Deep End

Chapter 8

By Purple Penguin

I grinned at the keys in my hand I had swapped shifts at the pool to get a late one and then offered to lock up for the caretaker who had wanted to leave early. So now I had an empty and deserted pool all to myself, surely they didn't expect me to just lock up and leave this perfect opportunity did they? I smiled, heading back into the dark building, flicking on the lights in the pool room. I left all the other rooms locked, leaving the pool and adjoining shower accessible. I had had to get changed back into my clothes to see off all the other people and make it look like I was leaving. I shrugged off the trench coat, setting it and the keys on the podium where I sat usually to watch the pool.

"Seifer?" a soft, shy voice called from the shadows of the doorway.

"Yeah it's okay everyone's gone."

A figure slowly came into the light. "Did you check for cameras?"

"Yes, it's fine."

"You sure?"

I chuckled. "I'm very sure, now come the fuck here."

Squall very slowly crept from the shadows looking like a scared animal. I laughed at him, reaching out to pull him close by the furred collar of that leather jacket. He glanced nervously over my shoulder as if expecting someone to leap out at us. My hand was fisted in his jacket but the other slipped around his waist causing him to relax a little.

"You expecting someone else?" I asked.

He blinked at me and shook his head. "Are you sure this is okay? I've never broken into somewhere before?"

"It's not breaking in, we have the key remember?"

I kissed him, a hand cupped with back of his head, he seemed hesitant but he relaxed slightly, arms looping around my neck and he sighed against my lips.

He broke the contact. "Are you going to stand there and kiss me all night, or are we going to have a swim before we get thrown out?"

I frowned at him. "We will not get thrown out!" Reluctantly I let go of him as he gently pulled away and backed up towards the pool.

I let him go with a disappointed look. I slowly started to get undressed again, my shorts were on already under my clothes, my hands worked at my clothing while my eyes was fixed on the brunette who striped down opposite me. I watched those hands sliding down smooth fair legs after his pants that pooled at his ankles. He didn't seem to see me watching, why the hell he didn't think I would want to stare at his beautiful body was beyond me. He pulled up the white tee over his head, shaking out his now ruffled hair and tossed the shirt into the pile of clothes he already had. He then folded his clothes neatly into a little pile, he didn't look up at him or wait for me instead he sat on the side of the pool and slid into the water. He shivered in the waist deep water even though I knew it was warm water the feeling did take getting used to. He moved through the water easily then paused to duck his head under coming up and running hands back through his wet hair pushing it off his face and pushing the water back to run down his neck. It was then for the first time that he realized he wasn't supposed to be alone in the pool and I wasn't in the water beside him. I glanced round suddenly, eyes finding me still fully dressed except for two undone shirt buttons and standing there like an idiot starring at him. He propped his arms up on the side of the pool and pouted at me.

"You aren't changed yet.."

"Huh?" I then snapped out of my trance and looked down to see that my traitorous hands hadn't managed to get more than some buttons undone and I shut my mouth quickly, wiping it to check for drool.

"Um- sorry I was a little distracted." I muttered, the sentence getting quieter and quieter as I said it.

Squall smirked. "Good to now I manage to distract you." He smiled. "Want a hand there?"

I quickly threw my shirt over my head, not caring where it landed, the pants then followed over the other shoulder and shoes were just thrown wherever before I clambered into the pool with a splash. The brunette chuckled, he had delicately dropped into the water barely disturbing it while I could have flooded the entire Galbadian continent.

Squall sniggered. "I see you do everything gracefully." I eyed where my clothes had ended up.

I glanced over my shoulder, comparing the little neat pile of Squall's clothes and my scatterings.

I frowned. "Well just because you're mister perfect-"

He chuckled.

"-Doesn't mean you get the right to insult us lower beings."

He took a deep breath before once again ducking his head into in the water, drenching himself this time he came up right in front of me. I don't remember moving my hand but fingers trailed across his collar bone and up his smooth throat. He blinked at me, looking maybe a little embarrassed a slightly blush appearing on his fair skin. The drips ran down his skin so I leant in and traced one on his neck with my tongue, going right up to his hairline and kissing the spot where his hair started. A hand cupped the back of his head again. He arched his neck slightly to give me more access to his throat. I playfully squeezed his ass and he yelped a little, playfully frowning at me.

I put my mouth too his ear and whispered. "I always wanted to get this close when I saw you swimming."

He smiled. "You got into my thoughts too."

"Really? What did you think about little old then?"

The blush deepened slightly, becoming more visible. He stared into the water as he whispered. "I used to think about you touching me."

I pressed a finger under his chin to force his head up so our eyes met. I leaned into kiss him and instantly to melted against me, arms going around my neck, fingers sliding into my hair. My own hands wrapped loosely around his waist, one playing teasingly with the waistband of his shorts, he arched against me and my hand worked into his shorts, he was half hard in my hand. He whimpered against me, I stroked him a little till he hardened up to my touch. I've never done more than kissing with a guy before but I couldn't keep my hands off him, god he was beautiful. He arched back so I positioned us with his back leaning against my chest so I could support him while I caressed him in the water. I leaned his head on his shoulder, one hands gripping the material of my shorts. I moved my lips over his throat as I moved my hand quicker, kissing his skin tasting the chorine from the water. He arched and came over my hand, his bit hard on his lower lip, I turned his head to bring his lips to mine. I tasted the blood from where his teeth had broken the skin.

I removed my hand from his shorts and he smiled at me. "That was nice." He whispered.

I chuckled back in response. He moved away from me a little, turning to face me to kiss me, I reached for him again wanting to keep him close but he dodged me and jumped back. I was all ready to feel hurt but then I saw the teasing grin so I moved after him and again reached out to him, he still moved out of my reach having to move quicker this time. I grinned at the challenge and lunged at him, Squall having a small build than me dodged out the way and swam away under the lane dividers to the other side of the pool. He popped up out of the water and grinned at me, sticking out his tongue.

"Is that an invitation?" I asked him across the pool.

He smiled. "Maybe, if you can catch me."

Did he think he could out swim me in my own pool? I swam after him, seeing him quicker swim away as I approached with a smile. After much swimming around and near misses when I managed to grab Squall's legs but not the rest of him and at one point I had got a grab on his swim shorts but as I homed in on his the shorts had been removed and he got away again. I saw the brunette pull himself up on the edge of the pool. "Giving up already?" I asked

He scoffed. "Me, give me? You haven't caught me yet." He got out of the water, naked and walked away with me staring at his ass.

"But that's cheating." I whined, swimming over to where he had pulled himself out and also got out of the water. The brunette had disappeared from view but as I had only unlocked the pool room the showers were the only hiding place. I slowly, quietly walked up to the showers and put an arm around the wall to the buttons that switched on all the showers.

I grinned hearing a shriek. "Oh dear, have I forgotten to turn up the heat again?" I teased, looking at the temperature gauche on the cold setting.

I turned the heat up before stepping under the lines of water.

There were two lines with a 6ft wall in between so I can just see over the top. I spotted the chocolate mop of hair and quietly ran round the wall to grab him before he spotted me. He shrieked again, very unmanly I'll probably get killed later unless I make it up to him.

I pulled him in by the arm and his wet body pressed to mine he moaned slightly, I felt his hardening cock against me again.

I smirked. "I thought Irvine was the horny one."

He leaned up, standing on tip toes to kiss me, arms wrapped around my neck, I held him with my own arms around his waist, hands wandering slightly to his naked backside. He moaned gently as I ran fingers over the entrance to his body, one slick finger gently pressed past the first ring of muscle and he moaned again around the kiss.

I've never touched a guy like this before, hand jobs I can manage but this was new territory for me and I was very aware of hurting him but he seemed to enjoy it. I was suddenly more aware that I was still wearing my shorts not only because they had started to feel a little tight but because Squall's hands had wandered under the material and were trying to push the shorts off my body. My free hand helped him remove them as I experimentally added another finger, he gasped and his fingers faltered in what they were doing. I took that as a good sign. I only managed to push my shorts low enough to free my erection but I would have to release Squall to push them off completely.

My lips trailing over his skin again, fingers scissoring gently to stretch him, I didn't have to think about breaking the contact because Squall pulled away first to pull off my shorts.

"Fuck me." He hissed.

I paused, a little unsure. "I-err- I don't know how." How lame did that sound?

"....You've fucked girls right?"

I nodded.

"Not that different is it?"

I frowned. "Guess not."

"Remember how you held me in the pool?"

I nodded.

He smiled and kissed me again, my lips trailed from his, across his neck under his hair line till he turned us round so was between the wet tiled wall and me. I remembered what he said about how I had held him in the pool and turned him around to face the wall. His fingers trailed down the slick walls. We were both still soaking wet from the shower that beat down on us so I pressed my wet cock too his entrance. He arched against he even before I pushed into him and when I did I feared for a minute he might break in half. His back pressed to my chest, his head fell to my shoulder, I trailed kisses up his neck, collar bone, chin, anywhere I could reach. I started to move inside him gently be very careful not to hurt him. My eyes slid closed he felt amazing and it very hard not to just take him.

He leaned forward to rest his forehead on the tiled wall. "S-Seifer I'm not going to break." I whispered.

Gratefully I picked up the pace and thrust into him harder, watching him arch again and moan along with little panting sound he made.

We started a rhythm between us, Squall pushing back to met my thrusts and I threw my carefulness to the wind and took him as hard as he wanted it.

I was sure I heard a noise, not from either of us but I ignored it for now. He came first soon after my hand moved to wrap around his needy cock. I came quickly after he did. Both of us slumping on the wall. I moved to pull out of him so we could lean on the wall, Squall half sat, half fell down as his legs refused to support him anymore.

The pool room was silent then apart from our breathing, then I heard then little sound again.

"You hear something?" Squall asked me.

"Hello?" Someone that wasn't us called.

Squall stared at me in panic. "Shit!" He hissed. I peered round the corner seeing a torch beam from the shadows, I watched the man disappear into the changing rooms he had a key. I took my chance to grab the brunette by the hand and make a run for it past the guard, grabbing my pants and coat on the way past. I just saw the man turn round as the door closed.

"Seifer." He hissed, desperately trying to hide his groin from the world even though we were in a dark deserted alley at the back door. I pulled on my pants and wrapped my coat around the brunette, he quickly did up all the buttons that ran down to his knees, the coat almost reached his ankles luckily.

"My house." Squall announced. "I don't have a roommate anymore."

I half ran through the cold night air as I was shirtless and both of us were soaking wet.

We dived through the front door and into Squall's bed, both collapsing with a fit of giggles.

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