Author's Notes: This was originally an RP done by me and Rufus Safer.

A Boy and his GF

Part Three

By Rufus Safer and Domino

Irvine whispered, "(I love you...)"

The dragon roared at Zell.

"Fine, I'm leaving..." Zell ran back to camp.

"(My beloved dragon...)"

~Yes my lovely prince.~

"(I promise never to leave you.... not like I did back there... I'll stay with you.. if you stay with me...)"

~But of course!~

Irvine smiled and took the end of the dragon's tail and stuck it between his clothed legs.

Seifer woke up when Zell came running back. Zell ran to Seifer, "Irvine and his GF just wiped out something... and they were hugging!"

Seifer looked up at him. "So?"

"Just kinda weird... Never knew Bahamut was affectionate."

"So what if he is?"

"Either way... I think Irvine's in love..."

"Let him be then."

"You're the boss.." Zell sat in Seifer's lap. Seifer squeezed him.Zell squeezed back, "Irvine and Bahamut..."

"Makes sense does it not?"

"How so?" Zell shrugged.

"Just... Irvine... and that dragon."

"Come on... tell me..." Zell cupped Seifer's cock.

"Think about it is all I can say."

"You're saying they were meant for each other?"


"But Irvine's a human, and he's a GF..."


"They're two different beings?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Human... and a dragon...?"

"You find that wrong?"

"Well... it's odd... a dragon fucking a human..?"

Seifer pushed Zell off his lap.

"Hey! What's with you?" Zell rubbed his ass.

"Just shut up."

"Look.. I'm just saying it's weird.. but to each his own."

Seifer got up and started to walk off.

"Seifer... babe! What's wrong..?"

"Your additude."

"What? About Irvine and Bahamut?"

"About what you said."

"What did I say that offended you?"

"Think Zell..."

"About humans and dragons?"


"They're two different species!"

"Bye bye Zell..." Seifer started walking off again.

"Come on Seifer!" Zell ran after him, "I guess I can learn to live with it... He makes Irvine so happy...." Seifer stopped again, "Learn to live with what?"

"I might not like it... but hell... for Irvine, I can like Bahamut loving him..."

"I wasn't talking about those two..."

"Then what is it...?"

"You're dumb..."

"I am not dumb! You liked me when I sucked you off!"

"That's not what I mean.."

"Then elighten me!" Zell snarled.

"Guess why I'm mad."

"It was that human/dragon fucking thing...?"


"Why are you mad at that? Have you fucked a dragon?"


"Then why did that offend you so much?!"

"Guess Zell..."

"Because it's sorta unnatural..?"

Seifer spun and glared, pushing Zell into a tree. "Hey!" Zell flipped back and got on his feet, "Like I said.. I'm willing to change my ways... for Irvine.."

"Irvine has nothing to do with this!!!"

"Why are you so mad?! You like Irvine? Or Bahamut?"


"You're not helping!" Zell shouted.

"You're just too dumb to figure it out!"

"Look, read my lips Seifer. I want to change."

"You want to for the wrong reasons."

"Fuck you Seifer.." Zell punched Seifer in the face, flooring him. "I bet you're jealous..." Seifer growled, his eyes filled with red all of a sudden. "I AM NOT!"

"Oh really?" Zell's a bit unsettled by his eyes, "Look, I'm sorry for hitting you, but let me deal with my prejudice. I want to learn to accept dragons and humans together, okay?"

"You better..." Seifer rubbed his jaw as he stood then walked off, picking up a stick and burning it with just a touch as he headed back for camp.

"I promise... I'm really sorry for hitting you..." Zell blinked when Seifer burned the stick.

"Whatever..." Seifer dropped the stick into the campfire. Zell gently rubbed where he hit Seifer, "I'm just a dumbass... you said it yourself.... but I can't stay mad at you... Or your inner dragon..." He grinned slyly. Seifer hunkered down in the tent. Zell crawled in and cuddled up to Seifer, "And I'm persistent."

"Humph... I should make you sleep outside."

"I love you too...." He rested in Seifer's arms, "You must be part dragon, lover... I don't mind..."


"You are a dragon?"

"And you wondered why you made me angry?"

"I'm sorry man... I am stupid..." Zell nuzzled him, "You can help me overcome my prejudice.."

"You are stupid..." Seifer nipped his ear.

"Now I have my own dragon.... and yes.. I'm a moron..." he chuckled.

Seifer bit again.

"Ow... take it easy Seifer...." he laughed.

"I like biting."

"I bet you do... just be sure not to eat me.."

Seifer chuckled, "Bah... I don't want to."

"Good..." Zell kissed Seifer's lips. Seifer pushed Zell down and slid his tongue in. Zell grinned and tongued Seifer back.

Irvine was cuddled in Bahamut's paws as they return to camp.

~They are in the tent my prince~

"Making love I bet.... I sensed a presence in Seifer, my love... He's a dragon too.."

~Yes... not a GF though~

"A regular dragon..."

~Just in human form...~

"How does that occur, my king?"

~A sorceress~

"I see... I hope they get along as well as we do.."

~They wern't a while ago~

"I heard part of the arguement..."

~Ah.. I see~

"Zell felt we shouldn't be together.. but I guess he felt the dragon within Seifer..."

~Seifer was not happy when Zell said that.~

"I don't blame him... dragons are wonderful.."

~Yes... we are~

"Especially you..." Irvine kissed his snout. The dragon king licked Irvine's face. "I love you so much..." The dragon held him and purred. Irvine purred back, "Let's sleep out here.. and not disturb them..." Bahamut curled up with him. Irvine wrapped the wings around him, holding the king of Dragons tight, "Sweet dreams.."

Seifer curled up with Zell after a time. Zell cuddled to Seifer, "(My own dragon.... cool...)"

"Thought you didn't like the idea."

"I do now... See, you did help me realize how stupid I was..."

"Bah... took a while."

"I know..." Zell chuckled.

Seifer licked Zell's face.

Zell giggled, "Awww.... must be a dragon's kiss..."

"You have yet to see that."

"Not right now Seifer... you'll tear up the tent..."

Seifer chuckled.

"You're adorable when you chuckle..." Zell licked his nose.

"Why do you care if I rip the tent?"

"Well, it is our shelter if it rains."

"Your shelter you mean."

"Yes.. a Zell shelter."

"I can do that."

"You.. can..?"


"Then rip the tent..." Zell hugged Seifer.

"Ok," Seifer started to shutter and transform. Zell closed his eyes, holding him tight.

Irvine stirred awake.

Seifer got bigger, and bigger.

Irvine held Bahamut, "What is that..?"

~Transformation my prince!~

"Seifer...?" Irvine clung to Bahamut.

Zell opened his eyes to a huge dragon, as large as the GF.

~Yes my prince~

Seifer roared.

Irvine smiled, "Lookin' good Seifer..."

Zell's jaw dropped, "Wow...."

Seifer waved his long tail.

Irvine waved back.

Seifer peered down at Zell. Zell's smiling and clinging to Seifer.Seifer scratched his scaly flesh since it was itching... Zell helped him scratch, "All big and red..." Seifer yawned and stretched a wing over Zell as he curled up. Zell cuddled up to Seifer and the wing as Irvine did the same with Bahamut. Seifer licked Zell's head. Zell laughed, "Seifer.. watch the hair!" The tongue covered the hair. Zell laughed some more, "Aww man!" The dragon pinned him to his side. Zell chuckled, "That tickled!" He was so warm. Zell curled up into the warmth. Warm.. huge.. red dragon. "They look so beautiful together..." Irvine held Bahamut.


Seifer fell asleep quickly, as did Zell. Irvine cuddled to Bahamut and passed out also.

Seifer was still like that in the morning. Zell awakened to the dragon around him, and one around Irvine. Seifer purred.

"That purring feels nice...."

The dragon licked him.

Zell chuckled, "Mornin' Seifer.."

The dragon purred and rubbed his tail against him. "H.. hey.... come on.. that tickles... turn into a human so we can cook breakfast..." The dragon breathed fire to start up the cooking pit.Irvine awakened to the fire and kissed his dragon, "My king.. wake up... breakfast.."

~What are you having my prince?~

"I don't know yet...."

Seifer got up and shook himself off.

"Got any suggestions seifer..?" Irvine asked sleepily.

Seifer licked his muzzle and trotted off.

"I'm starved..." Irvine stirred the fire with a stick.

Seifer came back soon with several deer in his jaws. "Seifer... I think we ordered the large platter of deer," Zell giggled. Seifer dropped the deer corpses next to the fire and stretched out. Irvine and Bahamut cut up the meat into pieces and roasted them as Zell roasted his on a stick. Seifer munched on one of the corpses.

Irvine gnawed on his, "Mmm... good catch Seifer.."

Seifer nodded and licked his snout.

Zell popped some cooked meat into his mouth, "Tender.."

Seifer rolled onto his back, purring.

"You want me to scratch your belly Seifer..?" Zell asked. Seifer purred in agreement. Zell scratched Seifer's stomach. Seifer purred, wagging his tail.

Irvine scratched Bahamut's stomach, "My king..."

~My prince~ Bahamut licked him.

Irvine licked and kissed back as Zell scratched Seifer more. The dragon was big... Very big... and Zell didn't care anymore...

Seifer was still on his back.

"All mine..." Zell hugged his dragon.

~He settled down fast~

"I know... Zell conqured his ignorance and loves Seifer...."

Seifer wrapped his tail around him.

"You're so cuddly..." Zell patted the tail.

The tail was sooo long.

"And you're wonderful...." He smiled.

The dragons and humans spent the day in each other's arms. Seifer eventually shifted back, and Zell still cuddled him tight.

"Bahamut? I want you to be with me... and stop being my GF..."

~Be with you?~

"Not as a pet or my GF... but as my lover..."

~How will that work my prince?~

"Remain in this form... this size.... I want you to be my lover... my equal...."

~Hmmm... still, how will it work my prince?~

"What do you mean...? are you unable to remain in this form forever..?"

~I can but I am not what you are~

"I don't care.... I love you.."

~Then I will stay~

"Thank you my king..."

The dragon licked him.

Irvine kissed the dragon on the front of his snout, sticking his tongue in between his teeth. The teeth were sharp but didn't cut him. "I love you.." Irvine purred.

~I am yours my prince~

"Then say it... tell me you love me..." he asked quietly.

~I love you~

"I love you too..." Irvine smiled and kissed the dragon. Bahamut became Irvine's lover.... and Seifer and Zell stayed together...and everyone was happy.


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