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Chapter Twelve - The Truth In Dreams

By Fantasy Lover

Thatís why I fight fire with fire, Oh Iím burning inside and my heart is a-crying
Fire with fire, I donít want to lose this flamingí desire
Standing alone in a crowded room
I can feel a chill in the air
Iím shakiní
Iím miles away
I want to cry out loud
I want to fight till the end
I wonít let them take me alive

- Fight Fire With Fire (Kansas)


"So, what were you talking about in there?" Squall asked.

"Well, before I tell you, let me ask you something. How would you feel about moving in together?"

Squall was speechless, then "You and me? Well... I think itís a great idea."

"Iím glad you like it because Cid already approved it."

"Nah uh. Really? How?"

"Simple. I just told him that Iím happy when weíre together, which makes me less violent."

"And he believed you?" he said sarcastically, "Goes to show that there arenít cameras in the bedrooms."

"Ha-ha. Very funny," he smiled seductively at Squall then continued, "You better be careful or Iíll have to teach you a lesson when we get back to my place."

"Bring it on."

The next few days were pure bliss. Being confined to quarters had its advantages, especially now that they were together. It wasnít until day 5 that the two started to argue.

"God, Squall. Why canít you do it right?" Seifer shouted.

v "What do you expect ME to do? Iím not an expert like you!" Squall protested.

"If youíd just jump when I tell you to, then things wouldnít be this hard."

"Then why donít YOU do it."

"Get back here, Squall! Iím not through with you yet!"

"I donít care! Iím sick of you criticizing everything I do!"

"Fine! Leave! I donít need your help! I donít need anyone!"

"Fine! I hope you and Mario have a good time without me!"

Squall slammed the door to the bedroom. He hated playing video games with Seifer because they usually fought.

ĎDamn that man! Why is he always such a jerk. Itís just a stupid game.í

He lay in his bed trying to block out his frustration. He heard the phone ring, but decided to let Seifer answer it.

"Yo, Squall!" Seifer called from the living room, "Pick up the phone! Itís your boyfriend, Irvine!"

"Shut the hell up! Heís not my boyfriend!" He picked up the phone.

"You know, that really hurts, Leonhart," said Irvine, pretending to be upset, "So, howís life in prison?"

"Oh, Seiferís being a jackass like always."

"I heard that!" Seifer yelled from the other room.

"See... Whatíd I tell you."

"Hey, you wanna go training today? Donít tell me you canít because I already checked with Cid."

"Sounds good to me. I just need to get away from here for awhile."

"Meet you there in a few minutes, k?"

"Whatever," he said hanging up.

They only trained for an hour, but it seemed longer to Squall. He wasnít sure why, but he felt bad for yelling at Seifer.

"Wanna grab a bite?"

"Nah, I gotta get back now. Remember, Iím still on probation."

"You think Seifer would mind if you came back to my place for a little while?"

Squall rolled his eyes at the request, "Why do I even bother with you Irvine."

"Itís because you know deep inside that you want me." He raised one eyebrow in hopes of seducing Squall.

"What makes you think Iíd want you?"

"íCause Iím strong, got a great body... plus Iíve got a six inch shaft."

"Really? I donít believe it."

"You wanna see?

"Irvine, take you six inches and shove it!"

"Thatís what Iím trying to do."

The room was dark when Squall returned.

"You in here, Seifer?"

He made his way to the bedroom were he saw Seifer huddled on the bed. Slowly, he made his way over as to not wake his lover. He undressed, and crawled under the covers. Running his fingers through the thick blond hair, he thought of their earlier quarrel. It was petty, and immature. If only he had known what the future was to hold for them, they would never have another fight. And with that, Squall drifted to sleep.

The aroma of eggs filled the room, arousing Squall from his deep sleep. Still groggy from sleep, he made his way into the kitchen where he was cheerfully greeted by Seifer.

"Morning, babe. Did you sleep good?"

"Oh *yawn*, yeah."

"Good. Hey, I got a call from Cid this morning. Heís letting us off a day early."

"Really? Great. Um, Iíve gotta go into Balamb today. You wanna go?"

"Iíd like to, but I have a test to make up." He glanced at his watch. "Speaking of which, Iím late. Enjoy breakfast." They exchanged a brief kiss, and then he was gone.

He was in no hurry, so he took his time eating. There was an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he ignored it, hoping it would go away. After throwing on his clothes, he made his way to the parking lot.

"Hello, Squall. Havenít seen you in a while. How are you?" Mrs. Dincht called.

"Pretty good," he returned.

"And howís my boy? Still making trouble?"

"Yes, maíam. Heís just fine."

"Next time you see him, tell him to call me or visit."

"Whatever," he mumbled.

He had been on his way to an Items Shop, when he got a sudden urge to go into the hotel near the harbor. As soon as his foot hit the floor, the memories of his dream came flooding back to him. He could still feel the gun barrel against his head, and hear the voices haunting him.

ĎWhereís your boyfriend...You were foolish...Leave...You're going to pay...Youíre time is up...Too late now.í

What did it all mean? Why were these words flooding his head now?

Looking around the room, Squall noticed that he was in the same hotel lobby from his dream. Under the hanging chandelier stood a ladder similar to the one he dreamed of. In fact, every detail seemed to match. His blood chilled when the final piece of the puzzle came into view. Through the front door walked three men. He recognized two of them instantly, but the third was only vaguely familiar. The first was the large man that he and Seifer had fought in the hall of the Garden. The second one was the man that had attacked them outside of the restaurant. However, the third was a stranger to his eyes. Squall had never actually seen him before, but his face seemed to be imprinted in his brain. Then it hit him. It was the same patronizing face from his nightmare.

The small group made their way over to him.

"Oh, look. Itís the pixie, and this time heís all alone," said the first man in a falsetto tone of voice.

"Aww. Isnít he precious," the second man added in a degrading manner, "Donít worry. We wonít kill you...yet."

The men blocked the entrance. Squall glanced around nervously searching for another way out, but there was none to be found.

Squall gritted his teeth, "Get the hell away from me."

"Whatís wrong, faggot? Donít you like us?"

The men surrounded him, closing in tight.

"Ya know pixie... I have a feeling that today just isnít your day."

"So, cam we beat the shit out of him yet?" the first man asked.

The third man waved his hand in an apathetic manner, "Go ahead....but donít kill him. Leave that to me."

The second man shoved Squall to the ground, "Iím gonna do to you what you did to me faggot."

He grabbed Squall by the hair and repeatedly rammed his head into the linoleum tiles, then it was the first mansí turn. He jabbed his fist into Squallís gut, each time with more force than the last, until he began coughing up blood.

"Had enough you little bastard?" The first man yelled.

"No..." the second man answered, "I still donít think heís learned his lesson yet."

"Hold it, men," the third interrupted, "Itís my turn."

Both Squallís eyes and lips were beginning to swell from the beating he had taken. He wasnít sure, but he thought he might have been drifting in and out of consciousness. However, once the third man arrived, they made sure that wouldnít happen again.

"Whereís you boyfriend runt?" the man said calmly, "You were foolish to leave his asylum. Now you're going to pay for your stupidity."

Then man reached under his coat, pulling out a .22 caliber pistol.

He pulled the trigger, "Thatís from my friends..."

Instinctively, Squall grabbed his shoulder to control the bleeding, but it was too deep.

"...And this," he continued as he again pulled the trigger, " is from me."

Squall felt a burning sensation in his lower abdomen. He glanced down, watching as blood stained his white shirt a crimson red. Then, for some reason, the pain began to fade. Squall smiled to himself as if to welcome death. He closed his eyes and darkness enveloped him.


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