Dylan is a fictional character. To those that are named Dylan, or know a Dylan, please do not take offence. I never realized I actually had to state that. I guess not everyone is smart enough to realize the obvious... Sorry about taking so long to post this chapter. I've been working on it for awhile now and I can't seem to get any further on it. So I decided to post this chapter and start anew with the next chapter.

Degrading The Lion

Chapter 8 - Double Meanings

By Redrum


He left me.. I should have known. I thought he loved me. Is that the way it works? Leave the ones you love? Break their hearts in two, and walk out the door without looking back? I can't believe he tossed me like that. I was lucky that Seifer took the most impact, the force of Dylan's throw probably would have really hurt other wise. I hope Seifer's okay though. I wish he wasn't involved in all this. I don't want to involve other people in my private life.

"Squall? You okay now?" Looking over at Seifer, from my reclining position on the bed, I frown slightly. "Yeah I know. But I meant physically." Oh.. doing a mental check list of anything that could be hurt, I nod my head to show that there was nothing wrong with my body. Besides the obvious bandages that I already have on. Seifer sighs and looks down at his lap. Smiling slightly he turns to face me "I can completely heal you now that Dylan won't be questioning how you got healed. Would you like that?" Confused for a minute, I suddenly remember that Seifer had not used magic on me because Dylan is always questioning me when one of my bruises disappear. He always liked to see me marked as his. So after his bout of anger when I healed it with magic, I didn't bother using it anymore. But now that he's gone.. "Sure."

Seifer walks over to the dresser to grab the GF sphere (we don't keep them junctioned to us all the time since it eats away at our memories). Drawing Ifrit from the red sphere, Seifer put it back into the drawer and walked back over to the bed. Sitting down beside me, he placed his glowing hand on top of my chest. A sudden burst of heat within me causes me to gasp. Seifer smiled "I'll have you good as new in no time." Letting out a small smile of my own, I lean back comfortably into the headboard, while Seifer worked his magic on my sore muscles and bones.


Seeing Squall's lids close as he relaxed and let me use Curaga, I smiled slightly at how peaceful he looked for once. It was good that Dylan left, hell, it's excellent! But I know that Squall really thinks he loves him and vice versa. So he's probably heart broken right now. I promise to help him through it though. I'll be there for him when no one else will. I'll always be there for him. I just wish he would realize that.

"Squall?" How long had I sat here with my hand on his chest while he slept? I didn't even realize the slow and steady rise of his chest until just now. At least he'll be able to escape for a little while. Hopefully he's feeling a little better tomorrow.

"How did you sleep?" I asked the brunette resting comfortably on the soft bed. "Better then usual." Smiling I made my way over to Squall, placing a silver tray on top of his thighs. "Hope you still like cinnamon porridge for breakfast." Squall smiled slightly. I knew he still had a soft spot for the stuff, personally I detest anything I can't actually chew. But whatever Squall likes, I'll be sure to give it to him. "Of course I still like it. It's been awhile though." Eyebrows scrunching in thought, I know the reason why it's been awhile. "Hey, don't bother thinking about it. I'll give you whatever you want now." Smoke-blue eyes crinkle slightly, in the typical, Squall-smile. "Thanks, Seifer." Ahh, the wonders of double meaning. "No prob." Anything for you.


I knew he caught on to my double meaning. I just feel so... I don't know. I like knowing that he'll be there for me no matter what. But I know I shouldn't rely on him to much. In case.. in case he leaves. Like everyone else. I know it's a childish fear, and I shouldn't think that of everyone who tries to get close to me, but I can't help it. I was basically brought up thinking that, so that's what I believe. I'm trying to forget that lesson I taught myself when I was just a child, but sometimes it can be so hard. Especially when someone proves me right by leaving.

Maybe Seifer's different. No, he is different. He's always been different from the others. You can't classify him into any category, he can sometimes take you by surprise by doing something that might seem totally out of character. And I'm the same way. I don't do it often, but I do manage to surprise some people. I don't always answer 'whatever' to every question that has something to do with my personal life. I just don't like talking about it, is all. But sometimes.. I just feel like collapsing on the floor and laughing my ass off, for no apparent reason. That doesn't mean I do it.. but still, I feel like I would like to at times. Maybe if I was more like Selphie, or Zell even, then I could do spontaneous stuff like that. But I have a reputation to uphold. And I also find it hard to let myself go like that. Let my guard down. Leave myself so open that anyone can harm me. I don't think Seifer would ever do that, but there's still a chance. There's always a chance of getting hurt... maybe that's what Seifer's been trying to tell me. If I leave myself open.. can I trust Seifer not to hurt me?

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