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Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Eleven - Crimson

By Sniffles


"She's in love with me?" Irvine repeated numbly.

Selphie nodded, "C'mon Irvine, how couldn't you notice?"

"..." /Shit/

"She really adores you. I think she has since she accepted that what she feels for Squall is just a crush."

"Ah, kiddo, I would kill myself if that would make her love you." He offered softly.

Selphie shook her head, burying her nose in his shirt and breathing in deeply. He smelled so good. He made her feel so safe and warm. She loved him too, but not like that. He was her big brother. More special to her than all the others.

"I don't want to make her love me Irvine."

He nodded and kissed her head. They hugged for a while longer, then she pulled back, placing her hands on his hips. His hands were still on hers. If anyone walked past at that moment they would look like lovers secretly meeting on the balcony. "And what about you Irvine? Who do you love?" Selphie asked with a little smile.

"Love eludes me Selphie-darlin'. It's not an emotion I've been blessed with." Irvine responded flippantly.

Selphie saw through his careless words. She reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand, "Who do you love Irvine?"

"Selphie," Irvine turned his face away from her touch, "I haven't had time to love anyone."



Rufus jolted to his feet, his eyes scanning the area. He too, had heard the gunshots. "C'mon Almasy!" He shouted, pulling out his weapon and running towards the sound of Tseng's yell.

/Smells like death./ Rufus thought as he dodged the trees. He stopped short when he came upon Tseng and Reno. Reno lay, eyes closed, body still, in a pool of his own blood. Tseng stood beside him, gun raised, eyes searching the shadowed trees frantically. "Reno!" When no further shots rang out, Tseng dropped to his knees beside his fallen partner. "Reno!"

Rufus rushed over to the two, "Is he alive?" he asked shortly.

"This way." Seifer called, gesturing to the north, "Whoever fired those shots went this way."

Rufus glanced back, "Take care of him Tseng." He ordered, but he knew Tseng wasn't listening. At the moment the dark man was focused only on Reno.

"C'mon Reno... c'mon.. don't you die..."

Rufus turned, just in time to see Seifer running to the forest to the north. The forest that stunk of Jenova. He hesitated, but one glance down at Reno and his feet were pulling him in the direction of that damned forest.

"Christ," He muttered, "I have a feeling I'm going to regret this."


/Who attacked them?/ Seifer didn't pause once as he ran. Any obstacle that presented itself to him he either jumped, dodged or ran right through.

//I told you.//

/You told me what?!/

//To come north.//

/I was coming./

//I have waited too long.. I will wait no longer.//

/What's your problem? What's one night?/ He viciously pushed branches out of his way as he ran deeper and deeper into the forest that smelt a lot like decaying flesh. The deeper into the trees he got, the more it stunk.

//I wait for no man.//

/Fuck you!/

The silence that gripped his thoughts after that left him feeling dizzy.


"I figured it out." Zell burst into the room without knocking.

Rinoa looked up, surprised to see the energetic blond. He had only visited her once since she'd been put into the infirmary. "Figured what out?" She asked softly, trying to act as if she hadn't been crying just moments before.

"Why I'm so bothered by his disappearance." Zell paced to the window, standing in almost the exact same spot Squall had been standing in just moments earlier.

"Seifer's disappearance?" While his back was turned she reached up and quickly wiped her eyes.

He turned, "Exactly."

"So, why are you so bothered by his disappearance?" /Since when is he bothered by Seifer's disappearance?/ She wondered as she watched the short blond hop. He probably didn't realize he was doing it. He had a habit of hopping on his heels when he was really nervous or excited.

"Because I like him." Zell gasped, he hadn't meant to say it to her, but he had to tell someone. "I do. I mean, he's been my only friend for a long time. He was there for me when I first came to Balamb and even though he was a real bastard, he did it because he liked me too. I didn't realize it before, but, he was always there when I needed help. He's my friend."

Rinoa couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face, "He's your friend?"

Zell's face split in a wide grin, "He's my friend Rinoa. He's my friend! That's why I care!"

He clapped his hand once, then hurried to her side. "I'm glad..." Rinoa whispered, tears entering her eyes.

"We're going to get him back Rinoa. I'm going to make sure of it." He took her hand in his and squeezed it, then he whirled and rushed out of the room as abruptly as he'd come in.

The door slammed shut behind him and Rinoa closed her eyes. Tears tracking down her cheeks.


"Seifer!? Seifer!"

Rufus stopped, leaning over as he tried to catch his breath. There was no sign of the strange blond. "Dammit Seifer!"

"You feel her, don't you?"

Rufus jerked, whirling around and raising his gun. But before he could level it on the one who had spoken it was knocked roughly out of his hand. He stared at the newcomer, his expression frozen with shock. "Calm down President."

Rufus swallowed and slowly straightened his posture. "What are you doing here?" He demanded.

"I've come because I've heard her calling. You cannot hear her, but you can feel her." The man responded, his crimson eyes glowing in the darkness, "She wishes to revive Sephiroth."

"What? But she can't..."

"You felt him too. That's why this place put fear in your heart." The man with crimson eyes knelt and picked up Rufus' gun.

"He's dead."

"The Lifesteam holds him, but there is a way out. Your friend will release him." The ex-Turk stood and held out the gun, "Take your weapon. Follow me."

"Almasy? Why... How could he release Sephiroth?" Rufus asked with a frown.

"How can a man travel between worlds? How can the sun rise and set? Don't limit yourself to the how." The gun was pushed closer to Rufus.

After hesitating only a moment Rufus reached out and took the gun from the ex-Turk. "Come."

/Vincent Valentine./ Rufus gripped his weapon tightly as the ex-Turk turned and walked away. /I never thought I'd see your face again./



Seifer stood stiffly, his gaze arrested by the ethereal form before him. /On what./

//On him.//

/So beautiful./ Seifer watched as the angel he'd seen before slowly stepped closer. In his left hand he still gripped his weapon, but it was more out of instinct than any thought of self-preservation.

//Let him touch you.//

Seifer trembled at the thought, but he didn't argue. As the angel drew closer a strange fear and sickness gripped his heart. /This is wrong./

//No. Just let him touch you.//

He fought the bile rising in his throat. Closer yet the angel edged. When they were almost a foot apart he realized what was wrong. Behind those glowing green eyes... there was no soul.

/No./ He stepped back.

//Yes. Don't be afraid. He won't hurt you.//

Lifeless eyes gazed at him, and he shook his head. /NO!/


/He loved me./ Squall sat down heavily on his bed. /All this time he loved me and I never realized./

He lay back, his feet dangling off the edge of the bed. He thought of Seifer, of the many times the boy had tried to befriend him and he'd brushed him off. With a sigh he placed his hands on his stomach and closed his eyes.

/I have to find him... if only to ask him... why?/

/Why does he love.../


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