull him down for another heated kiss.

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