Degrading The Lion

Chapter 7 - Treating the Wounds

By Redrum


Going to the Infirmary wasn't an option. I wasn't going to show the doctor my wounds, it would be obvious as to how they got inflicted. But I did have a few potions and such in my dorm. I just have to clean up a bit first, Dylan doesn't like his room to be messy (even if he did cause half of the mess), so I make sure to clean it up. I'll worry about my own shower when I get back to my dorms, hopefully undetected. I couldn't afford letting anyone see me like this.


Walking down the halls, with my hands in my coat pockets, I tried to shake of the feeling of dread. Like something was going to happen or has already happened.

The sound of a door opening makes my head raise in acknowledgement. My eyes widen when I see Squall come out of someone's dorm room, and then narrow at the state he was in. The room he had just left had to have been Dylan's. Who else would cause all those bloody marks?

Walking stealthily I sneak up behind Squall until I'm directly behind him, and quickly set my pace to match his. I walk by his side for a few seconds before he finally notices me.

"Seifer! Wh-what are you doing here?" I shake my head, avoiding the question (since I was basically searching for him any way). "Where are you going to treat those wounds?" Squall's stormy grey eyes widen slightly, as though just realizing that he was in full display before me. And there was nothing he could say to cover it up.

Chestnut strands block my vision of his eyes when he looks at the floor intently. "I'm going back to my place." "I'll come with you." He shakes his head in defeat and continues along his attended path. My long strides easily match his stumbled pace. It's obvious Dylan did something to him earlier. I can see the pain in his eyes, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. I wish I knew how I could convince him to dump Dylan. The bastard isn't good enough for Squall.

Finally arriving at Squall's dorm, I stand by while he types in his access code. The door opens smoothly and Squall waves me in first before entering himself. Seating myself on the bed, I watch Squall reach into his dresser drawer and pull out a medical kit. He sets it on the dresser and heads towards the bathroom. The sound of water running quickly reaches my ears, and I lean back comfortably on the bed for a long wait. Knowing that Squall would probably spend more time thinking then washing himself.

Damn, it's been two hours! No one takes that long! Even Squall wouldn't take that long to think if he knows I'm here. Standing up from the bed, I walk briskly towards the bathroom. Testing the knob, I find it unlocked, and I open the door slowly. Not really knowing what to expect on the other side.

"Squall!" I gasp. My eyes are glued to Squall's naked body, shivering from the cold spray beating down on him as he huddles in the corner of the tub. His knees drawn up to his chin, and his arms tightly hugging the long limbs. A small whimper snaps me from my daze. Rushing over to the tub, I quickly turn off the spray. Sighing sadly, I place one arm underneath his bent knees and another behind his back. Picking him up carefully I head towards the large bed. Not trusting him to stand long enough for me to dry him off. Placing him carefully on the soft sheets, I grab a navy blue comforter from the closet and gently tuck it around his small shivering frame.

A quiet "thank you" makes me smile. I nod my head in acknowledgment, and move to get the first aid kit from a top the dresser. When I reach Squall again I find him breathing steadily, his eyes shut in long awaited sleep. Smiling softly, I pull the comforter away from his small form and kneel down to begin applying the bandages and peroxide.

With most of his chest covered in sterile white bandages, I move down to inspect any other injuries he may have. I grimace slightly, when I see a small wound on his flaccid penis. My brows furrowed in anger, but I quickly quence the bubbling hat withing my in fear of waking up Squall by my outraged cries.

Lightly taking a cotton ball I soak it with peroxide, and gently place it over the wound. I let the disinfecting liquid soak into the cut, before I pull the cotton ball away and toss it into the waste basket.

I check over him one last time, making sure I didn't miss any wounds or minor scratches. Seeing none left, I sigh tiredly and lye down beside Squall, making sure to put some distance between us so I don't aggravate his wounds. Pulling the large comforter back over us, I take one last glance at Squall's content face and close my own eyes off from the world.


My senses slowly return to me as bright sunlight flashes across my closed lids. Surprisingly I don't feel that bad. With the way I had been hurt I really thought I would have to stay in bed for another two days at least. Wait a minute.. Seifer. He must have healed me! I must have been really tired to forget that. He did a pretty good job too.

"I see your finally awake." Blinking away excess sleep, I focus on Seifer standing beside the bed. Getting up slightly, I recline on my elbows. The cotton sheets sliding down my body to pool around my waist. Seifer frowns slightly, but I find my vision blocked when he throws a pile of clothes at me. "Put these on. When your done we'll get something to eat."


Not again! Why do we always manage to go to the cafeteria when Dylan is there? He's already seen us, so there's nothing I can do. Unfortunately Zell and Irvine don't look like they'll be appearing in the cafeteria anytime soon to save us. "Squall!" Dylan's cold brown gaze holds mine until Squall brakes the connection by walking in front of me to go to Dylan. I can't believe that! Even after the state that Dylan had left him in, Squall was still willing to go back to him! When was he going to learn? Just because someone loves you (or supposedly they do), it doesn't give them a right to hit you!

Luckily my superb medic skills healed Squall enough to be able to withstand the large bear hug that Dylan is giving Squall at the moment. Striding over to them I hold back the growl that was building in my throat. "Don't you think you've harmed him enough? Or did you forget about all those wounds that you inflicted?" Dylan's thick eyebrows raise, but quickly narrow in anger. Turning back to Squall I hear him hiss "What the hell? Did you tell him bitch?" I clench my teeth, seething inside. But I can't help the spark of hope that's building inside of me. Maybe Squall will finally get rid of him.

The brunette tenses. Ducking his head, he nods slightly. A small blush of shame spreading across his high cheekbones. I frown slightly, waiting for Dylan's response. Of all the things I'd expected, a large bundle of Squall hurdling at me was not one of them. We crash to the floor with a large thud. I make sure to keep Squall above me as I take the brute of the hit. The man in my arms gasps slightly. Obviously he hadn't expected this either. Unfortunately no one else was in the cafeteria, so no one witnessed the attack.

"I don't want to see you again! If I find out that you've told anyone else I'll kill you!" His eyes flash. I surpass a shudder at the absolute hate and madness in his eyes. Squall's body shakes within my arms as Dylan turns and walks steadily out of the cafeteria. Out of the Garden. Out of our lives forever. Thank Hyne!

Squall's body brakes out in sobs. I hold him tightly, and gently pick him up to carry him to a more private room. Don't want anyone else to witness the lion's tears. Squall wouldn't want anyone else to see him at his worst. Luckily he's let me in enough that he knows he can let himself go with me.

"Shh.. come on Squall. It's going to be alright. You'll be happier without him. I'll make sure of that." But the brunette had already shut his eyes in exhaustion. Amazing how much sleep a person needs when their going through tough times.

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