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But, I'm An Assassin

Chapter 3 - Family Therapy

By Link621


Step Three: Family Therapy

"I didn't mention this before," Yohji commented, "But I went to a very small private coed school. To be the biggest playboy on campus I had no choice but to swing both ways. Not that I mind." Yohji brushed back some honey blonde hair. The other occupants of the room, some of which were parents, looked at him in utter disbelief. Yohji lit a cigarette, gently placing it between his lips. "Don't look at me like that, I am reporting my root!" Yohji slid down in the couch and pushed his sunglasses up over his eyes.

"That is a lame root," Crawford muttered. "You know, Yohji, most guys don't result to getting both guys and girls to become mega playboys." Crawford paused to let that sink in. A moment later, he added, "Put that thing out, I don't want it to smell like smoke in here." Yohji did as asked.

"You don't seem to understand Bradley," Shuldich said from his corner of the room where he was finally fixing the leak in the ceiling. The way the name rolled off his tongue made the American shiver. "I think he is still hot for men just as much as he is for women. I, personally, don't think it was a decision he made, but rather it was just his nature." Shuldich leaned forward on the ladder, intentionally sticking his ass out. "You understand, don't you Bradley?"

"He's right," Aya muttered, surprising everyone. "I had a roommate at boarding school... And, we both got lonely around the finals time when all everyone was doing was studying... so we would... touch eachother..." The redhead trailed off. Everyone was blinking at him in amazement.

The man who came to act as Ken's guardian snorted. "This is fucking ridiculous. Ken, how'd you end up in such a group of pathetic faggots?" He narrowed his eyes dangerously. Ken's lips parted slightly, and it looked like he was finding it difficult to breathe.

"I don't believe that is appropriate," Crawford commented, looking around at all the shocked parents and kids around him. He looked at the man who'd spoken with the same calm but murderous look he gave everyone. Aya took part in the glaring, but that was nothing new.

The man said venomously, "Look, I know Ken, at least, is here to get better. I don't think sitting around listening to stories all day is gonna help him at all." The man turned dark eyes on Ken. "I hope you are getting more out of this program than the rest of these guys. I want you back on the team soon, Ken." The man stood, headed for the door. "Remember, if you don't have this out of your system by the time the Switzerland tournament is over, you're off the team." With that, the man left.

Ken, obviously on the verge of tears, gave a fake smile and followed the man out of the room. Omi looked on in shock, his heart clenching just watching Ken go. He was used to the boy always being so happy by now that it surprised him to see such pain in his eyes. Omi wanted nothing more but to chase after Ken. Omi turned to look out the window when he heard two voices talking. Ken had a hand on the man's wrist, and looked to be pleading him not to leave. The man jerked his hand away violently. Ken just gave up, saying something to the man that temporarily made him pause. He then turned away, flustered, and went to his car.

"Omi," Crawford said, drawing Omi back to attention. With Omi's attention, Crawford said mildly, "Omi, please report out your root." It was a question Omi wasn't ready for, even after days of thinking, but he had the first good idea of what it might be.

"I think... it might be my parents," Omi replied quietly. "I mean, Manx is the one who is always there to tell me what to do when I need help, and she is always such a figure of strength. Then, there is Persia who is a computer screen, for god's sake, and who I've never seen in the flesh. Not to mention, he isn't my father anyway, because my father abandoned me in the arms of kidnappers when I was little. Don't even get me started on the two beautiful secretaries Persia has that he never makes a move on. So, I think I've just grown up with this false sense of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man." Omi looked at his laptop and Manx hopefully. Manx looked a little surprised and Persia's face was in shadow, as always.

"Great," Crawford said. "So, your 'dad' is a wuss, and Manx is a powerhouse. That explains everything. I think the wounds this has cause will heal faster if you write a song or a poem about it." Crawford's suggestion was delivered with utter seriousness, but Omi was no the only one who looked at him like he was fucking insane. "It's very therapeutic," Crawford continued, "and it is good to put your feelings down." Omi, helpless, just nodded.


Once that was over, it was break time. All the "patients" were out on the lawn hanging out. Omi walked out sullenly to try to find a place to sit down and write. He passed the groups of kids, ignoring some of the weirder activities, and noticed that Ken was sitting on a short stone wall, passing a soccer ball between his hands quickly and periodically. Omi knew exactly where he wanted to sit.

As Omi was on his way, Crawford came out of the building with a whistle between his lips. "Free time's up in twenty!" He yelled. He looked right at Farfarello when he added, "That means INSIDE." He turned to go back inside when he froze. Omi followed his gaze to a tree across the lawn where Shuldich stood with a chainsaw, obviously about to cut off some branches. The redhead got a wicked grin. He put the chainsaw so the back end was over his crotch and pulled the cord, rocking with the motion. He repeated that motion, this time letting his eyelids flutter a little. Finally, he pulled a little harder and the chainsaw roared to life. Shuldich threw his head back as if having an orgasm.

Crawford stood for a moment, regaining his composure before he turned on a heal and went back inside hurriedly.

Meanwhile, Neu and Yohji, who were arguing quietly, were suddenly interrupted by a purple paper airplane that landed at Yohji's feet. He picked it up, read it, and smirked. "What is it?" Neu asked. Yohji just waved a hand at her in dismissal, and went back to arguing with her.

Omi sat down next to the brunette he'd been looking for, and got a slight frown from Ken. Omi ignored this, opening his notebook, and letting the back end of his pen rest in his mouth. Omi worked at the lines of the poem in front of him, but he couldn't think of anything. He rethought the line several times over, but he just couldn't get what he wanted out of it. "What's wrong?" Ken asked, surprising the little blonde.

"I'm stuck on, 'Life is beautiful, life is great. To love some one...'." Omi looked at Ken for help.

"To love strait..." Ken suggested bitterly.

"Hey, that's good," Omi commented, writing it down on his paper quickly. Ken made a face of digust. When Omi looked at him, Ken looked away, frowning more than before. Omi's brow furrowed. "That guy who came for you today... he didn't stay very long..." Omi felt a lump forming in his throat as he tried to talk. Ken finally looked back at him.

"Kase..." Ken whispered more or less to himself. "Kase is a bench-warmer on my team. He and I have been playing together for a long time. Even though he is older, I was always the superior player, and he is often jealous of that. Unfortunately, he can use the media against me for black mail when he gets really upset at me, because he ISN'T that important of a player on our team. But...." Ken's voice trailed off, and he rolled the soccer ball in one hand again.

"Ken... he might actually be trying to help you. I think he cares about you a lot. I saw how he looked at you." Omi commented, unsure whether or not he actually wanted to be saying the words slipping from his mouth.

"Damnit, Omi, I thought it was an act. You really are just that sweet, aren't you?" Omi looked at Ken, confused, to say the least. "This bull shit doesn't work! You are who you are, there are no two ways about it. No one can take that from you. And if they do, someone needs to punish them!" From the sound of it, Ken thought he was just the man for the job. He might be good for Weiss...

"How'd you end up here?" Omi asked quietly.

"How do you think?" Ken demanded near-silently. "I made the bad choice of falling for the wrong person." Ken put his head in his hands, letting the soccer-ball fall to the grass below. "I shouldn't have let Kase get under my skin like that..." Ken added quietly. Omi's heart clenched. He should have known that would be the next thing out of Ken's mouth. "When I finally told him, he accepted it. He and I... well, you know..." Ken's face turned slightly red, making Omi turn a pale green color. He really didn't like hearing this story. "Well, it was working out fine for a long time, until he became jealous of my success, and chose to bring my demise via blackmail. If I didn't come here, my career as a soccer star could be over..."

"You loved him," Omi commented in surprise.

"Does it matter?" Ken asked with an edge of anger. He stood, brushing himself off. Omi put a hand up, gently touching Ken's hand in attempt to soothe him. Ken yanked his hand away and glared at Omi. "Careful," he said, "I could report you for that." The brunette kicked the ball up to his hands and left Omi alone to his poetry.


Ken held Omi close to his chest, claiming his lips and hungrily kissing every inch of skin on his face. Were it not for the closed quarters, Omi was sure Ken would have moved to other places. Ken ran his tongue along the arch of one of Omi's ears, and nibbled lightly. Ken breathed words of love into Omi's ear, and the blonde was in pure bliss. Then, Ken began to trail his hands down Omi's chest, finding the tie at the top of his pajama pants, and loosening it. Ken's hands searched lower and then...

An evil cackle brought Omi back to awareness. He had been dreaming. Looking over to his right, he saw that Farfarello was cutting himself again, and sighed. There was nothing to be done for the crazy boy. Omi was trying to get back to sleep, but he could feel the pressure in his pants that was a tell-tale sign that his dream had a little more effect on him than he would have liked. Omi groaned in annoyance and got out of bed, going into the bathroom.

Inside, he leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. As soon as he did, he heard a sound from inside one of the stalls like a small whimper. He went over to the stall and opened the door just to see Yohji on top of Aya, in a very compromising position, and neither of them were clothed. Omi yelped in surprise. "Oh my god!" He yelled a moment later.

"Shut up!" Yohji hissed. "You wanna wake the whole damn neighborhood?" Yohji was quickly pulling on pants, and allowing Aya to do the same. Aya just glared at Omi.

"What's going on here?" a voice demanded from the door. Omi turned and looked to see Crawford standing there, looking pissed. "I don't believe this. Yohji, I expected something like this out of you, but I thought better of you, Aya!" Crawford made a motion for the door. "Both of you, out. We're going to my office so I can decide your punishment!"


No one had slept well through all of Takatori's screaming, or Aya's death threats for being put in solitude, so they had an early breakfast. Omi was eating cereal when he saw everyone looking off toward the patio. He looked over and saw Yohji, with bags packed, waving helplessly goodbye. Omi felt terribly. He waved back with everyone else, but also mouthed "I sorry", to which Yohji nodded. He was a good man, accepting Omi after what he did. It made Omi smile. Aya made a good choice by going after him.

"I just wish I could have seen those two in action," Nagi commented with good humor.

"If someone had told on me like that," Farfarello commented, "Heads would have rolled." Everyone scooted a little further away from him.

"What?" Ken asked. "Are you tired of mutilating your arms? Or is it that you don't have any blood left in your body?" Farfarello just glared at Ken in response. Omi's heart stopped. Was Ken standing up for him? The smaller boy looked up at Ken in amazement, and was met with a smile. Omi couldn't help but smile in return, while trying to keep his wildly beating heart under control.

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