Author's Notes: This was originally an RP done by me and Rufus Safer.

A Boy and his GF

Part One

By Rufus Safer and Domino

Irvine got dressed after showering with his allies. He looked over at Seifer, "That was really rough today..."

Seifer turned away from him. "So what if it was for you?"

"Okay, I'm not as strong as you..." He looked over Seifer's body, "(Mmmmm...) I need to relax." He slid on his coat. Seifer snorted and didn't seem at all interested in Irvine.

"See ya later Almasy..." Irvine sighed and headed back to his dorm. "Damn... he's so cute..." He hugged himself. A voice spoke in his head...

~and why can't you have him?~

"Because.... He doesn't feel the same about me..." He responded like normal.

~Heh.... get to your room boy.~

"Yes sir, Mr. Big Dragon..." Irvine said cynically as he reached his bedroom. He closed and locked the door. The GF's voice spoke again once he placed his backpack on the desk.


"Ready for what...?" Irvine asked innocently as he sat on his bed.

The dragon appeared though not at his full size.. just large enough to fit in the room. "My my... You're the perfect size Bahamut... king of Dragons..." Irvine looked at his GF.

"Yep..." The dragon swayed his tail, gazing at Irvine.

"You know what to do Bahamut..." Irvine got up and walked to the huge dragon, wrapping his arms around its neck. The dragon licked Irvine. "Mmm.... remove your clothing."

"Of course..." Irvine winked and pulled away. He performed a striptease for his GF, revealing his body to it. He untied his hair, "I need to be satified Bahamut..."

"How many ways my prince?"

Irvine shivered when he heard Bahamut call him a prince, "I want you to fuck me... with both you and your tail.. and I'll suck you off if you want..." Irvine licked his lips.

"Suck while I tail you..."

"With pleasure..." Irvine dropped to his knees and reached between the dragon's powerful legs, seeking its large organ. It was huge.... way to big for a human to handle in his true form... but he had made it so it wouldn't injure Irvine. But still.. it was quite large. Irvine grasped it with his slender hand and stroked it gently, "Let me get you hard first, Bahamut....." Bahamut wrapped his tail around Irvine and purred. "You're incredible...." Irvine purred and stroked. He soon licked the massive organ, tracing it from the tip to the base, savoring the salty taste. He parted his own legs when the tail wrapped around him.

The point of the tail started to push into him as he was moved down. Irvine moved his hips back, wanting to take more of the tail into his body. He took Bahamut's tip into his mouth, "Mmmhmm... I want you in me..."

"You'll get it my prince." The dragon purred, driving his tail into the boy. Irvine grinned and stroked himself while suckling the dragon's cock. His body clenched on the large tail. The dragon pushed it in as far as it would go. Irvine moaned when the tail brushed his g-spot, "Harder, my king..." He kept licking and sucking. He knew he was doing nothing wrong. The GF was willing, and he's seen Squall sleep with Shiva behind Rinoa's back..

The tail began to thrust in and out, striking his spot each time. Irvine's body clenched tighter, "Bahamut... I'm gonna come.. if you keep.. doing that....!" He placed both hands on the dragon's erection, sucking faster.

"Good...." Bahamut spread his wings.

Irvine licked the tiny hole on the dragon's organ, tasting a bit of precome. He suddenly lost control of his own body and came hard onto his thighs and the floor, "Ahhh...!! Bahamut...!!"

Bahamut continued fucking him with his tail, leaking. Irvine felt the dragon leaking into his mouth. He sucked it, wanting to taste more. His own body spasmed, releasing more fluid onto his legs. The dragon was oddly sweet and roared. The wave of essence flooded Irvine's mouth when the dragon roared. His face was coated, but he kept gulping, "You taste so good, my king...." The dragon exploded on him... covering him in it. Irvine smiled, licking his fingers and lips of the dragon's fluid, "My Bahamut...." The dragon picked Irvine up and lay him on his chest. "Mmmm.." Irvine snuggled to the larger creature, "Thank you..."

"Any time my prince."

"Bahamut.... do you think what I'm doing is wrong..? I know Squall and Zell fuck their GFs...."

"No... who do they?"

"I know Squall fucks Shiva... and Zell.. he might not look like the type.. but he lets the Brothers double fuck him. I just thought that I might be making you do this..." Irvine rested his head in the crook of the dragon's neck.

"It is alright with us."

Irvine kissed the dragon's snout, "I do love you.. you know that..."

"How wonderful."

"Never thought it could be like this between a human and a GF.... Martine said GFs were bad...."

"How come?"

"They steal memories... but you've left mine alone..."

"They are needed fuel my prince."

Irvine smiled, "Ever since Squall gave you to me... you were an amazing fighter... then when I let you touch me... in Ultimecia's castle..."

"Feels wonderful."

"It did.. and it still does..." Irvine blushed, "You were my first then..."


"Don't you remember..? When you wanted to help me relax..."


The others slept in their tents, but Irvine was very pensive about the final battle. He walked around the empty castle, since the monsters were wiped out, but he stayed near the camp. His GF spoke to him....


"Very..." Irvine shivered, "I don't know what to do..."

~Relax some?~

"How can I..? The fate of the world is resting on our shoulders..!" Irvine tried not to yell.

~Let me out.~

"Huh..? Why? There's no monsters here.." Irvine asked the dragon.

~Just let me out.~

"O... Okay..." Irvine concentrated and summoned the King of Dragons... The great dragon appeared before him and roared.

Irvine blinked, "Bahamut... you seem... smaller.."

The dragon had shrunk himself. "To be small enough for you."

"For me...? What do you mean..?" Irvine looked at his GF.

"Take off your clothing."

"What..? Why? You gonna eat me or something..?!" Irvine stepped back from the dragon.

"No... I'll make you relax."

Irvine gulped, clutching his duster close to his body, "Wh.. what're you gonna do to make me... relax..?"

"Just get undressed."

Irvine gulped and started to remove his clothing, hugging himself tight since it's quite cold outside.

The dragon wrapped his tail around the shivering boy.

Irvine looked at the dragon, "You're so warm... not like a reptile's supposed to be..." He leaned into the dragon's frame.

"I'm not a reptile..." He purred.

"You're a dragon.. I know..." Irvine smiled weakly.

The dragons tip touched Irvine's hole.

His body suddenly tensed up, "H.. hey... what're you doing...?"

"You'll feel good."

Irvine looked down, his erection becoming bigger, and the dragon's..... "You... you want to.. fuck me..?!"


He blushed, "But... you're a GF... I'm human...."


"It feels... odd...." Irvine looked away, "Bahamut... I don't know..."

Bahamut's tail pressed into him more.

"Bahamut... wait..." He took the tail out, "If you're going to do this..... take me with your body..." He gently touched the GF's length.

The dragon king purred. "sit..."

Irvine nodded and sat down, not sure what to make of this, "Why do you want to fuck me..? Do you find me attractive...? Or something else...?"

"Yes.... you are a prince."

"A.. a prince...?" Irvine blinked, "I'm just a regular sniper... I'm no prince... or any kind of royalty...." He admitted to himself that his heart jumped when Bahamut called him that.

"You're a prince..." Bahamut pulled Irvine to his lap, pressing his hugeness against him.

Irvine winced and almost screamed when the large organ entered him, "(It hurts....!)" He felt his hymen stretch a bit, "(Bahamut... I'm a...)" He couldn't admit to his GF....

The dragon brushed his body against Irvine's, pushing in. Irvine's hymen gave way to the dragon's cock, trickling a bit of blood onto the GF's erection. He's losing his virginity to his Guardian Force, "D.... Don't stop....!" He moaned softly and grasped the dragon's shoulders. The dragon moved hard and fast... but in a way that caused pleasure rather than pain. The cowboy's body tensed on the large organ as his hips moved with the thrusting. His own erection rubbed against the dragon's hard stomach. Hard but smooth... the feeling was wonderful.

Irvine found himself kissing the dragon's neck and face. He grabbed where the wing and shoulder connect as he released himself all over the dragon's lower body. The dragon's release was far more powerful. Irvine moaned Bahamut's name when he felt his essence flood his body. He sighed as the fluid dripped down his thighs along with his blood. The dragon pulled his wings around him. Irvine's green eyes filled with tears as he wrapped his arms around the dragon, "Bahamut...."

*End Flashback*

"I didn't know GFs cared about their hosts until then..."

"Of course we do."

"But you were my first..." Irvine cuddled the dragon.

"Yes.... and you were pleased.

"I was... you helped me relax.. now you're helping me get over Seifer...."

"Yes... he does not want you."

"You're right... I'm destined to be alone...." Irvine sighed, "But I won't be completely alone, my king.."

"No my prince, you shall not be."

"Why do you call me a prince, Bahamut?" He chuckled and kissed his snout.

"Because you are a prince."

"No I'm not!" He said playfully, letting the dragon run his talons through his hair.

"But you are. your mother was a queen."

"She... was....?" Irvine looked at the dragon's noble yellow eyes.

"Yes.." The dragon licked his face.

"How do you know...?" Irvine kissed the tip of Bahamut's tongue.

"Because I can feel it in you."

"You.. can....? Tell me about her..." Irvine hugged the GF tight.

"You know as much as I can tell."

"That means nothing...." He frowned slightly.

"You do not relize who gave birth to you dear prince?"

"I only know my parents died during the war.... I know nothing about them.. not even their names..."

"You mean you were told lies?"

"Who would lie to me..? Matron didn't lie..."

"To protect you maybe."

"From what Matron told me.. my parents were sweethearts from school... my daddy was a soldier for the Galbadian Army... and my mama worked on a chocobo ranch.."

"If that was true your blood would not be as it is."

Irvine blinked, "How's my blood different?"

"It has your mother's scent in it."

"And you said she was a queen.... but a queen in this day and age..?"

"There was a queen during the war."

"But she wasn't a queen....." Irvine stopped, "No.... Bahamut.."

"What is it my prince?"

"Adel... she's my mother.. isn't she...?" Irvine teared up, holding the dragon.

"Yes my prince."

"She's a monster!! How can she be my mother?!" He cried softly into the GF's shoulder.

"Because she is my prince."

"You don't understand.... it means I'm a freak! I'm not even human!"

"And this displease you?"

"She's a butcher... a monster... and I'm bound to her for life...!" He cried. His GF could see his mother in his features....

"She's dead, remember?"

"I.. I killed her....." Irvine managed.

"Because she was evil."

"But her blood's in my veins.... she's alive inside of me... I'm so scared...."


"I'm afraid of her power.. what she can do through me... When sorceresses die... they pass on their powers.... What if I become a monster like she did...?"

"Why does that matter?"

"I don't want to be a monster... I just want to be Irvine."

"You will always be Irvine."

"Promise, my king...?" Irvine let the dragon wipe away his tears.

"You are always and will always be Irvine."

"I love you Bahamut...." Irvine kissed the palm of the large paw.

"You are filled with love my prince."

Irvine smiled, "Thank you my king...."

The dragon let Irvine sleep in his wings.

Irvine slept soundly, comforted in the warmth of the Dragon's wings. The dragon was warm but scally. Irvine didn't care, he knew he loved this GF, and that the Dragon King loved him back. He kissed the scales in his sleep.


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