Author's Notes: I hate work. Work really takes everything out of me, and then I don't write. Plus, going on so many trips hasn't helped. Winter Park and NYC are great, and all, but I'm tired. Well, I need to finish this story soon, or I never will... *sigh* Enjoy this much belated addition to the story.

But, I'm An Assassin

Chapter 4 - Demystifying the Opposite Sex

By Link621


Step 4: Demystifying the Opposite Sex

"Here are our happy lovebirds spending time together outdoors," Crawford explained with an edge of boredom in his voice. He motioned to the slide being projected on the wall in front of all of the patients and continued, "You notice how affectionate they are? There might be something there tonight...." Crawford laughed to himself, being ignored by the patients who were all not really paying any attention anyway.

"He would think that," Nagi commented quietly, drawing a snicker out of Omi. They both got a glare-o-death from the man trying to rehabilitate them; to which they apologized and continued to snicker. Ken bristled a little seeing Nagi and Omi affectionately share a laugh. Omi took note of that carefully.

Crawford changed the slide. "This is our happy couple at home. Now, it is important for you make your man feel at ease after a stressful day at work..." Crawford said, addressing the girls in particular. However, Omi took that as his cue to do just that, more or less. He let a hand slide from his own lap to rest lightly on Ken's thigh. He could see the soccer player's face tense slightly. "Now," Crawford continued, "When it's time for love making, Dan kisses Sue and touches her breasts...."

Ken clasped Omi's hand under his own firmly, slightly surprising the smaller boy. He let his fingers slide between Omi's so they could tangle their hands together on Ken's thigh. Omi's heart thundered, feeling that Ken was tilting his head a little to the side, so he lightly rested against Omi. He smelled of lilacs and peach, intoxicating Omi. The poor little blonde didn't know quite what to do.

"Women often find this sensation pleasurable," Crawford continued. Ken breathed lightly on Omi's cheek, almost forming a word, and Omi went horribly red. Ken was....

And so it continued. They went out for a jog with all the boys, and Omi hurt his ankle. He was surprised but pleased to have the resident pro athlete come to his rescue by taping the ankle, then carrying him home where he helped care for the weak ankle further. Omi couldn't help but think that the feeling of Ken's fingers gently massaging his skin was one he wanted over and over.

That wasn't all, either. In everything they did, they were completely inseperable. They could be found laughing together anywhere they went. The rest of the group had learned to generally ignore them, except for Crawford who kept ever vigilant.

One night, they were together on dishes duty, the last job anyone would normally want. After a long silence, Omi inquired quietly, "So, you miss your friends from back home?"

Ken laughed dryly. "Yeah," he responded, "I can't decide who I miss the most: the back-stabbing teammates, the rabid fangirls, or the annoying little genki highsch-er, I'm sorry." Ken's cheeks showed the slightest hint of color.

"It's okay, say it!" Omi challenged with a smile. Ken stuttered for a while, so Omi just returned to his work.

"Um... I don't have any friends, really," Ken whispered sadly. Omi looked up in surprise. After a silent moment, Ken asked, "What about you?"

"Well, I thought I did," Omi mused.

"That's how you got here?"

"Blame Naoe Nagi," was Omi's only offered explanation.

"That's rough," Ken muttered, trying to concentrate on drying dishes. Omi just nodded, finishing scrubbing another glass. Just as he did, another gloved hand clasped around his own. Ken lingered a moment before taking the glass. They both silently acknowledged the moment with brief glances at eachother. In silence, they finished the dishes.


Later that night, Omi went in to the bathroom to brush his teeth and was met with a surprise. Ken and Farfarello were getting ready to go somewhere. "What's this?" Omi hissed.

Ken looked up and smiled. He looked nothing short of eadible in skin tight leather pants and an unbuttoned black silk shirt. Omi just hoped he wasn't drooling. "Were sneaking out," Ken explained. "And you are coming."

"There is no way!" Omi hissed. "There are only a few weeks left in the program. No way am I going to get kicked out now!" Omi probably would have ranted more, but Ken advanced on him, pulling his height advantage by standing closer.

"C'mon, Omi. When's the last time you had fun? It's only for ONE NIGHT," Ken insisted. He glanced back at Farfarello who was busy spiking his hair, but he had a sarcastic sneer on his distorted features.

"But... Takatori and Crawford...." Omi was hushed by two thin fingers on his lips.

"Fuck them. They'll never know, anyway," Ken assured. Omi didn't quite feel as reassured as Ken would have hoped. "Fine, if you're not coming with us, at least don't tell on us." Ken turned to Farfarello. "Let's go," he said with a dangerous edge. Farfarello nodded and followed him out the door, leaving Omi alone.


"Wait for me!" Omi insisted, piling into the van after everyone else. Neu, Farfarello, and Ken were already inside. In the driver's seat was a man, not much older than Yohji or Aya, with dark hair and eyes. In the passenger's seat was a beautiful woman who actually rather resembled the man.

"About damn time," Ken said with good humor as Omi plopped down on the seat next to him.

"Hi, my name is Birman," the woman said in a quiet tone. "This is my operating partner Botan." She motioned to the man driving.

"Birman and Botan are ex-ex-gays," Ken explained with a smile.

"From True Directions?" Omi asked, a little surprised.

"We're just trying to give you a little perspective," Birman explained. "We want you to chose whether you want to live a...."

"Lie," Botan put in, interrupting the woman next to him.

"Well, whether you want to chose to be yourself, or to pretend to be someone your not," Birman explained, trying not to glare at Botan.

"Like an underground homo railroad," Omi muttered to himself. The other youths in the back of the van fixed strange looks on him. He just ignored it.

"Something like that," was Botan's only reply.


Walking into the club, one thing became very clear to Omi, very fast. "You didn't tell me you were taking me to a GAY bar!" Omi snapped, turning to Ken in disbelief.

"Where else WOULD we go?" Ken asked with a roll of his eyes. "Just relax, be yourself. I'll go get you a drink."

"But, I don't drink!" Omi protested, but Ken was already halfway to the bar. With a sigh, Omi followed, sitting down on one of the barstools. He muttered to himself quietly about stupid soccer players.

"Here," Ken said putting the drink in Omi's hand. Omi tried to ignore him, looking out on the crowd. That's when he spotted a man, about Ken's age, coming toward him. He was very cute with short spiked white hair and amber eyes. Ken looked up him and smiled, but the man turned to Omi.

"Would you like to dance?" The man asked, just as a slower song was starting. His voice was actually rather similar to Ken's.

"Erm... I can't... Sorry."

"It's okay," the man said, starting to walk away.

"You can't dance with a man for one second?" Ken demanded with a laugh. He gave Omi a light push in the direction the man had gone. Omi stumbled into the arms of the man, nervously babbling apologies the whole way.

"Hi... I'm Omi," Omi muttered weakly as he found a way to comfortably latch to his dance partner.

"Akira," the man responded. As they danced, he gently stroked Omi's hair, actually managing to rather soothe the other boy. In this state of relative relaxation, Omi observed as Farfarello came and asked Ken for a dance. When they got to the floor, Omi couldn't help but think they were awfully *close* and Farfarello was roaming a bit too much. His hands slid down Ken's back, sliding into the pockets of his jeans and giving a gentle squeeze. That was too much.

"Gomen," Omi muttered to his dance partner, breaking away and heading strait out the door. He paced about outside for a moment before he was able to sit down on a bench. At that moment, Ken came out of the club.

"Omi..." Ken began. Omi was on his feet in a second, and in Ken's face.

"I get it now! You brought me here so YOU could be yourself!" Omi was shaking.

"Omi, we weren't doing anything!" Ken replied in astonishment.

"This," Omi squeezed Ken's rear for emphasis, "Is nothing?!"

"I don't like Farfarello that way!" Ken stuttered.

"Which way is that? Clothed?" Omi laughed, realizing he must have sounded insane. "Whatever, it's none of my business." Omi sat back down, quick to be followed by Ken. Omi was furious, and he couldn't explain it. His logical mind was not in control, but it was telling him that he was being stupid, and he knew he should listen.

"Why are you getting so upset about it?" Ken questioned, as if he could read Omi's mind.

"It's nothing. You can do whatever you want," Omi muttered.

"Want me to do what I want?" Ken challenged, turning fully to look at Omi. Omi continued to face away, his anger rising with Ken's tone of voice.

"I don't care," Omi replied through clenched teeth.

"What I really want?"

"Skrew Y...." Omi was cut off as Ken's lips fell upon his own. The older boy gently took Omi's face in his hands, rubbing his cheeks with strong fingers. At first Omi wanted to fight back. Instead, he melted against Ken, suddenly paralyzed. Omi couldn't return the kiss... he could hardly tell it was happening at all. Finally, grabbing a little piece of reality, Omi turned his head away, just to hide against Ken's shoulder. He could tell that the soccer player was willing to just hold him and let him figure things out.

After a long moment, Omi turned away from Ken entirely. The athlete didn't try to stop him. Ken was finally acting like he returned Omi's feelings. But, Omi wasn't actually gay, right? He had to come to terms with it if he wanted Ken, and by gods he wanted Ken. Before Omi knew what was happening, he was speaking again. "I'm not supposed to like you," he said with fear quaking through his voice. He wasn't afraid of Ken; he trusted him with his life. However, his own feelings for Ken were betraying him, making him uncharacteristically weak.

Ken looked right at Omi, as if he saw something in those bright blue eyes Omi himself didn't know of. "...'but'?"

Omi blushed. Ken was right. "But, I wanna do that again." To this, Ken leaned in a little to catch Omi's lips, but the smaller boy evaded, almost out of habit. Ken sat back again, looking a little frustrated. Taking in a deep breath, Omi leaned over, pressing his lips against Ken's. Instantly, the kiss was returned, and Omi felt himself drawn into the warm arms of the man he loved. Omi wasn't really sure of how much time passed while they sat there alone together just touching and kissing shyly, but he was sure he saw Farfarello spot them. He didn't really care. He'd never been happier in his life.


Finally back at True Directions, the gang had to sneak back in. Takatori's light was on, and they were sure that the old man was intending on doing a quick check to make sure everyone was in their rooms properly. By the time he made it to the boys' room, Farfarello, Ken, and Omi had managed to get under the covers convincingly enough. As soon as he was gone, Ken dashed over to Omi's bed, kissed him one last time, and bid goodnight before racing back to his own bed. A giddy grin found it's way to Omi's angelic features. "Oyasumi," he whispered to himself, lightly touching his fingers to his lips in wonder.

Omi slowly turned his head, with the intent of looking at Ken, but was stopped on the bed in between them. Farfarello was glaring daggers at Omi, and appropriately had a small knife in his hand. He held up the stolen picture of Ken, and his eyes fluttered shut as he licked along the flat of the knife. Omi sighed. What a weird place.


Crawford found himself working on roots with the group once again the next day. "Nagi, just say the first thing that comes to mind," Crawford urged, gently massaging his temples. He got a death glare from the young psychic, which was just returned in kind.

"I already DID this, Crawford," Nagi replied through clenched teeth.

"MISTER Takatori insists, NAOE," Crawford shot back through his teeth.

"I'm a heterosexual," Hel said suddenly, drawing away the attention of everyone else. She had a slightly dazed expression on her face. "I've never been homosexual...."

"Not quite, Hel. Remember, you were in love with a comatose monster?" Crawford made a motion to depict Masafumi Takatori.

"Just because my boyfriend is a mad scientist I share with three other women doesn't mean I'm a lesbian! I mean, I like guys!" Hel was, at this point, crying. Neu and Tot looked very surprised to see their comrade in this condition. Hel finally just ran away, much to the despair of her friends.

"Who the hell does she think she's kidding?" Crawford wondered. He stood and hurried after the retreating girl. Leaving everyone else confused and alone in the room. Little did they know that Takatori was, at that very moment, finding a piece of very incriminating evidence under a certain soccer player's bed.

"WHO SNUCK OUT?!" Takatori roared as he stormed into the room full of confused young adults. They were all suddenly at attention. "NO ONE IS FESSING UP?!" Takatori looked down the line of teenagers. All looked far too intimidated to confess to anything. "Fine, we can do this the hard way." Takatori pulled a napkin with some doodling and the printed words "cock sucker" and held it forward. "Hidaka, I found this under your bed."

"Takatori-sama... I didn't sneak out," Ken lied, doing a good job of looking surprised.

"Takatori-sama!" Nagi suddenly said, grabbing the man's attention. Takatori turned to look at the youngest member of the group. "I, uh, I realized something last night that I've really been wanting to tell you. For the first time ever, I'm getting a crush on a girl-Tot." Nagi looked over at Tot. "I'm very sorry to interrupt, but I thought it was just proof... that the program works!"

Takatori got all blubber-y, suddenly babbling about how everyone should take Nagi as an example. No one actually paid attention to what he was saying. Nagi looked right at Omi and mouthed "you owe me". True, Nagi had just saved Omi's boyfriend. Omi hugged Ken's arm where Takatori couldn't see. "By the way," Takatori said suddenly, pulling Omi out of sudden "impure" thoughts. Shuldich's sister as well as Aya's sister will be arriving this afternoon. I expect you to treat our guests with respect. Dismissed." The, Takatori was gone without a trace.

"I thought Aya said he'd 'lost' his sister!" Ken muttered to Omi. Omi just nodded solemnly. What was going on?

"OH!" Takatori raged, returning to the room as fast as he'd gone. "And I am calling EACH AND EVERY ONE of your parents here to tell them about this incident. You can chose whether to admit to it then, or to lie to them!" An ominous air filled the room. Omi looked nervously at Ken. What where they going to do?

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