Author's Notes: Raine is alive with Squall's lost brother.

Crimson Mask

Chapter 1 - Forms of the Ancients

By Squall Morpheus Leonhart

He hesitated before going to the awaiting spotlight. Something he would always do before a show. He hated it, yet he loved the feel of attention, the audience. Though no one knew who he truly was, they loved him none the less. Making sure the domino black mask was secured properly he walked on stage.

Guitar in hand, he tossed his long charcoal hair back and proceeded to the stage. Hearing the host yell his stage name, he position himself behind the microphone as the light turned on him. He turned to his supporting band and nodded, his long pale fingers played the first chord and the crowd went wild.

Though they could not see it, he closed his silver eyes and released his power of projection. A talent of projecting emotions, only a few could do that but he was special because of his mother. He also had other powers as well. When the power was released equally among the crowd, he began to sing,

"I see you there
Playing with their hearts
I stand here watching you
Trying to make you see
That no matter how cold I may be
I'm waiting for you to come to me..."

The wail of the guitar singled everyone to stand and dance to the upbeat song, as the singer began to move in tune with a beat heard only in his ears. The song of Enlightenment, a song only Ancients could hear.

"I felt this way for a long time
God knows how long I tried to deny
Yet no lie can ever be of you
You play my heart as you did with theirs
I want to make you see
You're the only one for me...

"I've been called the Ice Prince
Heartless long the way
Yet a few words from you and I'm alive
Hatred and Tease
That's all from you
While love and care
Is what I want to give you
Just look at me and you'll see
That we're meant to be..."

Soon the audience began to sing to the song. A Medley of life seem to sprang forth from the crowd and a cloud of black slowly formed from the ceiling and steeped into the singer's veins giving him strength. It was not life force but it was an energy of the hearts of people. This energy when used wisely could be used to bring back the dead but if used wrongly then the world could be destroyed, the Ragnarok could be summoned.

"Stop playing around and look at me
See me, don't ignore me
You're the only one for me
Don't you see?
I want you and maybe just maybe
You want me..."

Soon the cloud dissipated and the lyrics and song began to slow down and single the end.

"We have to be We are meant to be..."

When the last cord faded, the audience when wild, standing ovation and everything, and the singer left the stage as the lights dimmed the host went back to hosting the Annual Esthar Music awards. As the singer left, he heard the host say, "Thank you, Storm Chaser for that beautiful song called 'Meant to Be.'"

Storm watched the crowd slowly roused back to normal from the adrenaline rush he had given them when weaving his song spell. Sensing someone behind him, he spun toward the stranger, his black trench coat billowing from the force. Behind him was a man shorter by one inch with long black hair and merrily blue eyes. He was dressed in a tropical blue shirt and khakis. "Dad- I mean Mr. President, what are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too, Storm, no need to be formal, I made sure no one will bother us or eavesdrop. Let's go to your dressing room to talk," replied Laguna as Storm nodded.

As they walked to the singer's dressing room, Laguna studied the singer. He word leather pants clutching all right spots, a black vest red embroider, black combat boots, and a black trench coat. On one finger-less gloved had, he had a ring crafted with a winged lion engraved. Around his neck, a cross and star burned in a ball of fire. Little did anyone know that in the place of the star on top of the cross was a lion head, concealed by Storm's talents. Storm's long black hair reached his thighs and shimmered in the dim hall. A black electric guitar was strapped across his chest.

The mask on Storm's face was trademark. Though it changed Storm always had one on no matter where he was, regardless whom he was with. One thing for sure it always covered the upper part of his face from just below the eyes to the top of his forehead as if hiding something. He once said, "We all wear masks to hide behind, mine is just more visible than others." Laguna knew the reason, the true reason behind the mask but kept that a secret though what Storm said about the mask was partly true.

Storm and Laguna finally reached their destination and Storm slid the key card through the slot and stepped inside. "Storm, why don't you take it off, no one's here," said Laguna motioning the mask.

Storm ignored him and looked around and them went to a corner and fund a secret camera cleverly hidden. He deactivated it. Then he repeat, until twenty cameras were deactivated. "Dad, you know I can't risk that, I hate my face," Laguna whined, "oh fine."

Storm reached back and unclasped the clip and the mask fell to the ground. Then slowly the rocker looked up, black long bangs hiding his eyes. Storm was beautiful because of his face. Porcelain skin, straight nose, acute eyebrows but it was the eyes that caught everyone's attention. Unusual and delicately crafted to be gemstones of little and all emotion, no matter how cold they could be, only a skilled person could see the warmth of wisdom and loyalty. Between the eyes was a scar diagonal from top of the left eyebrow to the bottom of the right eye.

Suddenly, Storm began to shake and collapsed unto the ground. Reaching for the mask, he moaned as the energy he gathered from earlier began to run wild. Inside it felt like he was slowly dying, in fact he was. He couldn't control the energy, he wasn't trained but he fought. Soon he felt hands helping him put the mask back on his face and the pain vanished. "Dad, you know I can't take it off yet at least not until I give the energy to them," said Storm.

"I know but I couldn't help it, I wanted to see your eyes, your mother's eyes..." Laguna looked to the ground ashamed.

"I know Dad but don't worry when we have enough then, we could bring her and my brother back," said Storm.

"Just a few more concerts, right?"

"And a few more life energy from missions and were set," said Storm firmly.

"What about Ares?"

"I'll handle him just fine, don't worry he won't get my powers."

"I can't believe that your mother and brother are only in a coma from Ares attacks in the past, if I only knew then..."

"You didn't know about the attacks like you didn't know of my brother, Dad. All you knew or you thought you knew was that mother died giving birth to me."

"But Squall," said Laguna finally using Storm's real name.

"It's not your fault but it was mine after all Ares was after me at the time..."

"Don't blame yourself, if you do then the world will darken, you are the only Ancient of the Leonhart line. Though Edea and Rinoa are also Ancients they cannot control things as much as you..."

"But I still think that I am guilty..."

In the darkness, a figure silently pulled out a katana from the corpse's body. It was a black blade called Wolfheart with the carving of ancients, when merged with the gunblade Lionheart, sister blade of Wolfheart, it will be the most deadly blade ever. The figure wore a crimson mask; it had the same décor of the mask Squall worn earlier but it fed on the life energy from those that Squall killed.

His uniform was almost the same as the one he worn onstage but this time he wore a black turtle neck shirt and a dark red trench coat. This victim was the black market supporter, either way he would have been done away with sooner or later. Squall sheathed the blade and walked away from the alley where he had chased down the scum. Sighing he looked up to the sky and saw the full moon.

He may have been a killer, he may have been a singer but the memories of SeeD still lingered and there was nothing that he could do about it. Not that he would anyway. SeeD had too many memories both good and bad. It was in SeeD that he fell in love with not one but two people. They were always the focus of his songs as were all of his friends. He often wondered what they were doing now.

Squall turned away from the sight of the moon and his loose hair swirled before slowly changing into black fur. Squall kneeled and slowly turned into a wolf.

Black fur glimmered in the moonlight and quicksilver eyes looked at the moon once more as if in prayer. Squall was big but to normal person's eye he would have looked like a large black husky if not for his fangs. On his face a scar, identical to the one of his true face, stood out amongst the fur. Squall howled at the moon once before heading out toward the Presidential Palace.



AN: I hope you like it since I like it too. More will be explained along the way of the story and please once you know more about Squall's brother and "enemy" do not take them without asking. Just a little hint on Squall's brother, they're identical twins! Disclaimer: I do not own FF8 just the plot and character you do not know. SO DON'T SUE ME or FLAME ME BECAUSE YOU DISLIKE (HATE) THE FACT SQUALL, SEIFER, IRVINE, SELPHIE, AND RINOA ARE GAY.
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Here's your quote on my perceptive of life:

Life is a mystery that will refuse to be solved until you lived through but those who solve it can't tell you because they're gone. Live life to your fullest.
Squall Morpheus Leonhart

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