Author's Notes: This will be the second to last fic that has Martine in it. The absolute final one is in the works.



By Domino

"Balamb Garden Case File Number 157M-6B: The Nation of Balamb Versus Headmaster Martine. Charges: Statutory Rape, Pedophelia, Sexual Exploitation, and Non-Consensual Sexual Assult of a Minor."

Martine. Even his name sounds perverted. To tell you the truth I never liked him. When we first made it to Galbadia Garden, he never offered us any hospitality, despite the fact that we had just travelled from Timber and suffered from some strange-ass dreams. He didn't even greet us. He ushered us into a waiting room and that was it. According to him Galbadia relied more on militant drills instead of balancing combat with junctioning.

Once we got outside he finally met with us and agreed to offer his best, and only, sniper in the Garden. When I finally met Irvine, he looked.... beautiful... yet very cocky. He walked over to us and playfully "shot" Martine when he wasn't looking. But the look Martine gave him when he walked out... I could've sworn he was licking his lips. He looked like a monster ready to prey on an innocent fawn. The way Irvine was dressed.. tight, revealing clothing.. and makeup? I could've sworn the cowboy was wearing makeup, and his eyebrows looked tweezed. I shook my head and dismissed it. Whatever Irvine was trying to pull I wasn't buying it. But Martine's gaze... I found myself wanting to forget that... but I couldn't dismiss it so easily.

Shortly after the Ultimecia incident we celebrated with Selphie's Garden festival, but as I was chatting with Rinoa I saw Irvine pull away from the party and get on the phone. He kept looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was listening. He walked up to the hyper-Trabian and asked for his hat back. Then he came up to me and said he wanted to go back to Galbadia and that he was feeling homesick. I was shocked by this, since I once remember Irvine calling Galbadia "Somewhere he didn't want to go back to until he was sick or dead." He went on to say that he was happy to have me as his leader and that he wanted to also go back to help with rebuilding the destroyed Garden. Seemed like a plausible request. I nodded and let him go. To this day I regret that decision to let him go back to that... thing.

A few days later I went to the library and researched Martine's file. Thanks to my rank as commander I had clearance to access classified files if needed. What I found behind the basic information available to students was horrifying. About ten years ago Martine was charged with the rape of a fifteen-year-old boy. At the time Galbadia was ranked the top of the three Gardens, so with their power they managed to drop the charges. I began to think about Martine and how Irvine acted around him. A knot grew in my stomach. I didn't want to believe it, but I knew it had to be true.... Martine was sleeping with Irvine.

Why would a guy like Irvine even be with someone like... HIM? To me Irvine was a damn good sniper and a huge flirt. Now that I give it more thought Irvine did become all calm and polite when we talked about Martine. It's almost like the man had a hold in Irvine. He trained the sniper to be faithful and docile even when only his name was mentioned.


I grew to hate the man even more. I printed the information out and called Zell to my office. Since he was my assistant commander, and had a not-so-secret crush on Irvine, I knew he was the right person for what I had planned. He almost freaked when I showed him what I found. Poor guy. I didn't want to break it to him like that, but he had the right to know. Once he calmed down (something which wasn't for at least two hours), we stayed up and planned a way to get Irvine back from Martine. Irvine wasn't transferring back for his Garden..

That night.. the moment of truth. Now we were to see whether or not if Martine was fucking Irvine against his will, or if the classified information was in the past and Martine was nothing more than Irvine's adoptive father. The secretary smiled and paged Martine over his intercom. His voice answered like he was being interrupted. She allowed us in after a few minutes, and we sat ourselves down with the older Headmaster.

He ranted and raved about how Irvine's such a wonderful sniper and a model student and son. I tried my best to drown him out. I really wanted to castrate him at this point. He called for Irvine and said they had visitors. I blinked when Irvine walked in.

Irvine Kinneas... he looked like a.... girl. He had a skirt, heels, everything. Zell blushed when he was served coffee, and I pretty much got mooned when he did. Irvine wasn't wearing panties. It was confirmed. The dirty old bastard was sleeping with Irvine. What made it worse was that he made Irvine into his boyfriend, or in this case his teenage drag queen.

I had enough of him. I called him a pedophile when he sat Irvine in his lap and started to play with him in front of us. We grabbed Irvine from Martine and Zell did something I felt like doing... he kicked Martine's erection-but-I-shoot-blanks cock hard. He keeled over, and we made a break for it. I wanted to get that bastard out of my sight. When we got on the train Zell sat Irvine in his lap and had already wrapped him in his jacket. The poor boy had passed out in shock. I don't blame him. I bet he doesn't even remember Zell holding him like that.

Headmaster Trepe was immediately informed and she told former Headmaster Kramer of the incident. He said he always wanted the man caught, but the administration wouldn't allow it. He was glad for what I did, and now Martine was stripped of his duties and was charged for what he did to Irvine. I was satisified with how quick the charges came... and the man is awaiting trial in a month.

People always said I was an emotionless prick, but they were impressed with how I handled this case. I did it because Irvine's my friend... and my student. He was brainwashed by Martine for four fucking years and I wanted to repair that. I had Zell move Irvine into his house so he wouldn't be alone. At first I was afraid that it was like handing the fox the keys to the hen house, but Zell proved me wrong. Since Martine was arrested Irvine's been out training with the spunky kid. I watch over their exercises, and he's been recovering nicely. Hopefully he can forget about the old man and get on with his life. I know deep down Irvine might still love Martine, but I know that will diminish if Zell keeps up his excellent work.


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