Author's Notes: This will be the second to last fic that has Martine in it. The absolute final one is in the works.



By Domino

My dad always wanted me to become the best sniper in the three Gardens. Then again this was the same man who slept with me when I was thirteen. He prolly told you I was older, but I was thirteen when it happened. I never understood why he did the things he did. I guess he thought that it was the best for me. He was a sick man, but yes, he was my adoptive father.

We'd been together for almost four years. During that time he developed some odd fetishes.... He liked having me dress up as a girl along with me wearing my cowboy outfit.. without the pants. Yeah, and he still believes that he was looking out for my best interests, but how does that include me acting and looking like a teenage girl? He claimed he didn't want me to drift away from him as so many normal teenage boys and girls do. His solution? He fucked my brains out. At the time, it did satisfy my lusts and needs that were pent up in my system, but that still doesn't make it right. He was a perverted old man, but it was my fault for letting him take me.

Ah, yes... that night. After the Balamb Garden Festival Martine wanted me to come home. My mission was done, and Galbadia Garden was recently redone. So I figured it would be nice to see him again. Naturally, I was still under his brainwashing and influence, so I was more excited that I should have been. My old friends let me be while I headed over, and as soon as I got home Martine was already tongue-kissing me and grabbing my ass. It did feel good to be touched like that again, to be loved and desired. He looked into my eyes and told me to slip into that outfit he always had me wear. I did as told, returning to him dressed like a cocktail girl. As a surprise I put on some makeup... and as predicted I made him drool. He had me remove my thong and sit on his desk.

He took out his favorite vibrator and slid it into my body, wanting me to drench my skirt in come. He'd become impotent after the attack by a controlled Seifer Almasy and his troops, so he resulted in pleasuring me with toys. Soon our little session ended when Martine received a page that we had visitors from Balamb. He took it out of me and had me go off to brew some coffee for our guests. I watched him open the door to welcome them. It was Squall and Zell...

I watched Martine and my friends sit in the foyer while they chatted about my mission and services for Balamb and how proud they were for having such a gifted sniper on their team. Martine raved about how he was very proud of me, so proud in fact he was giving me two weeks paid vacation and a shotgun upgrade. That's when he called me into the room with the coffee. I carried the tray and walked in, watching Squall's and Zell's faces. Martine licked his lips when he laid his eyes on me, but the other two..... Zell almost dropped his jaw, and Squall blinked in shock. There I was, wearing a skirt with stockings and pumps... their rough, playful cowboy reduced to a showpiece boyfriend.

Martine spanked me in front of them... chuckling while I placed the tray down. Squall just glared at Martine, who said this was healthy. I sat in Martine's lap, letting him touch me underneath my skirt. Zell stood up and called Martine a pedophile and pulled me from his lap. His arms.. they felt so strong.. protective... but it didn't last long as he gave me to Squall while he proceeded to nail the old man in his crotch. The small blonde demonstrated his strength and carried me off with Squall not far behind. They said they were gonna make sure I was fully transferred over to Balamb were Martine couldn't do that to me anymore. I told them I loved him, but even I didn't believe my own words.

I remember seeing him reach for me while Zell pulled me away, not to mention the massive erection in his pants when the spunky blonde kicked him. Later on Zell told me he deserved it. Now he sits in jail on charges of statutory rape, pedophelia, and sexual exploitation. I learned he's done this before to another boy, but he said I was the only one and that he loved me for me. I don't really know who to believe because on one side Martine still says he loves me no matter what, but on the other Squall and Zell are telling me he was a sick, dirty old man who belongs in prison.

Right now I'm staying with Zell at his parents' house. Every night he cuddles with me, telling me if that man ever came within even twenty feet of me he'd pop his head right off. I feel very secure in his arms, but I still can't help having feelings for Martine. He was my father, my lover, the only one who actually cared about me. But Zell, he said he was willing to help me recover. The question is, do I really need it? For my sake I hope he's right...


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