Author's Notes: Raine is alive with Squall's lost brother.

Crimson Mask


By Squall Morpheus Leonhart

Squall watched the moon of the next cycle appear as he remembered. He remembered the times of SeeD before his disappearance, his most joyous days as of yet. Yet it was also the most grievous ones as well. He had stayed with SeeD for about three years as the commander before his great disappearance from the unknown world. During those three years, much had happened.

Squall had become a little more open as the bonds of the Orphanage Gang became tighter. New loves were discovered, as were new friendships. Though Rinoa and Squall never dated because of certain circumstances, they had become great friends. The love bonds, as Selphie called it, consisted of Selphie and Rinoa, Zell and Quistis, and finally Seifer and Irvine.

Seifer had returned months later after the Time Compression to become a SeeD. He of coursed was cursed and hated for the first year of training but soon the insults diminished and all became well. He, Rinoa and Irvine all graduated as SeeD of Level 10 on the following exam. Selphie had given the trio a large party to celebrate the accomplishment as Squall merely just congratulated them before visiting his father the next day, which he could not avoid.

It was then that all became unexpected and certainly not thought of. Apparently his mother Raine and his lost brother were not truly dead but in a coma strike by the one who supposedly killed them. When Squall heard of this, he quickly told Laguna the truth behind his mother and brother's death. Apparently a warrior of evil intent wanted the power of the Ancients or Sorcerers/Sorceresses also known as the descendent of Hyne. The warrior wanted the most powerful Ancient, which happened to be Squall.

To get Squall's power, he supposedly killed Raine and Squall's brother but in the end Raine sealed him away and the warrior named Ares was held captive until now. Now he wants Squall's power again but this time Squall knows more of his abilities as an Ancient and certain abilities have been proven useful now that Squall knows more of his mother and brother's condition.

To prepare Squall disappeared from the spotlight as a new masked singing star; Storm Chaser was making his debut. Though SeeD was in great disarray, they have recovered with Xu in command. Now the new hit sensation is bringing new ties to the music world. Yet another masked person, this time a killer is also making his debut and all of his kills have been know to have a mask, a crimson mask, on their face. One question still haunts the minds of people was is the connection between these masked men and the disappearance of the SeeD Commander?

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