Crimson Mask


By Squall Morpheus Leonhart

First thing's first you must now the concept of Ancients.

How to be a Crimson Mask Ancient and Love it

1. You must have an unusual eye color preferably mood changing like Squall's or something similar
2. You must have a guardian who choose you not the other way around
3. You must have a psychic power: projection, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, empathy, and/or time visions
4. You must be able to change into an animal(s)
5. You must control all or one element
6. You must be a master of one or more weapons
7. You must be a direct descendent of Hyne
8. If you are a sorceress/sorcerer then you are an Ancient
9. You must have a knight, female or male it doesn't matter, the number knights do not matter either
10. You must be in love with your knight(s) in order to have full control over your abilities
11. An Ancient cannot be a knight to another Ancient but they could be a protector
12. You must take part in the Festival of Ancients or all will be lost
13. Be wary of those who want your powers
14. Every Ancient has a burden of some sort, some have more than what they would like
15. Every Ancient has a darkness clouding over them, some smaller than others, some larger

If you fulfill everything from the top then you are an Ancient. Please tell me so I could put you in my story on the Festival. Then know this Selphie, Rinoa, Squall, Seifer and Irvine are all gay or basically bi-sexual. So do not flame me. Another thing Squall is in a THREESOME so don't complain. Knighting ceremonies when I get to them are going to be at my website, though it is crappy it's there. Same goes with all lemon chapters, but they suck because I can't write a very good lemon *whines* I suck at them. If anyone wants to help me then tell me I need all the help I could get. Another thing, this is a long story I think and I need reviews in order for me to stay interested and a lot is happening in this story. One more thing Squall has a brother, who I will leave unknown until the time comes. One more thing, Raine is coming back alive, actually she was put in a coma like trance, no pulse though (even though technically she would be dead). Even without a pulse it was her will and power as an Ancient that allowed her to stay alive. Though in the past both she and Squall's brother have no pulse they do now plus they aged along the years, both physically and mentally. Basically their auras/souls were with Squall all through the game, so they have gain much through the time in the coma. Now Squall and Laguna found a way to bring them out of the coma through the likes of technology and Ancient powers. All they need is Soul Energy and Life Energy (explained more in the story so don't ask). Squall is no matter what going to be a very dark figure in this story, he's depressed, he's in anguish, and anything dark you name he probably will be. This is all thanks to Demon Wing, my aibou. Finally I appreciate a beta reader and if you want to have this story in your archive then ask, don't take. The last thing is at the end of each chapter a quote about life whether mine or someone else's will be the theme of the chapter or just something I put there. All good, then on will the story!

Squall Morpheus Leonhart

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