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Chapter Four - The Edge of Passion

By Fantasy Lover

To pass beyond is what I seek, I fear that I may be too weak
And those are few whoíve seen it through to glimpse the other side
The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride
The moment is a masterpiece, the weight of indecisionís in the air
Standing there, the symbol and the sum of all thatís me
Itís just a travesty, towering, blocking out the light and blinding me
I want to see....

-The Wall (Kansas)


The two men had sat in silence for an hour after their kiss. They stared at one another, unsure of how far they were ready to take their relationship. Squall, who was curled up beside Seifer, finally spoke up.

"Itís starting to get late."

"Yeah. I guess Iíd better go now."

"I wish you didnít have to leave."

"Me either, but I couldnít stay."

Seifer began to get up, but the muscular brunette grabbed him by the arm.

"Donít go Seifer.... Please?"

Seifer sat down again, "Iíll never try leave you again...."

The older man had kept his promise. He hadnít left Squallís side all evening. In fact, they had fallen asleep on the young SeeDís couch. The scene was one of peace. Seifer was sprawled out on the sofa, his arms wrapped around his companion whose head rested on his chest. This continued for some time until, finally, Seifer roused himself from his deep sleep.


"Squall?" he whispered, unsure of whether he had woken his sleeping angel.

ĎGood,í he thought, Ďheís so innocent when heís asleep.í

Just as soon as he thought this, Squall began to awaken.

"Seifer....Iím glad you didnít leave."

"So am I."

Seeing the opportunity arising, Squall reached up with his lips, and gently kissed his love.

"Um....Yum," came a soft moan from his lover, "You know what I want to do to you Squall?"

"I think so....uh....and itís fine with me," came a muffled reply.

The strong man pulled his lips away from his lover's, and proceeded to carry him into the adjoining bedroom, laying him on the large bed.

"You donít know how long Iíve waited for this," said Squall.

"Me too. I hope you saved yourself for me," he slyly smiled, not really expecting the answer he was about to receive.

"Hell, yeah. Nothing but the best for you."

The smile on Seiferís face faded slightly as he thought back to the men he had been with. He wished that he too had saved himself, but it was too late now. Whatís done is done.

Seifer proceeded to remove his heavy coat, revealing his bare chest beneath. When he was done, he kneeled down on the bed, running his warm hands on Squallís soft, pale skin. He bent even closer, inhaling every last scent that he could acquire. His lips slid up and down the young manís neck, sending chills through his spine. He finally had Squall closer then he ever thought possible.

Squall watched as Seifer took his time undoing his own belt, exciting the brunette with anticipation.


He felt his need growing with every second.

"Ohh. I love it when you it again."

With growing impatience, Squall cried, "Please Seifer...I need it now!"

"As you wish, your majesty."

He finally removed his belt, and then his companionís. Seifer drew his head closer to Squallís 6-pak, kissing his stomach as he unzipped his loverís pants, thus revealing his hard sex.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"God yes!! I want you to fuck me until I canít stand anymore. I want to feel your warm skin mingle with mine until we are one. And most of all, I want YOU."

Seifer couldnít argue with this. He had to obey his flame, knowing there would be no way he could change his mind. He finally had what he had been searching for. This time, it wasnít just another fling, but something he knew would last for all eternity.

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