Link: Aya-kun's part! Note the "kun" on the name. This is not to be confused with Aya-chan. She will not be in this story. I am assuming no one has a problem with that. *Looks around* Good. *Is hit by a flying shoe*

Ran: This is MY part! I'm going to have to talk about Aya-chan at least a little! Otherwise, this'll only be a sentence long!

Link: Feel lucky it is longer than a word. You never talk, after all.

Ran: God.. Damnit.



By Link621


~ Hey, come this May
We'll be running in the sun again
Your time will come
You're just a young broken heart
But I'm sleeping in the yard
How could ya be so dumb? ~

-- The Push Stars, "Everything Shines"


~ Aya-kun ~

You are an idiot. Look around you. It is a sunny day, the plants are in bloom, and were all together. Alive together, none the less. I think that is plenty to be happy about, but you look so sad. I bet it has to do with HIM. I know how you feel. I loved him for a long time too. He used to be the only one who understood me, but I think now you are starting to see my point of view as well.

Oh, and Omi, he looks as happy as a lark helping HIM with the new shipments. We'll have to deliver those later today. HE has the delivery notices, I think. Maybe I should see what I'm doing today...

You look very cute when you frown. Yes, the great Aya just thought the word cute. You know, sometimes I feel just like you guys about things. Like a couple weeks ago, when HE was hurt, I was right there with you caring for him. Not as a teammate, or as a lovesick puppy, but as a friend. All of you... are now my friends. I've been so lucky to find so many great guys to be my friends.

No way can Omi lift that pot on his own. Now, though, we get to see HIM help Omi with it. They really are made for eachother. I bet you don't like to admit that, but I think you know it too. Does this mean we are now free to be together? I doubt you would go for it. I know you at least feel for me a little, but I don't think it is enough to go off of. Blush. But why are you looking at me like that?!

Did... did you just blush? Your hair looks so alive and vivid as it falls across your face from the loose ponytail in the back of your head. You really are very attractive. You may joke about being a playboy, but I don't think you have all the self-esteem you claim to have. You're pulling out a cigarette again. Filthy habit, but I love how the cigarette rests lightly between your lips at a slight angle as if it would slip out if you just opened your mouth a little. You shake your head. Your hair temporarily gets out of your eyes, but it falls back again almost moments later. You use your favorite Zippo to light the cigarette.

I'm staring. I look back at my feet, but they aren't as interesting as you by a long shot. When I raise my head again, I see HIM looking at me with mischief in his eyes. HE knows how I feel, I think. I once told HIM how I felt, but it has been so long, I hope HE accounts for the changes in my life. You should tell Ken how you feel, too.

He'll break your heart, Yohji.

You go through all this, but I have been right here for you all this time. You really are an idiot.


Link: Oh, well, that is it for characters unless anyone requests anything.

Ken: "HIM", "HE", is that all I am to you?

Link: It was a purposeful stylistic choice that was effective enough for me.

Yohji: I really am not getting any, am I?

Aya-kun: Did you read my chapter, you idiot?!

Omi: Pretty little violets...

All: *sweat drop and gape at Omi*

Omi: What?

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