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Chapter Ten - Awareness

By Fantasy Lover

Each day is passing by us so quickly now
You can feel it drawing much closer now
The signs are in the faces of the people in the street
The signs are in the sound I hear
The voices filled with hate and fear
You can feel it drawing near you now
The multitudes are searching and wandering in vain
For what they seek can not be found in men
The truth that lies before us now is plain for all to see
To grow without is not to grow within.....

- No one together (Kansas)


He hated going to the infirmary. It made him feel inferior and insecure. This last visit was no better. Whenever he went, they would ask him pointless questions such as ĎWhat do YOU think is wrong with you.í He always hated questions like that because he was never really sure how to answer. Nevertheless, his visit was over, and he could get on with his life.

It was now 2:00 and he decided he was long overdue for lunch. From the moment he stepped in the Cafeteria, he knew it was a big mistake. He heard groans of disgust from various students. Ignoring their hostility, he made his way over to Irvine who was flirting with a girl at the table next to him.

"You know, Squall, you really need to be BI. That way you can have the best of both worlds, and you donít have to be as concerned with people finding out you secret. I guess itís too late now because the whole Gardenís buzzing about you and Seifer."

"Shut up, Irvine. I donít need to be BI. Iím very happy with Seifer, and I donít want anybody else."

"Okay. Fine...Just two questions, and I wonít say another thing."

"Fine. What is it?"

"First of all, why didnít you tell me that you and him where going out. I mean, why did I have to hear it from the school gossips?"

"Well, itís because we didnít want to tell anyone yet. Besides, if I would have told you, then you wouldíve given us a hard time or something."

"Damn straight I wouldíve. Okay, my second question is.." He looked at Squall seductively, " he any good?"

"I guess thatís something youíll never know, is it?"

"Come on, Squall. You promised youíd tell me."

"No, I didnít. I just said you could ask your damn questions. Never said a thing about answer them."

"Thatís not fair. Iím your best friend...well, at least a really good friend. Please tell me."

"Absolutely not. Besides, here he comes now."

Seifer made his way over, oblivious of the conversation he walked in on.

"Hey, babe," he said innocently, and gave Squall a small, affectionate kiss.

"So...the rumors are true," Irvine interrupted.

"Donít believe idle gossip, Cowboy. Itís NEVER true," Seifer grinned, as he gave Squall another kiss, this one being more passionate than the first.

" you have to do that in front of me? At least wait for me to find someone."

Irvine turned to the table behind him, "Yo honey. You wanna make out?"

"No way! Leave me alone you asshole!" she said, as she left the lunch room.

"Geez. Oh well, sheís probably a hard ass anyway."

"So, Squall. What did Dr. K say?" Seifer asked.

"Not much. Just said to try to eliminate the stress in my life... Like thatís gonna happen."

"Iíve got an idea," Irvine interrupted, "Why donít you go to Deling for dinner. That way you two can be alone."

"Thatís a good idea. Wanna go, Squall?"

"Sure. Sounds like fun. Can we stop by my dorm first? I gotta get something."

"Fine with me," Seifer said. He turned his attention to Irvine, "Thanks man."

"No problem."

As they got out of the elevator, they noticed a large group of people standing around in the hall. As they pushed their way through, a voice called to them "Hey, pixies! Why donít you get out of here! We donít want you!"

They tried to ignore it, but then a large, muscular man stepped out in front of them.

"I told you to get out of here, pixies!"

He pulled back his fist which then made contact with Seiferís nose. He fell backwards against a wall, and then he and Squall made their way back to the man. Together, they delivered blow after blow upon the colossal man until he was cowering in a corner.

"I think this jackass has had enough, Seifer. Letís go. Heís not worth it."

"Yeah, you're right," he turned to the man, "But if you EVER fuck with us again, then Iíll personally kick your ass."

They pushed their way out of the crowd, and continued to Squallís dorm.

"Howís you nose? Looks like it stopped bleeding."

"Itíll be fine... Ready to go to Deling?"

"You sure you still want to?"

"Of course I do. Listen. Nobodyís gonna stop me from showing you how I feel."

He ran his index finger down the small manís face. Tilting the brunetteís face up towards his own, he leaned in for a kiss, greedily devouring his lover. To his surprise, Squall reluctantly pulled away.

"We really donít have to go. Iíd be just as happy staying here."

He reached his hands up towards Seiferís shoulders, pushing off the heavy, tan coat that hindered them. He then pulled off his own jacket, ripping his shirt in the progress.

"Whatís your hurry? You got somewhere to go?"

"I just figured the faster we get this done, the more time we will have for other things.... if you catch my drift."

"I love the way you think," and he undid his belt.

The couple made their way over to a nearby counter, both entangled in each other. Squall wrapped his hands around his partnerís waist, lifting him onto the table. His lips teased Seiferís sex, then they worked their way down his inner thigh.

"" his thighs were tensing, trying to persuade the lips to return to his length, " I fucking...beat....uhh...your ass!"

"Why? Whatís your hurry?"

"SUCK DAMN YOU!" he yelled in a passionate rage.

"Okay, okay!" he teased, then returned to Seiferís length, "Mmm... You taste so good."

"Shut up and suck," he declared playfully.

Again, Squall pulled his mouth away, "You know, I donít have to do this."

"Fine... Drop you pants then."

"Itís about time."

He did as Seifer said, kicking his jeans across the room. The tall blond jumped off the counter, and pinned the smaller man to the wall, kissing him uncontrollably. He reached his hand down, pulling his lover's leg around his waist, followed by the other leg. Bracing himself against the wall, he slid his length into Squallís entrance. With each thrust, their moans increased. Squall couldnít help but dig his fingernails deep into his partner's back. He spread his legs wider, inviting Seifer to thrust deeper inside him. Squall screamed out in pleasure as Seiferís shaft made its way further into his body. He leaned forward, bringing Seifer's mouth to his own, kissing him as hard as possible. Yet he still wanted more.

"Uhhh....harder....damn you! Unnuh...Fuck" Squall screamed. He was heading for his climax, and greedily ached for all he could get.

The blondís thrusts became more passionate as his sex burned with the release he so wished wouldnít come. He loved the feeling he had at last perfected, and wanted this moment to last forever. But it didnít happen that way. He pumped Squall once more before he finally released.

"That was so *gasp* fucking great. *pant* Wanna go again?" Squall asked, unwrapping his legs.

"Damn. I donít *puff* know if I can." Sweat glistened off his forehead. His legs tremble as he braced himself against the wall.

"Thatís okay. I guess I can wait."

"Good. Now go wash up and weíll go to dinner."

"Whatever, Seifer," he grinned.

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