Author's Notes: This was originally an RP done by me and Rufus Safer.

A Boy and his GF

Part Two

By Rufus Safer and Domino

Morning came sorness. And the soreness was mostly on Irvine's part. The gf turned back into something to go into Irvine's head and junction. Irvine awakened, rubbing his entrance, "Man... Bahamut..?"

~Must sleep for a while~

"I understand... sleep well..." Irvine smiled.

It was time for training. Irvine showered and dressed, ready for training. He walked to the center when he saw Seifer and Zell talking. Seifer was leaning on the bench, grinning at Zell. Zell grinned back.

"Hey guys.." Irvine waved.

Seifer glanced at him. "So you finally showed."

"Why? Am I late?"

"Yes you are."

Irvine checked his watch, "By like two minutes."

"That's still late."

Irvine grinned at Seifer, "It's fashionably late, my dear..." He planted a quick kiss on his nose.

Seifer humphed. "We have work to do."

Zell glared at Irvine, "Yeah... let's go... (you slut...)"

Irvine smiled and followed them.

Seifer lead them out of the garden and out into the woods. Irvine stayed by both of them, very close with shotgun in hand.

"Alright. Here we are." Seifer told them.,

"And where are we?" Irvine asked.

"In the middle of the woods."

"Why are we here anyway? To train or to camp?" Irvine asked, knowing if Bahamut wasn't asleep, he'd be asking more intelligent questions.


Irvine grinned at both of them, "Okay."

"So what first?" Zell asked.

"Set up camp," Seifer ordered.

They both nodded and set up a tent along with provisions for a campfire. Seifer took up his blade and headed out into the woods. Irvine watched him leave, he couldn't help being attracted to the lovely young blonde... Seifer came back lugging a deer.

"Wow... venison for supper?" Zell asked, licking his lips.

Seifer nodded and started to carve it open. Irvine got the fire going as Seifer and Zell carved it.

Zell smiled at Seifer, "(If we were alone I'd suck you so hard...)"

Seifer chuckled and grinned, spitting a huge chunk of meat on the end of his gunblade. Irvine frowned at their smiling, "(Bahamut... you awake..?)"

Zell took a huge stick and roasted another piece of meat.

~Yes my prince.~

"(I want him my king.... I can't help it....)" He said to his GF.

~Why not take him then?~

"(I can't... he likes Zell.. and I feel like I'd be betraying you..)"

~If you feel that then why want?~

"(Because it's more physical... I want to touch Seifer at least once... to feel him inside my body...)"

~You can make him want you.~

"(But how, my king..?)" He kept watching Zell and Seifer undress each other with their eyes.

~First say you're gonna go train for a few hours by yourself... and do so... ~

"(Okay...) Guys, I'm gonna go train for a bit. I need to hone my skills..." He stood up, "(Now what..?)"

~Walk off... and stay hidden from them.~

Irvine tipped his hat, "I'll be back in a few hours." He walked away from the campsite and hid. Seifer ate his food. As dis Zell, "Mmmm.. nothing like roasted venison.."

"Mmm... specially if yah killed it yahr self."

Irvine stayed hidden, just as Bahamut asked.

"I know...." Zell wiped his mouth with his hand, "Irvine's still training...." He winked.

Seifer nodded. "Yah..."

"What should we do? He's been gone for a while.." He decided to roast more meat.

Irvine watched from a distance, "(Oh geez... Bahamut...they're gonna make out!)"

"You know what I want."

~Just watch...~

Zell grinned, "I sure do...." He finished his meat and unzipped Seifer's pants. Seifer leaned back against the tree, grinning.

"(Bahamut... I can't watch this...)" Irvine closed his eyes.

Zell pulled out Seifer's cock, "You're so fucking big..."

"Do you have to say that every time?"

"I have to.. because it's true man..." Zell smiled and stroked it.

"(My king.. are you trying to torture me..?)" Irvine began to tear up.

~No, I am not... you say you want this... you want him.~

Seifer chuckled. "Yes..."

"(But Bahamut... I must have him at least once... then Zell can have him forever.. just let him inside me once... is all I ask..)" Irvine shrieked in his mind.

Zell stroked him harder, "You want me to suck you hard or slow?"

"Whichever you like... just remember, Irvine's out there somewhere.. we don't know when he's gonna return."

~Then after Zell finishes get him to.~

"I know I know..." Zell licked the tip, "It'll be a quickie.."

"(Thank you my king... I'm sorry I disturbed your rest..)"

Seifer chuckled softly and leaned his head back.

Irvine purred, reaching into his pants.

Zell bobbed his head up and down on Seifer's cock. Seifer closed his eyes and let out a soft moan. Zell moved his head faster, wanting Seifer to come fast before Irvine returned from training. Seifer moaned, his seed starting to spill. Zell sucked hungrily, craving more of his seed. Irvine touched his own body under his soft leather pants, wanting to be next... Seifer clutched him and growled in pleasure. Soon Zell's mouth was flooded with his seed. He drank it down fast and zipped Seifer up, "Wow.... Not too bad..." he wiped his mouth.

Seifer whapped him, "Not bad?"

"Owww! Okay, it was sweet and luscious..." He chuckled.

"Good boy..." Seifer kissed him.

Zell kissed back when Irvine came back from "training". "Hey guys.. you have fun alone..?"

"Yep," Seifer nodded.

"Good." Irvine sat down to his venison when Zell stood up, "I need to go wash up. This meat's rich..."

"Ok." Seifer leaned back. Zell trotted off to a stream that's quite a distance. Irvine sat next to Seifer, hearing the voice within him... ~now... charm him~

"Seifer...." Irvine managed to say, trying to make the most of their time alone together.


"I.... I think you're strong... you floored this deer by yourself.."

"So? Everyone knows that."

Irvine moved in closer, "But no one does it with such speed and finesse..."

"What's with you cowboy?"

~cast a spell... charm spell~

"(Got it...)" Irvine gulped and whispered into Seifer's ear, "I need you inside me..." Then he casted the charm spell.

"Wha?" Seifer suddenly was filled with lust.

Irvine reached into Seifer's pants and pulled his cock out again. He unfastened his own jeans, tugging them until they hung off one leg before he straddled Seifer's lap. Seifer slammed into him, pressing his hands on Irvine's shoulders. Irvine happily rode Seifer's manhood, grinding his hips, "Ohhh.. .you feel so good...."

Seifer seemed zoned out.. the effect of the spell as he thrusted up into Irvine. Irvine leaned down and kissed Seifer as his cock rubbed Seifer's breastplate. Seifer kept thrusting till he came. Irvine moaned and came on Seifer's body and his own. He tugged his pants back on and helped Seifer with his. He made sure they're all cleaned up before he caste dispel on him. Seifer fell asleep at once. Irvine grinned and thanked Bahamut when Zell returned, "Oh, man Seifer!" He frowned, leaning against the taller blonde. Seifer was fast asleep...

"He was tired..." Irvine shrugged and got into his sleeping bag, "(Thank you my king.... I owe you a great deal..)"

~Good... you're happy now~

"(I am...)" He smiled inwardly, "(But Seifer is happier with Zell.. and I'm much happier with you..)"

~Alright then.~

Irvine, Seifer, and Zell fell fast asleep.

Crunching... there was a crunching sound in the leaves. Irvine stirred awake, "What was that...?"

~I do not know my prince...~

"(Stay with me my king....)" Irvine got up with his gun.

~Of course my prince~

He carefully followed the crunching sound. It seemed there was something out there. "(If anything happens... I love you my king...)" Irvine looked around for any shadows.

~I will protect you~

Irvine hugged himself, "(Thank you...)" He got his gun ready.

There was a sound... a screeching sound... Irvine went after it, carefully, "(What can it be...?)"

~A monster!~

Irvine got ready to shoot, "(But what kind..?)"

~We shall see~

The shadow screeched again, "(Bahamut.... stay with me...)" He aimed.

Something swiped at Irvine from the darkness. He got knocked back, his gun dropped from his hands, "Shit!" He shook his head. Something wrapped around him, a tail or tenticle.. and more hissing. "Let me go!!" Irvine shouted, ready to summon Bahamut in his full form.

~My prince.. it is too close to you~

"(Then what do I do?!)" He asked his advisor, trying to reach for his gun. The dragon tried to fight it best he could as Irvine went for the gun. Irvine grabbed his gun and aimed for the creature, "Bahamut! Duck!" Bahamut flew up as the creature pulled on Irvine. Irvine squeezed the trigger, sending a bullet into its body. The crearture screamed and blood went over. Irvine got out of its way, "Bahamut, now! Attack!" Bahamut flared it and the creature evaporated. Irvine panted, dropping his gun and running to his GF, hugging it tight. Bahamut held him. "My king.... we make a great team..." Irvine leaned up and kissed his snout.

The dragon licked him. ~Yes. there will be many dangers~

"I know..." Irvine held him ,"Just hold me.. and love me..."

~Yes my prince~ The dragon held him close.

Zell ran to the scene of the flare, "Irvine, you okay...?" He saw him holding the GF. The dragon flicked his tail, peering at Zell. "B..Bahamut...?" Zell backed up.


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