By Link621


~ And you cannot fight the tears that ain't coming.
Or the moment of truth in your lies...
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive! ~

-- Goo Goo Dolls, "Iris"



You're looking at me again. I can feel your eyes on my back. Why do you always stare like that? Are you really looking at me? Maybe it is all of these girls around me... But that doesn't seem like you at all! That is the kind of thing Yohji would do... But, I do wish you would stop looking at me! How am I supposed to peek a glance at you if you don't look away!

Yohji is looking bored again. Didn't I tell him already to work at the cash register? Speaking of which, where'd Aya go? He didn't run off on us again, did he? Oh, no wait, he's over with you and your cacti. I'm glad you are taking care of those, I always get pricked when I try to care for them. Hm... Aya is a rather good excuse to look over in your direction.

Do you love him? I think you must. Look at the two of you, after all. I can't help but be jealous when I see the look you give him. What is it in him that you see? I once told Yohji that it was the mystery that was attractive... but that seems like the polar opposite of what you want in a person. You've always wanted liveliness and joy from the person who would have your heart. Do I stand a chance? I find it hard to believe that I could be that light to you... but I also find it highly unlikely that Aya is any better.

I liked Aya a lot for a little while. His calm visage drew me to him. He really is nothing like you... so I can't even begin to understand why I went from liking him to loving you. I wonder if I'm to marry Yohji in the future, or something? Hm, now I am just being silly. Though, Yohji is very attractive. I love the standard issue apron. It looks oddly good on him.

Yohji ruffles my hair, and I know it is because he can see that I am looking at you. He has always seen some sort of connection between the two of us that I simply never wanted to admit to, but who ever wants to tell Yohji he's right? Not I, said the cat. Not I, said the mouse. Not I, said the dog.

Then I'll do it all by myself, said the little red hen.

Maybe I am still a child after all.

Your feelings betray you. You can't both be alive and dead inside. The memory of your eyes right after killing Kase are still burned in my mind. In that moment, I knew that you weren't a killer at heart--nothing like Aya. You really loved, and really felt, and I couldn't help but love you for it. I wish you'd show that much emotion for me! I've always envied those you allow close to you.

I just want to be close to you, Ken.

The cacti look happy, as you would put it. I think they are. I would be if I were them. But, I need to stop staring, `cause you're looking at me again.


Link: Okie dokie, part two done; now I just have to decide where to go from here... Aya or Yohji? Hm... oh well. I will add the cactus in the end, I promise. I gave it a cameo in this story for all of you cactus fans... (If you are wondering why I have this obsession with cacti in my stories, watch any episode where Ken is carrying plants around. Three out of every four of them are cacti, I swear!)

Yohji: Oooo, do I get to go next?!

Link: I donno.

Aya: Then, I go next?

Link: I donno yet, damnit!

Ken: I got to go first! I'm her favorite! *Sticks out his tongue*

Omi: Showoff.

Cactus: ...

Link: Anyway! Putting that aside, please r&r! I wanna know where you want me to go from here! Ciao!

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