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Chapter Fiveteen - Engaging Forces

By Fantasy Lover

Play the game tonight
Can you tell me if it’s wrong or right
Is it worth the time, is it worth the price
Do you see yourself in the white spotlight
Then play the game tonight
And when the curtains open, to the roaring of the crowd
You will feel it all around you
Then it finally happens, and it’s all come true for you
And the songs are playing over, and over
Till you do it all over again

- Play the game tonight (Kansas)


Morning light filled the room, stirring the two from their sleep. Squall smiled at his lover, thinking back to the previous night. He was still tired from their all nighter. As he lay there, the phone began to ring.

“Hello,” Squall said, the fatigue still in his voice, “Yeah...I guess we could...Half an hour? Sure, I guess that’s enough time...Yeah....Okay. Bye.”

He turned his attention to his drowsy companion, “Wake up, Seifer. We’ve got to see Cid in a half an hour.”

“Huh? Why?”

“He didn’t say. Come on, get up!”

“First of all, I want to thank you boys for coming so early. However, I have some rather unpleasant news. As your both aware, last night, Seifer became a SeeD.”

“Of course we do. Now get to the point.” Seifer said, noticeably irritable.

“Yes, well, I don’t know if you remember back to when you first joined the garden, but the two of signed a contract. One of the stipulations is that there can only be one Gunblade operator per school, is that not right?”

“You mean your going to separate us?!” Squall cried.

“I wish it were that easy. Regretfully, there are no more openings at any other Gardens.”

“Then what’s going to happen.”

“According to the contracts that you both willingly signed, in such a case, there is to be a fight to the death. I’m sorry men, but you have no choice.”

Squall was mortified, “Why can’t one of us just quit?”

“You know we can’t do that. It’s Garden policy. You have until this evening to prepare for battle.”

“What are we going to do, Seifer?”

“There’s nothing we CAN do. We HAVE to do this,” he paused, looking around absently, “Squall...I want you to know that whatever happens tonight, I’ll always love you.”

“Hey guys! What’s wrong?” Selphie asked.

“Everything,” Squall sighed, “Seifer and I have to fight to the death tonight...”

Her eyes opened wide in amazement, “WHAT? WHY?”

“It’s a long story, and none of your damn business,” Seifer declared.

The three sat in silence until Irvine and Zell arrived.

“Hey people! What’s up?” Irvine asked.

“They have to kill each other tonight!” Selphie erupted.

“Seriously? Why?”

“They won't tell me!”

A sea of questions soon followed. As Squall tried to explain, Seifer took Irvine aside.

“I really need to talk to you Irvine....ALONE!!” He whispered.

“Gentlemen, take your places!” Nida yelled

They stood opposite each other. Squall stared into the eyes of his lover, getting a look deep into his inner soul. He took in everything he could, knowing that no matter who won, he would never see such depth again.

From nothingness came a voice shouting for them to begin. The two obeyed the command and commenced with their battle. Seifer made the first move, striking Squall with a surprisingly hard blow. Soon afterward, it was Squall’s turn. He lifted his gunblade level with his arm, and shot twice, both times hitting the massive blond in the shoulder. In response, Seifer unleashed Firaga, inflicting substantial damage on his lover.

Seifer decided it was time to put his plan into action. As Squall was charging him, he fell to his knees as to sacrifice himself for his beau. To Seifer’s satisfaction, Squall hadn’t seen his descent, and thus ran him through with the steel blade. When Squall saw what he had done, he tried to cure his love, but it was too late. His lover was dead, and he was without any Phoenix Down. He held on to the lifeless body tighter than he ever had before, wishing that he could share the same fate....


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry it took me so long to update, but that battle scene was probably the hardest thing I’ve EVER written in my life. Remember..I’m just use to lemon.

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