Deep End

Chapter 6

By Purple Penguin

I opened the newspaper as I sat in the small café on Saturday morning. I may have looked like I was reading it but I was too busy re-thinking what happened that morning when I woke up with Seifer in my bed.


I opened my eyes slowly, blinking. A pair of green eyes hovered over me and a smile greeted me as I awoke.

"Hmm?" It took a moment for me to realize what was going on, where I was and why I wasnít alone. "Seifer?"


"Why are you looking at me like that?"

The blonde sat up more so he wasnít leaning over me so much. "Depends, if I said I thought you were cute would you hit me?"

My lips twitched up into what would have been a smile if I let them but I didnít. "No."

He grinned. "In that case you look very cute first thing in the morning." He looked very pleased with himself when I smiled slightly.

"Donít let it go to your head." I said, quickly snuffing out the smile.

"Youíre no fun." He told me playfully, jabbing me in the ribs causing me to make rather unmanly noises and jump.

His grin widened. "Oh Iím sorry are you ticklish?" He said innocently.

"Yes." I tried to glare at him, arms flailing madly to try and keep away from him when he pounced on me, fingers jabbing me mercilessly. I franticly grabbed at his wrists.

"SSSeiferrr!" He yelled, the word coming out broken as he jabbed me.

There was another noise, this one from the other room signally that the other two were awake and probably heard me. He froze and I blushed deeply, damn my cheeks he grinned at me and slapped a delayed hand over my mouth.

"Shh!" He whispered with a chuckle. "They probably heard you."

As if Iím cursed the bedroom door opens and in bounced Zell.

"Aw, arenít you cute?"

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