Notes: Tiny bit of Rinoa bashing, but she totally deserves it! Especially the way she's acting in this fic.

Since some of you wanted more Dylan abusing Squall scenes, then I'll be giving it to you. I personally wanted one myself, even if I almost cry when I see Squall get hurt.

I know some of you requested that I should leave Dylan's POV out of this, but I find that it brings some detail into what he must be thinking as he abuses Squall like this, and why he thinks it's right. I won't be writing his POV all the time, since I think his mind is sick, but it adds some depth to the character, at least I think so.

I also apologize to the person who said that the POV's switch to fast and it is slightly confusing, when I read it over I didn't find the same problem, so I'll continue writing as I was.

There is lemon in this chapter, but probably not between the people you want. Sorry *sheepish grin*

Degrading The Lion

Chapter 6 - Confused Blonde

By Redrum


Oh shit! Dylan's right there! Glancing back, I see Squall's eyes widen slightly and tensing he starts to turn. Grabbing his arm roughly but being careful not to hit any sore spots I pull him along. He's going to have to face the bastard sometime. So why not with me at his side? Just incase the bastard tries anything..

"Squall!" Dylan stands abruptly and racing over to us he grabs Squall out of my lose grip. My eyes widen in surprise as Dylan drags him to the table. I frown slightly when I see Squall wince from Dylan grabbing none to gently on his fragile arm. I quickly walk over to the table to join the two.

"It's good to see your better baby. I missed you." Squall smiles shyly and I feel my blood boil when Dylan leans in to give Squall a rather heated kiss.

"Seifer! Squall! Great timing ne?" I brake my gaze from their lip lock to see Irvine and Zell striding towards us. Squall turns his head to greet his two friends, and Dylan wraps a possessive arm around his shoulders when he brakes the kiss rather reluctantly.

"Hey Irvine, Zell." The two men sit on either side of Dylan and Squall, I nod my head in acknowledgement. I notice Dylan looks slightly nervous now that there's three of us sitting here, the only people who aren't fooled by his act. Zell turns to Squall and tries to smile even as he sees the way Dylan's arm tightens around the brunette's shoulder, causing him to wince again.

"How are you feeling Squall?" He parts his lips to speak, but Dylan quickly cuts him off. "He's fine Zell." The blonde's eyes narrow in anger, a look I'm well accustomed too but I've never seen it look so violent before. "I think he can answer for himself Dylan." Irvine drawls from his place beside the bastard. Dylan shoots a look at the two and turning to Squall he leans over to whisper something in the brunette's ear. I see Squall's brows furrow, but he nods his head. They both stand up, and Squall gives me a look before the two leave the cafeteria. There was something in those smoke blue eyes, but I don't know what..

I jump slightly when the table almost topples over, Zell's fist having smashed into it. "Man, I hate that guy! He's controlling Squall and Squall just goes along with it, like it's an everyday thing." I nod my head in agreement but stay silent. Maybe I should mind my own business? It's not like Squall can't take care of himself.. right? Damn it! Squall can't take care of himself! In any other situation he'd be able to, but when it comes to relationships he's always vulnerable in them. He thinks he loves Dylan, but he's just confused. At least.. I hope so. I don't think I should interfere if Squall really does love Dylan.. but then again Leonhart has a bad track record for relationships. He probably doesn't even know what real love is. He doesn't know that in a loving relationship you don't get hit, you get protected from things like that. I'm so fucking confused..

"Hey, Seifer?" I bring my head up to meet Zell's eyes. "Are you going to do anything about their relationship?" I frown slightly. "I don't know Zell.. I don't know."


Dylan's arm was slung over my shoulders as we walked down the halls to his dorm. I know I was going to get in trouble for greeting Zell and Irvine like that. And the time I spent with Seifer would not go unpunished. He already told me the rules, and it's my fault I broke them. It's only right that he punish me.

"Squall!" Dylan tenses slightly before he swings us around to face Rinoa. "Hello Rinoa." I can never tell if his smiles are real or not... but Rinoa seems to like it so maybe it is. "Hey Dylan.. Squall." I almost shudder at the loathing in her voice. I never knew she hated me that much. I tried to let her down gently when she thought she was my girlfriend. It's not like I can help being gay. She seems to like Dylan a lot though.

"So what are you up to?" Rinoa leans forward slightly, and puts her hands behind her back, thrusting her chest out. I glance up to see Dylan's brown eyes glued to the exposed flesh of her chest. I never knew he was bi.. or maybe he's losing interest in me.

"Squall and I were just heading to my room." He winks down at me, and I have to control myself from shuddering at the malice in his eyes. I look down to avoid both their gazes. I cringe slightly when I hear Rinoa's ear piercing giggle ring in my ears. "Oh! You have fun now." Dylan's laugher is quiet and his words are full of double meaning. "Oh I plan to have fun." Rinoa giggles again and she heads towards the girl's chambers, swinging her hips so wide that it looks unnatural and she stumbles slightly when she walks. I probably would have laughed had it not been for the consistent pulling on my arm to follow Dylan to his room.


I pull Squall into my room and lock the door with a solid click. I watch Squall silently make his way towards the bed, sitting gingerly on the edge. God, how he looks so pretty. So perfect..

Striding over to him, I stand with my arms crossed over my large chest. "Strip." I smirk in satisfaction as I watch Squall bare his pale flesh to me. So delicious. So pure. Like virgin snow. So white and pure you just want to mar the surface.

Squall now sits on the bed, naked as the day he was born. Waiting for my command. At least he's learned his lesson from last time. He knows in bed he's not supposed to do anything unless I command it so. "Lye spread eagle on the bed." He does so without hesitation. I half circle the bed, my eyes never leaving his bared flesh as I reach into the nightstand's drawer to retrieve the cuffs.

Straddling his hips I pull one arm up to the middle bed post. I quickly do the same with the other arm. Both fragile wrists hang limp, trying not to cut themselves on the rough metal of the hand cuffs.

Leaning back, I sit my full weight on top of his taught stomach. Smooth ribs just out from the skin, creating pleasant shadows over the smooth pale flesh. I rest one hand on his chest and with my other I tweak a small peach nub into hardness. Squall's lashes flutter, and his eyelids slowly part to reveal dark grey irises. His breath hitches as his gaze locks with mine.

"What did you do wrong?" My voice is low, but it fills the heavy silence of the bedroom. Squall sighs quietly but answers in a voice no louder then a whisper. "I let Seifer touch me." I growl slightly. "What else?" Squall frowns, trying to remember. My anger growing, I twist his hardened nipple. The brunette cries out in pain. A small trickle of blood can be seen around the red area.

"I spoke out of turn. I stayed the night with Seifer when I should have come to you to heal myself." I slap him across the face, his head bounces against his arm as it is flung to the side. "Do you deserve punishment?" He nods slowly. "Answer me!" I yell, my patience all but running out. I push down harder against his chest until I hear him wheeze. "Yes!" I slap him once again on his already red cheek. "Don't you dare raise your voice to me!" I stand up swiftly and head towards my closet. Grabbing a large box from the top self I bring it over to the bed. Sitting on the edge I open it gently. Pulling out the desired object I leave the lid open and stand above Squall again. His eyes widen when he sees the large sleek object in my hand. Reaching out a hand I gently run my knuckles over the red flesh. He sighs quietly and nuzzles against my cool flesh.

"Shh.. it's going to be okay. You know what you did wrong, and that's good. But you do know I have to give you your punishment right?" He nods, his eyes going downcast. Stepping back, I bring the whip back, and flicking it with barely any movement of my wrist it gives a resounding 'crack' as it meet's the brunette's pale flesh.

After the fiftieth time I finally bring the whip down for the last time. Squall's body arches. He and I both know that last one is always the hardest. I make sure of it. For it is the last one, and must place itself in Squall's mind so he doesn't make any more mistakes in the future. Each time the number goes up by ten. But the last blow I just delivered was for him crying as the whip slashed his skin. He knows he's not supposed to cry. The only tears I want to see are the ones that weep from his body. The red rivulets running down his taught stomach in an imitation of his tears that he is forced to keep bottled up inside.

Blood seeps out of the cuffs where Squall's wrists have rubbed against the sharp metal. I warned him against it before, but does he ever listen? Oh well, it's not a big enough deal to punish him for it, since he's already punishing himself by pulling his wrists every time he arches.

Crawling onto the bloody sheets, I kneel in between Squall's creamy blood soaked thighs. Bringing my head further down I lick the head of his flaccid cock. Trying to bring it to life. Squall tenses slightly, but he tries to relax as I run my tongue over the velvet flesh. Swirling my wet muscle around the tip I slowly bring the shaft into my hot mouth. Wrapping my full lips around the hard length, I don't bother in covering my teeth as I suck him. I feel my cheeks hollow, the warm walls encase Squall's hard cock and he moans pitifully.

I scrape my teeth against the veins, Squall screams. The painful sound filling the entire room. I frown slightly, knowing that the rooms aren't sound proof and anyone can hear him. Letting everything but the head fall from my mouth I lick the pre cum filled slit and hear the brunette moan once again as he withers painfully on the bloody sheets. Wrapping my lips around the head I moan in the back of my throat, the vibrations carrying over to Squall's warm cock. He screams again (in pleasure this time) as cum shoots out of his slit. I frown at the noise, and quickly bite down none to gently. He cries out in pain, and I moan in ecstasy as the bittersweet cum and metal taste of blood mix in my mouth. Giving his cock one last hard suck I let the flaccid and bleeding member fall from my scarlet lips.

"You'll stay here for the night. But I want you back in your own dorm by the time I wake up. Understand?" Squall nods his head slightly. "I love you Squall. With all my heart." Smiling in appreciation at the beautiful sight laid out before me, I quickly get out of the soggy bed and bending over the lovely brunette I place my bloody lips over his. My tongue invades his mouth, and I notice him fight not to pull away from the taste of his cum and blood in his own mouth.

Gently unlocking the cuffs, I bring his arms down to rest the sore limbs on top of his equally sore chest. Giving his lush lips one last savouring lick I stride out of the dorm and go to rest in the room next to mine (one of my friends who lets me share the dorm when he's out. And knowing that he has a certain 'appointment' with one of his lady friends I know he's in her dorm tonight).

I know Squall will be gone by the time I wake up and go to my own room. The sheets will also be fresh and crisp before Squall leaves. I've already told him before to clean up after himself. I think he burns the sheets once he gets the chance to, I've never cared to ask. It's not like I care what he does with them. As long as he cleans my room up before I go in there. I hate the smell of day old blood.

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