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Chapter Eleven - Breaking Point

By Fantasy Lover

Centuries of backward ways have many left behind us
Who can count the good men gone away
The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started
Weíve come to far to end it in a day
It seems that everything we do is wrong
A one-way trip to nowhere all along
Just look around and tell me what you see
Another stupid page of history
No one together, no one is touching ground
Look at each other, Chaos is all around

- No one together (Kansas)


"This way, Mr. Almasy."

The waiter gave the two a look of disgust he noticed they were holding hands. He led them to the farthest, darkest corner in the restaurant, hoping that none of the other patrons had seen the couple.

"Wow. This place is so expensive," Squall commented, looking at the menu.

"Donít give it another thought, babe. Itís on me." He leaned across the table and kissed his young lover.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. Iím the manager of this place, and well, you're going to have to leave."

"What in the hell for? Because weíre gay?" Seifer shouted, causing those around to stare at him.

"Frankly, yes. Will you step this way?"

"No we will not! You canít just kick us out of here!" Seifer yelled again.

"Iím afraid we can. Now, will you leave quietly, or will I have to call somebody to drag you out."

"Why you little..." he leaped at the man in front of him, but Squall caught his arm.

"Letís just go, Seifer. Heís not worth it."

"Like hell he isnít," he struggled to escape Squallís grip, "Iím gonna teach these assholes that they canít fuck with us and get away with it."

"No," his eyes pleaded with Seiferís, "It wonít get anything done. Heíll still be an asshole, and youíd look ridiculous with a black eye. Come on, letís get out of here."

Seifer grunted as he shoved the manager out of his way. Once outside, he hit a nearby wall.

"Damn it! All those fuckers in there," he yelled, pointing to the restaurant, "need to go to hell. Where do those assholes get off telling us we canít eat there! They...they...damn." His lip began to quiver as he choked back his tears.

"Itís okay, Seifer," he wrapped his arms around his love, "I hate it just as much as you do, but we canít let it get to us. We have to show them weíre stronger than them. Itís the only way."

They made their way to the car they rented but were stopped when they heard a voice call then from behind.

"Hey queers! Yeah you! Get the hell out of Deling! Go back to your faggot friends!"

"Come on, Seifer. Heís a jerk, just ignore him," he whispered to Seifer.

"I knew it! You fairies are afraid to fight, arenít you," the man yelled again. He ran up to the two, giving Seifer a sucker punch in his gut.

Squall eyes grew wild with hate, "You little bastard. Iím gonna fucking kill you!"

His fist flew with an intense fury that he had never felt before. Blow after blow, his fist rained down upon the man as he screamed every obscenity he had ever heard. By the time he was done, the man was unrecognizable. His fists were covered in blood, and the other man was huddled on the ground. Squall finally had to be pulled away by Seifer, who stood by as he released his rage.

"Come on. Letís get out of here before anyone comes."

Squall stood up, surveying the bloody mess he had made.

"Oh my god, Seifer. What did I just do?" His eyes were wide with horror.

"Itís okay, babe," Seifer tried to comfort him, "He deserved it."

"I know but...but I could have killed him. Iíve...Iíve never been filled with that much anger or hate before."

"Letís go. We can talk about it later."

"Not so fast," came a voice from behind.

The man stumbled to his feet, clenching what was left of his teeth. He pulled back his coat, revealing a large knife about half the size of a gunblade. Unsheathing it, he hurled it at the two men. As he did, he collapsed onto the pavement. The two watched as the knife flew with great speed, coming to rest in Seiferís leg. He let out a cry of pain and dropped to the ground.

"Itís a very deep wound, but I believe that a in a few days, with the help of cura, it should be fine." The doctor had been very sympathetic when Squall explained what happened.

"Thanks, Dr. Kadowaki. Is it alright if I take him back to his room now?"

"I guess that would be okay. But youíll have to help him there. I donít want any excess strain put on those muscles. If he experiences any more pain, give him these." Dr. Kadowaki handed him a small bottle of white pills.

As they made their way to Seiferís room, thoughts plagued his mind, but it would have to wait till they were alone. Once inside, he stared at his mate with anxiety.

"Whatís wrong, Squall? Is what happened back there still bothering you?"


"Donít let it get you. Jerks like that..."

"Itís not just that....Seifer, Iím having second thoughts about us."

"What? But why? Arenít you...." A lump developed in his throat, and he couldnít finish his sentence.

"Seifer, you know I love you, but....but things are so messed up. You saw what happened tonight."

"Yes, I did. I also remember you telling me that you love me. You told me earlier that we have to be stronger than them, and now you want to back out when things start getting a little difficult."

"I didnít say I wanted out! Itís just.... you wouldnít understand."

"Oh no? How do you expect me to understand if you donít talk to me?"

Squall took a deep breath and tried to organize his thoughts, "When I was hitting that guy tonight, I felt like killing him."

"Whatís wrong with that? Youíve killed lotís of people before."

"Yeah. But the thing is, that was my job. Tonight was different. Usually when I kill, itís not out of hate. know."

Seifer ran his hands through Squallís brown hair, "I understand, babe. But do you really want to split up?"

"To tell the truth, I never really wanted to. I just couldnít bear living without you."

"Good...Squall...I promised you a long time ago that Iíd never leave you. I want you to promise me that you wonít leave either."

"I promise."

They sat on the couch and fell asleep, their arms holding each other tighter than ever before.

ĎWHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO AFTER CLASS TODAY?í Seifer wrote on his study console.





Suddenly the door to Instructor Trepeís class opened.


"Iím sorry to interrupt, instructor, but Headmaster Cid requested to see Seifer and Squall immediately," Xu said.

"Come in, men. Have a seat," Cid said, "it has come to my attention that multiple rumors have been spreading throughout the Garden. One of them is that you two fine young men are..."

"Gay," Seifer prompted.

"Yes, thatís it. Anyway, you know the Gardenís policy against same sex relationships, donít you?"

"Damn Straight. Well, when do we leave? Want us to start packing now, or wait till morning?" Seifer queried

Cid was confused by Seiferís question, "Who said anything about leaving?"

"Come on, Cid. We all know the story."

"I donít think I follow you."

"I think he means the couple that was kicked out for being gay," Squall finally broke in.

"Oh, you remember that do you? It was quite a long time ago wasnít it. Now, would you like to hear the rest of the story?"

"Donít be disgusting, Cid," Seifer said bitterly.

Squall gave him a sour look, "Go ahead, Cid."

"As I was saying, the couple youíre talking about was not discharged just for being homosexual." He cleared his throat, then continued, "While we do frown upon such unions, we will not expel students for their preference. The afore mentioned couple was discharged for not suppressing their affections in public. They were the Training Center. And that is why they are no longer here."

"So why are we here then?" Seifer interrupted.

"Shut up and let him finish."

"Thank you, Squall. To continue, there have also been reports of brawling, both in and out of the Garden. As you well know, any physical attacks outside of the training center, and job related, is intolerable. However, because of your high academic and fighting skills, the two of you will only be put on probation. All activities, such as leaving the Garden, attending classes, and such are hereby denied for a week."

"But nither of them were our fault to begin with!" Squall cried in outrage.

"Iím quite aware of that. Thatís why we will be posting an announcement, and enforcing the rules for fighting."

"Thank you, Cid," Seifer said unusually polite. He had an mischievous smirk on his face and asked Squall to wait outside for him.

"Cid, I have a request to make. Youíve known me for sometime now. Other than the two incidents, have you noticed a change in my attitude?"

Cid looked at him, not sure where the question was leading to, "I guess so."

"To get to the point, Squall has changed my whole life, and my attitude. So, I was wondering if, we could move in together."

"You know our policy...but seeing as how it seems to be...working, I guess that it wouldnít be too much to ask."

"Thank you, Headmaster Cid," This left a foul taste in his mouth. He hated being so polite to anyone but Squall, but at least he got what he wanted. The only thing left to do was tell Squall the good news.


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