Deep End

Chapter 7

By Purple Penguin

Long time coming this chapter but Iíve written a plan now so expect lemons and a touch of angst in future chapters.

I bit back a smile as I watched the movie, one eye on the hand that crept closer to my thigh over the arm rests until it settled on my knee. I glanced down at it and shifted causing the hand to withdraw quickly. I chuckled quietly. Since the over passionate goodnight kiss that Seifer and I had shared weíd been touchy feely and he always had that look in his eyes when he looked at me. Iím no expert but I think I made him hot under the collar, which was good to know. Although I knew he was keen he was only a little shy with the thought of being with me, a guy and us doing more than kissing. The movie had only been on for half an hour and twice he had tried to put an arm around me or a hand on my knee.

"What?" He whispered, hearing me chuckle.

I smiled at him. "Nothing."

He went to put an arm around me again so this time I gave the poor guy a break and leant into it. I leaned on his chest as he was watching the movie contently. Personally I was a little bored. Nothing seemed to be happening, lots of talking and violence that didnít seem to have a reason behind it or fit together. Not that I was paying too much attention to the screen anyway though. I glanced over to see Seiferís hand grab handful of popcorn and go up to his mouth, the next time I stopped the hand from reaching his lips, eating the popcorn from his hand being too lazy to do it myself, I made sure to lick the lingering favour from Seiferís fingers afterwards. I looked up at him, feeling smug for managing to pry is attention from the screen as he blinked down at me. I looked innocently up at him.

"Yes?" He shifted slightly and took his hand back from my loose grip, wiping it on his trousers before going back to watch the movie. I glanced up at the screen briefly. Some guy that had just killed another guy was now groping some scantly clad girl; maybe she was a whore I wasnít sure then again they looked to be in a sort of office so she could be his secretary. I chuckled at the thought.

"Shh!" Some old man hissed from two rows in front of us.

I frowned at the fifty to sixty-year-old man. "What? I bet youíre just here to perv over the sexy bits." The man huffed angrily but just turned his back to us.

"Squall, are you trying to get us kicked out of here or something?"

"No, sorry." I shifted a bit, resting my head more comfortably on the blondeís chest. After a few more minutes my fingers got bored and snuck under the black tee that the blonde wore to trace some random patterns and maybe a word or two into his stomach.

"Squall!" He hissed. "Donít do that!" He grabbed my hand and tugged his shirt back down again. He tried to put my hand back on top of his shirt but I clung on so we just ended up holding hands. He shook his hand and tried to untangle his fingers, giving me a look of annoyance before he settled for holding hands and rested our adjoined hands on his stomach.

"SSSEEEIIFFFEEERR." I drew out the name. "Iím bored."

He sighed. "You want to leave?"

"Well if you want to watch the movie we can stay."

"Shh!" Another guy hissed he had an arm around a fat piggy girl. He eyed the way we were sitting. "Maybe you and your boyfriend should get a room." The girl looked at us in slight disgust.

"Well maybe you and your piggy girlfriend should mind your own business." The girl bristled.

"What did you call me?" Her boyfriend glared at me. "Youíd better take that back!"

Lots of others people were staring in annoyance at us too now. Seifer glanced around in concern, getting up and pulled me up too. "Okay thatís it, letís get out of here."

He dragged me out of the cinema while me and the piggy girl insulted each other continuously. Only when we were outside did Seifer let me go. "Whatís the matter with you?"

"Nothing, but that movie was really boring didnít you think so?"

He folded his arms to sulk. "Not really."

"Oh, well can we do something else?" He frowned at me.

I looped my hands round his arm and led him towards my most favourite place ever. "Come on Iíll buy you an ice cream." I pulled him into a small ice cream parlour and we got a small table outside as no one else was out there because it was starting to get dark. I had a bowl of chocolate and chocolate mint ice cream while Seifer had chocolate and vanilla. "See, now isnít this better than watching that movie?" I asked. "I donít know."

I scooped up some chocolate mint ice cream. "Want a taste?" I asked. He nodded but instead of offering him the spoon and scooped it into my own mouth, grabbing him quickly to kiss him. I pushed the cold treat into his mouth with my tongue and felt him smile around my lips.

He chuckled. "Why are you so much more-" He paused, searching for the right word. "Lively, sexy-" I smiled. "-When itís just us."

I shrugged. "Zell and Irvine are both such babies, someone has to be the grown-up and as for Selphie, when youíve met her so you know."

He chuckled again. "And what about Rinoa?"

I sucked on my spoon thoughtfully. "Well sheís kind of like me sometimes sheís little miss grown-up and other times itís running up and down the street in a see through bra."

Seifer laughed.

"It was a dare." I explained.

"And what did you have to do?"

I spooned the last of my ice cream into my mouth before I answered. "I had to kiss Irvine-" The blonde raised an eyebrow. "Cause heís such a horny bastard." I added.

"Any good?" I shrugged.

"Yeah he was alright." I snorted. "Though with all the practice- " I glanced up at the blonde before added. "Not as good a kisser as you though."

He grinned. "Thanks."

"You have to play with us sometime."

He snorted. "As long as I donít get dared to kiss Zell, I like my limbs where they are thank you and do not need them getting ripped off by some jealous cowboy."

"Well we do play strip poker or strip snap because Zellís not very good at poker, he gets naked first and then we have to finish playing early because Irvineís normally all over him by then."

We left the ice cream parlour and wandered down the street together, it was really dark by now, all the streetlights were on. Seifer stopped under one orange streetlight. I tipped my head up to look at him as a finger ran along my jaw then rested under my chin. He barely kissed me lips brushed lips in a ghostly kiss.

"Whatíd you want to do now?" I looked up at him, fisting my fingers in his shirt then leaned up for a real kiss, more passionate, better kiss than before, both of us not satisfied with the brief previous kiss. He quickly took control of the kiss; I had to stand on tiptoes to reach him.

I looped my arms around his neck, feeling his arms wrap round my waist and hands slipped under my shirt. I jumped reluctantly breaking the kiss, both still touching though. I smiled. "You have cold hands." I explained.

He chuckled. "Sorry." A drop of water landed on my forehead so looked up at the heavens feeling more fall steadily now. Seifer glanced up when I did. The drizzle was light so I tipped my head back and opened my mouth to catch the raindrops. The blonde chuckled again. The light rain quickly turned into a downpour, I yelped and turned my head away. Seifer held out a hand to me and we ran down the street through the rain together.

I pulled the door to Seiferís building open, I was now wearing Seiferís trench coat as I had had bare arms with the black tank top I wore but he wore a turtleneck.

The grey coat fell around my ankles and my arms didnít reach the ends of the sleeves. The blonde followed me quickly inside, wiping water from his face.

"Where the fuck did that come from?" I chuckled, walking into the lift when it came down. "Cold?" Seifer asked me. I didnít remember shivering but maybe I did.

"Little bit." The blonde slid the soggy trench coat from my shoulders and ran his hands down my damp arms.

"You going to warm me up then?" I teased.

He really closed the gap then, sandwiching me between the wall and himself. I did shiver then when his lips fell onto mine hard. I arched against him my arms going around his neck again, fingers into golden hair. I tried not to jump this time when his cold, damp hands touched my skin and his palms ran over my stomach. Cold fingers brushed my nipples teasingly causing me to gasp. The lift pinged, telling us that it had reached Seiferís floor. Reluctantly he pulled away. I picked up the coat, slipping my arms back into it and followed him out of the lift and to his apartment. As he put the key in the lock my hands wandered he slapped one of them away with a smirk and opened the door. He pulled me inside and kissed me on the forehead then someone cleared their throat.

I glanced right and my eyes widened. "Zell?!"

The blonde hopped up from the couch like heíd been shot. Nida looked over the back of the sofa at me. "Squall? What are you doing here?"

"Me? What are you doing here?" I glared at the brunette who looked away then muttered something about getting a drink before disappearing from sight.

"What did I tell you about seeing him? Whereís Irvine? Isnít he wondering where you are right now?"

"I donít know last time I saw him he was with a girl, a pretty girl, much prettier than me." He folded his arms then realized what he had said. "Not that I want to be pretty" He added. "But you know what I mean."

"Yeah." I whispered. "Anyway I donít think drowning your sorrows in Nida is going to help."

I went up to him. "I think we should leave now, okay?" He nodded while staring at the floor.

I took Zell over to the door before turning back to Seifer who looked a little disappointed. I placed one hand on his chest. "Iím sorry." I whispered. "Síokay, take Zell home." I kissed him briefly.

"We can hang out tomorrow."

"Okay." I smiled at him then lead Zell out of the door and home to his boyfriend.

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