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Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Thirteen - Sacrifice

By Sniffles


/So this is it... death./

He was floating in a sea of white. He could hear nothing, he could see nothing but the brilliant white light. Blissfully he could feel nothing either. He was numb. He lay, feeling as if he was weightless, and just enjoyed the feather light sensation. /It's nice./

//This is the way you felt with her.//

/Better... better then how she made me feel./

//Open your mind to him. Let him join you.//

He could feel something pushing at the back of his head. Something that was trying to get in. It didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable. He shook his head.


//Don't be afraid. You won't feel pain, and you won't die. You will remain here, until he has completed his purpose.//

It was nice here. Warm... safe. But ... He shook his head again, /No./ He repeated, stronger this time.

/I can't live like that./

//You have no choice.//

/Yes. I do./

With a sigh, because he regretted to leave this place, he opened his eyes.


"I love you." The words were easier to say than she'd expected. She stared at Quistis, her eyes wide and pleading, 'Please don't hate me.' She begged with those eyes.

Quistis could only stare. /Love me... she loves me.../ She closed her eyes with a little sigh, "Selphie..."

"I know. You're in love with Irvine.. but I had to tell you." Selphie said quickly, her heart breaking just a little.

"No. Selphie, I am honored." Quistis opened her eyes and leaned toward the smaller girl, "And I don't love Irvine."

"You are? You don't?" Selphie could only stare, her stomach twisting as hope planted itself in her fragile heart.

"I am. And I don't." Quistis couldn't help the smile that curved her lips. Now wasn't the time to be amused but the girl's bemused expression was just too much.

"Soo.." Selphie coughed and fidgeted nervously in her seat, "What now?"

"What now? I do believe this is where you-" Quistis leaned close and whispered in Selphie's ear.

Selphie blushed and giggled. "Quistis!"

Quistis just smiled, "Why don't you have breakfast with me in the morning."

Selphie nodded quickly, "Okay!"

"I'll see you then, all right?"

Selphie nodded again and got to her feet, "Thank you Quisty!"


"Reno." Tseng mumbled against ardent lips that refused to let him break away.

Reno's hands wandered down and quite firmly grabbed Tseng's ass. Tseng gasped and forcefully pulled away from Reno's kiss. "Reno!"

"Sing sing?" Reno smiled and licked his lips, "You taste good."

"I take it you're feeling better?" Tseng growled, shifting as Reno's hands grew more bold.

"Oh, I feel just fine." Reno purred.

"Good." Tseng grabbed Reno's hands and pulled them away from his ass. "Then we can go after Shinra and Almasy."

"Ne?" Reno pouted, "But I'm wounded...."

Tseng laughed and got to his feet, he grabbed Reno's arm and pulled the ex-Turk to his feet. "Come on Vegas, don't tell me you're going to let a little bullet stop you."

Reno sighed and shrugged, "All right."


"Let go of him!" Rufus raised his gun and fired three shots.

They impacted with his target, but the target didn't even flinch. "Shit." He murmured, his finger tightening on the trigger again.

"Don't bother." Valentine said quietly, "He's not of this world.. physical attacks won't harm him."

"We have to do something!" Rufus growled angrily.

Valentine sighed softly, /What can we do? His body is not real and his soul is in the Lifestream. There is no way to harm him./

"Seifer?" Rufus called, "You all right?"


"Zell, this is not a good idea." Irvine commented uneasily as Zell lifted the gunblade and glanced around quickly to make sure no one was around.

"Shh." Zell hissed, "I'm concentrating."

"Zell." Irvine growled, but the little fighter was not going to listen to him. /Shit./ He ran a hand through his hair and paced a few feet away. He couldn't stand the tension. Sure, nothing happened when Squall did this, but that was Squall and Irvine could care less if Squall dropped from the face of the earth.

He would die if something happened to Zell.

"Okay, here goes." Zell said, taking a deep breath.

He closed his eyes, and called upon Ifrit.



Seifer's eyes snapped open. He gazed into lifeless green eyes but all he could see was a familiar blond head and brilliant, glowing blue eyes. /Rufus?/

He turned his head. Rufus was standing just a few feet away, his eyes wide and full of worry. /Worry.... for me?/

"You all right?"

/All right... am I.. all right?/ Seifer blinked several times, and turned his head again. Those green eyes were starting to fill with life. /Beautiful.../ The back of his head hurt. It was so hard to think.

"Sep.. sephiroth..." he whispered, his voice so thin he could barely hear himself. /He is Sephiroth..../

The fire burning in his stomach burst, and he arched his back as agony gripped him. But the angel, Sephiroth, didn't move. Green eyes, full of new life stared into Seifer's own eyes with confusion. ".. whe..where?.." The voice was soft and silky smooth.

There was a moment of complete silence, and then the sky darkened. Rufus and Valentine looked up as a summon creature, bathed in fire, appeared in the sky. "Ifrit." Rufus said softly, only it wasn't Ifrit. At least... it didn't look like the Ifrit he was used to.

"Who summoned him?" Valentine murmured, looking around, searching with his eyes. But he could see nothing.

The flames of hell itself descended on Sephiroth's angelic body. Seifer was caught in the cross fire. He cried out in pain and pulled back. Finally he could feel his body. He fell to the ground, and covered his head instinctively as the flames burned at Sephiroth's body.


Irvine watched with horror as Zell's body flickered back into existance. His clothes were charred, his face black with soot. Soft blue eyes looked at him, then Zell slumped to the ground, unconscious.


Irvine ran to Zell's side, falling to his knees and anxiously pressing his hands against Zell's pale cheeks. "Zell..."

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