Author's Notes: Valentines Day is soon! *Cheers in background* Not that I care, or anything. In that spirit, I'm gonna write something really sappy! *More cheers* Just not today! ^^; *Is pummeled by tomatoes* Okay! I'm sorry! I'll write the damn Yohji chapter! Geeze, people theses days. *Mutters* ... Anyway, please enjoy! ^^;



By Link621


~ Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool
Oh no I've said too much
I set it up ~

-- REM, "Losing My Religion"



You aren't mine, but it is fun to think so. Feeling your soft hair under my hand, sliding through my fingers, all I can do is smile. I wonder what you see in my smile? Can you tell I'm dying to be with you? What a stupid thing to do: to die in order to live happily. It won't be worth it, either. Not with your feelings for Ken so fresh and so absolute. Does a moment pass when you aren't thinking about him?

Yawn. Man, I am so tired. I really shouldn't have stayed out so late last night. I was just checking out girls, anyway. Nice asses and breasts with legs aren't what I need right now. Hell, women, my number one motivation on the average day, aren't what I need right now. You, and only you, could really make me happy. Sigh. As if.

Look at Ken! Ha! He is staring at you like a thief looks at the hope diamond! Heh heh. Aya is looking at him like a jilted lover too. Maybe that's the way to free you... just get Aya and Ken together... No. I couldn't do that to you or Aya. I loved Aya once. I may love him still. But now... you consume my every thought and...

Gack! Did I really forget I was ringing up a customer? Hm... Lessee... red roses... how beautiful. Always made me think of Aya. His flower is the rose, and the only color that suits him is red--especially back when I was in love with him. I bet you think the same thing of Ken. Me? I always thought of Ken as a dandelion... Okay, so that was a weed, but what would YOU think of ME if I stole your precious Ken away from you? Not much more, I presume.

Asuka... She was my real first love. You really aren't that different than her. You've always been strong, but whenever you actually needed to be protected, I wasn't there. Unlike Asuka, you did have a prince on a white horse to come sweep you off your feet. I let Asuka... Well, that is something I can't think about now. I'll just Finnish with this next customer...

Easter Lilies? I wonder if there is a funeral? I always loved the scent of Lilies more than any other flower. There is something tangibly sweet about them that are almost edible. Rather like you, I suppose. Okay, sorry, sorry, I know that was a horrible pun!

Maybe I should just get together with Aya. It isn't like there is no attraction there. I think he feels the same. Maybe Aya could help me forget all this. Or maybe I am dreaming of some chimerical world that only exists in fairy tales and I have no hope of ever living happily ever after. Sort of a shame, really.

I could have been your prince, Omi.

You look radiant when you blush; it must be something to do with Ken. Oi! I'm neglecting my duties again! Sigh. I know you're Ken's now, but I can't help but wish you were mine.


Link: Okie Dokie. Part three done. Next I'll do Aya, and then the cactus, unless there are any other characters you wanna see?

Yohji: I hate you. I really do. I don't get any, do I?

Aya: You don't know that, Yohji.

Omi: You... like... me...?

Ken: Dios mio.

Link: Since when did you know Spanish?

Ken: ¿Como? Siempre estoy hablando español.

All: ...

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