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Chapter Five - Fantasies Finally Fulfilled

By Fantasy Lover

Trapped in life’s parade, a king without a crown
In this joy of madness, my smile might seem a frown
With talons wrought of steel, I tore the heart of doom
And in one gleaming moment, I saw beyond the tomb
I stood where no man goes, above the din I rose
Life is amusing, though we are losing
Drowned in tears of awe

- The Pinnacle (Kansas)


There was apprehension in the air as the tall blond hovered over his prize. He could feel Squall’s hot breath warming his neck. Bending down to kiss his love, Seifer noticed a faint taste of vanilla, something he’d never felt with his other lovers. It was sweet, natural, and quite refreshing. He was beginning to wonder if he too tasted of vanilla, but it quickly occurred to him that this was a pure, unadulterated flavor that had, for him, been tainted long ago.

He slid his lips down Squall’s neck, and then across his chest, his tongue stopping at each nipple to further arouse his companion. Again, his mouth moved farther down to Squall’s tight abs, then encircling Squall’s bellybutton with his tongue.

"Don’t make me ask again, Seifer."

Seifer looked up slyly. "Please do," he hissed.

"Alright," he sighed, "Will you PLEASE hurry? I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I want you right NOW."

This made Seifer laugh because he finally had Squall in a position that he long before thought impossible. His tongue made its way to Squall’s hard length. Squall shuttered as Seifer put his tip into his mouth, rubbing his tongue over every crevasse it could find. He listened as an occasional moan escaped from the pale beauty.

As he further inched Squall’s length into his mouth, he suddenly felt his hair being ripped from his head. Squall had him in a deathgrip that was almost unbearable, yet he couldn’t pull away. In response, his strong arms held down Squall’s hips that wanted desperately to thrust into his mouth. Eventually the brunette loosened his hold on the short blond hair. Seifer was grateful, and he too relaxed his restraint on Squall’s hips.

"Um...Seifer....harder....god....uhh," he moaned as his erection moved in and out of Seifer’s mouth, "Fu....ahh....I lo...ove ....youu....Sei....fer."

Seifer forced himself to pull away, he wanted to give his lover the hard earned release that he deserved, but he had other things in store for his partner. His lips made their way up to Squall’s mouth, creating a joyous union that couldn’t be broken. Without hesitation, Seifer stood up and yanked at his jeans, causing them to instantly fall around his ankles.

He reached down, grabbing Squall’s legs. The young man complied with the non-verbal request he received, and willingly wrapped his long legs around Seifer’s waist. The muscular blond then thrust his hard length into Squall’s tight opening.

"Ahh," Squall screamed out in pain, but the pain soon faded into a pleasure he had never felt before.

"Un...uh...Seif....oh," he continued , each thrust sending a new sensation through his body.

Seifer didn’t think he could go any harder, but he sure as hell was going to try. As he continued to search for Squall’s point of total elation, he noticed that he was nearing his climax. Squall too was close to release as his fist pumped at the same rate as Seifer thrust.

Shortly after, Squall found his hand full of his own sticky white substance. He sighed with relief, and waited for Seifer to finish his task. In a matter of minutes, Seifer came. Worn out, he fell onto Squall’s bed.

"Whew. Damn that was good babe," Seifer said as he tried to slow his breathing.

"That was so much better then I expected it to be."

He looked at Seifer, and began to rub his hand down his sweaty cheek.

"I hope you know that I love you."

"Of course you do," he said playfully, "How can you not?"

They both laughed at this. Then Squall reached his arm over his sweat drenched lover, and they fell asleep, not wanting to ever let go.....


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Well, that’s Chapter 5. What do you think? Should I write more? Add a twist to the plot? The Fate of this Fic is now in your hands.....

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