Degrading The Lion

Chapter 4 - Jaws of Death

By Redrum


I've been waiting here for an hour, don't they have any sense of time? I can't wait here forever, Dylan will go looking for me. I told him I was training with Zell, Irvine and Seifer but he was really reluctant for me to go. It's sweet that he's thinking of my injuries, but I'm actually feeling fine. Maybe a little light headed, but I'll be okay.

"Hey, Squall!" Turning swiftly I find Zell, Irvine and Seifer striding up to me. About time. "Leonhart, we got caught up. We can't help it if your always on time." I snort quietly. Yeah, just like you can't help always being late. "Whatever. Let's go." Striding to one of the Training Centre doors I push open the heavy metal doors with minimual effort. The doors close with a loud crash, announching our presence to the monsters dwlling inside.

"Couldn't you have been a little quieter?" Like you could do any better Zell. "We want them to get roudy, so it's good to announce our presence chicken- wuss. We want them to come to us annoyed and pissed off." My lips twitch in the smallest of smirks, my thoughts exactly.


About time, we've been in here for the past hour and we've fought enough Grats to fill the Training Centre. Unfortunetly, their not a challenge. The only thing remote to a challenge in this place is the T-rex's. So at the moment everyone but Irvine (since he's a long distance fighter) has Grat guts all over them.

Turning around another corner we come face to face with three T-rex's. We were so glad to face them that I think we all had a smile on our faces. Even Squall smirked slightly. Lining up in our usual formation (Irvine in the back, Zell, me and Squall in that order), we tensed ourselves for a long awaited battle. Glancing over at Squall for a signal I notice him panting slightly but dismiss it, since were all kind of tired. He notices me staring at him and nods his head slightly. I smirk in anitcipation. Since were the only gunbladers it makes sense that Squall and I work well together, especially since were always training together.

With Hyperion held at thigh level, I rush forward. Squall holds his in the same manner, only being that Lionheart rests near his right thigh instead. His long legs leave the ground at the exact same time as mine. We run towards the middle T-rex, so in sync that even our hearts beat in the same fast rythm.

A surge of adrenaline flows through my veins, just before I raise Hyperion to strike. We bring our blades through the flesh easily, the rex's blood splatters on us as our gunblades meet in the center of the beast's stomach. For a split second the other two monsters are silent, and then the torso of the rex slides off of his legs. Both body parts make a sickening thug when they meet the soft earth. Squall and I don't waste time gloating over the kill, instead we leap back into formation.

Irvine fires a few rounds of pulse ammo, they hit the left beast, breaking the skin but not creating an exit wound. Cocking his gun, Irvine sets it on his shoulder, a clear signal for Zell to go ahead (they usually train together every other day).

With amazing speed and agility Zell rushes forward, the sound of bones crunching beneath his clenched fists registers to my ears. Leaping back Zell goes back to his place. The rex roars in pain, and finally having a clear shot to attack they both rush forward. The left one goes after Zell and Irvine, his tail sweeping them off their feet. The one attack zaps the rest of his strength away and he collapses in a pool of blood. Zell and Irvine are unconscious, their heads having collided too hard with the ground beneath them. Not having any G.F's on us, we barely spare them a glance as we both rush forward.

I crouch low to the ground, swinging Hyperion in a wide arc toward our opponent. A thick leathery tail sweeps my off balance. I stumble backward before regaining my balance. My eyes widen in horror as I watch the scene before me.

Razor sharp teeth wrap around Squall's frail torso. Large jaws clamp down hard, swinging it's enormous head back and forth viciously. I scream in outrage and rush forward. Hyperion glows an emerald green as my limit break surges through the black metal.

Panting heavily I rush forward to pry Squall out of the dead T-rex's jaws. He moans in pain, and I try to lift the jaw out of him. Proving to be too heavy to lift they crash down again, Squall screams as more blood pours out of the puncture wounds. Wincing at his agonizing scream, I bring my blade up and carefully cut the jaws, disembodying it from the rest of the head. Dragging Squall a little ways from the wreckage I once again try to lift the jaw off of him. Proving easier then before, I let the top jaw fall to the ground. Turning him onto his stomach, almost regretting the move when Squall's eyes begin to water and he moans pitifully. Quickly prying the bottom jaw off of him I turn him over again and lift him into my arms. Gently hugging him to my chest I carefully walk over to Zell and Irvine, both are moaning slightly as they get to their feet.

"Squall! What the hell happened?" I jester with my head towards the carcass of the T-rex with no jaws and I quickly turn to make my way out of the Training Centre. "Squall won't want to go to the infirmary." Stopping, I turn my head in the direction of Zell's voice. "I know." That's why I'm heading to my dorm, where I keep my G.F. sphere. I have to hurry, I'm afraid that Squall's losing way to much blood. He's pretty tiny, and doesn't have that much in him to begin with.

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