Author's Notes: This will be the second to last fic that has Martine in it. The absolute final one is in the works.



By Domino

Before I say anything, let me clarify that yes, I always tend to let my feelings get the best of me. I'm notorious for it, but I feel that I did the right thing, for Irvine's sake. With that out of the way, I can talk about the sick old man that's named Headmaster Martine.

Squall probably already told you, but I have a tremendous crush on Irvine Kinneas. Ever since I saw him balance that butterfly on his finger he won my heart. I ignored how his headmaster treated us and concentrated on how I could win the cowboy and treat him like a prince. He was gorgeous. Pretty green eyes, long reddish-brown hair, and a body that would make even a hardass like Seifer drool. He acted with such confidence, he made me envious. Man, how I wanted to lay him down and ravish him for the whole night. If it weren't for the mission I knew I would've done that too.

I started to suspect something when we shared a room. Sometimes Irvine would be crying in his sleep, moaning and clenching the sheets as he had a seemingly painful orgasm. When I asked him about it the next morning, he brushed it off and claimed he didn't remember. No matter how many times I pried, he said he would shoot me if I asked any more stupid questions. For now I backed off, but those images of him writhing in pain and coming against his will, they were burned in my mind. Each time we stayed in a hotel after that he insisted to have a room to himself. Squall granted his request, but only after Irvine bitched about it for three hours straight. But it made me only want to hold the boy in my arms, telling him that everything was gonna be all right.

He held up nicely in battle, and we chatted like friends, but what happened in the hotel room was still nagging me. Why was he so secretive about that? Once we took care of that Ulti-whatever her name was we celebrated at Balamb Garden, but I heard that he requested to go back to Galbadia so he could help rebuild. I thought I saw him on the phone during the festival, and I coulda sworn he looked like a frightened bunny. I offered to go with him, but I wound up being rejected. Soon after Irvine left Squall called me into his office with some disturbing news...

When I learned that Martine was a sick, perverted bastard I wanted to rip his balls off. The incidents at the hotel began to make sense. Irvine was dreaming about when Martine would take him against his will. It makes me sick thinking about that old goat defiling the beautiful cowboy. I knew deep down Irvine couldn't be in love if he was having nightmares. I ranted and punched the walls for hours before Squall calmed me down. He said he had a plan, one that would put the fink behind bars.

Squall and I went to Galbadia Garden, claiming we were interesting in monitoring the progress of their reconstruction. I had to really control myself when we were finally let in. The old man smiled and invited us in. He sat us down and went on about how Irvine was such a good boy and an amazing soldier. 'He's amazing all right, and he deserves much better than you,' I thought. Things took a turn for the worse when Irvine came out to serve us refreshments. My beauty.... Irvine Kinneas... He looked like a lovely doll. His hair and makeup were perfect. His lipstick a bit smeared, his frilly skirt bouncing a bit as he walked out in almost-stiletto heels. But his eyes looked so sad, as if he didn't want to be doing this anymore. I blushed when he gazed into my eyes. I accepted the coffee, but after Squall saw his supposedly bare butt he was ready to lose it. Leonhart eventually lost it when Martine sat Irvine in his lap, trying to fondle him. The split second Squall called him a pedophile and took Irvine from his arms, I, with my full strength, kicked him in his balls. It wasn't close to tearing them off, but it would have to do.

I didn't want to remember what I saw, but once we got on the train I looked at Irvine's form. He had passed out from all the shock. Irvine was another person around Martine, a delicate, feminine trophy. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around the sleeping boy. I held him close to my warmth and kissed him on his forehead, wanting to protect him from everything. From what I remember Irvine had a peaceful sleep. Never once did he cry, or come for that matter.

Headmaster Martine had a buttload of charges against him that would put him behind bars for years. I didn't care about the sniveling fuck anymore. Irvine's my only worry. Squall ordered him to stay with me, something which I found a bit unusual. The Leonhart, trusting me with Irvine? I quickly had Ma and Pa fix our house up to welcome the cowboy. He accepted their hospitality and adjusted to his new home.

Now he goes to Balamb while occasionally teaching at Galbadia. He looks like he's gonna be all right, but recently he confessed something to me. Before his confession he kissed me, and told me he was in love with me. I was shocked to say the least, but he said he owed his recovery to me, and that he wanted to be with me from now on. I asked about Martine, and he said he was doing his best to get over him. I knew it was gonna be hard for Irvy to get the old fart outta his system, but I also knew it was possible.

I can wait forever for Irvine. Once the prick was out of Irvine's mind I think I'm gonna pop the question.. Wish me luck!


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