Notes: I think after this chapter I might start having problems.. I don't really know what to write for when Irvine, Zell, Seifer and Squall train.. I would appreciate any help and ideas you can give me for the next chapter.

Degrading The Lion

Chapter 3 - Behind Closed Doors

By Redrum


Squall's been out of it for a few hours now. Dr. Kadowaki gave him some sort of pain killer that obviously made him tired, so now she's looking into another kind of drug that won't put him to sleep. When I brought him in here Dr. Kadowaki took one looks at him and then at my face, shaking her head she didn't ask any questions. Just said to put him in one of the beds while she went to get a sling. After a healing potion she put his arm into the sling "to make sure he didn't put excess tension on it" she said.

"Here." Handing me a bottle of tylenol (I wonder why she didn't give Squall that stuff to begin with..) she sent us on our way. Nudging Squall I wait for him to rub the sleep out of his eyes with only one hand, before speaking. "Hey, let's get out of here Leonhart." Making sure to keep my voice low enough that it doesn't agitate the major headache I know he has.


I look over at Seifer and I almost smile in thanks for keeping his voice down. My head is throbbing, I must have hit it when I fell. Swinging my legs to the side of the bed, I rise to my feet carefully. Still a little wobbly on my feet I pitch forward into Seifer's waiting arms. He sets me right, and swinging an arm casually around my shoulder (I thank him silently for his strength) he guides me out the doors and back to my own dorm.

I collapse onto the bed, my whole body relaxes when I meet the comfort that only comes when I'm in my own room with the door securely locked from the outside world.

"So Leonhart.. care to tell me what happened back there?" I jump slightly when I realize that Seifer must have followed me in here without my knowing. Looking over at him sitting at the end of my bed, I try not to wince at the knowing look his jade green eyes hold.

"I fell." He snorts quietly and shakes his head. "I was there Leonhart, I saw Dylan twisting your arm." My eyes narrow. "Then why bother asking if you saw the whole thing?" He smirks.

"Just wanted to see if you were actually going to confess. But I guess not, since you just lied to me about how you broke your arm." I start to protest before he raises his hand "Yeah, yeah. I know you don't really lie. You just twisted the truth a bit. 'cause in all reality you did fall, you just didn't state that someone else made you fall." I huff in agitation. Taking the sling off my healed arm I throw it at Seifer's head. His booming laughter echoes throughout the room. "Don't have a hissy fit now, wouldn't do good for your reputation." Taking the sling off his head he tosses it to the floor. "Now.. tell me what's been going on between you and Dylan." His eyes show a surprising amount of concern, and I find myself parting my lips in speech, to tell him exactly what's been going on behind closed doors.

"Dylan... I know he doesn't mean to but... he hi-" A knock at the door cuts me off. I sigh in relief and curse myself for almost telling Seifer about Dylan and I. I tense when Seifer gets off the bed angrily, swearing loudly he unlocks and opens the door so hard that it crashes against the opposite wall.


Damn it! He was about to tell me, and now I'm never going to be able to get it out of him. The loud crash of the door meeting the wall does little to calm me, when I come face to face with Dylan. "Hey, just thought I'd check on Squall. To see how he's doing and all." I almost growl when he smiles pleasantly, as though nothing wrong had accord in the halls. Trying to surpass my anger I step aside to let the bastard in. He breezes by me, his shoulder knocking into mine so hard that it's obvious it wasn't a mistake. Making his way to Squall's bed he sits down, being careful not to dislodge him to much. I snort quietly, but stay quiet other wise. Closing the door silently, and I lean against it to watch Dylan tending to Squall.

I can't believe I used to think that the relationship made Squall happy, since he always seemed to smile when Dylan wrapped his arms around him. But looking back on it now, I can remember seeing Dylan's arms squeezing Squall's waist oddly, and then Squall would be smiling. It would never reach his eyes, but I thought that was just the normal 'Squall smile' that I never got to see. God.. I wish I could have seen this earlier. Maybe I could have warned Squall before he got into this kind of relationship. Or I could have threatened Dylan somehow into leaving Garden and leaving Squall before he got too close to him.

"Hey Seifer, can you leaving us alone for awhile?" I snap out of my train of thought to stare Dylan in the eye unblinkingly. "No." His eyes narrow slightly, but his frown quickly vanishes when Squall's grey blue eyes travel in his direction again. Instead he smiles brightly, and shakes his head. "Well, I guess I'll be going then. Hope that arm heals soon Squall." I snort in disgust when Dylan hungrily covers Squall's mouth with his. I fight not to look away when I see tongues in action. Squall pulls back quickly when he realizes that I still haven't left and he's kissing Dylan in front of me. I almost smile when I see the bright flush spread across his porcelain cheeks. Dylan scowls. Quickly getting up and strides over to me and narrows his eyes. "Can you move please?" I debate in saying no, but seeing Squall over his shoulder, cheeks still red I nod mutely and let him pass. Stepping out into the hall slightly I make sure he turns the corner before I go back in to try to talk to Squall again.

"I already told you Almasy, I fell. And that's all. I'm healed now anyway, so what does it matter?" I shake my head, it does matter Squall... it matters to me.

"It doesn't matter Leonhart. But I'm just curious as to see if your ever planning on telling us the truth." He frowns slightly, all traces of the blush now gone. His eyes refuse to meet mine, instead staring at the hands in his lap.

"Remember our meeting?" He nods slightly. "Good. Meet us in the training centre entrance and remember to wait for Irvine, Zell or I to be there before you go in. Don't want you fighting a T-Rex when your not at your peak. Well, c-ya." Taking one last look at the brunette, I slowly leave the room, making sure to close the door securely behind me. Hopefully he remembers to lock it. Ah, hell. What does it matter? He'll let Dylan in anyway, he doesn't seem to realize the danger he's in if he stays in this relationship any longer. If I can't convince Squall to leave Dylan, maybe Zell or Irvine can. Even though I hate having the knowledge that Squall doesn't trust me enough to believe me when I say that he can do better the Dylan...

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