Swirling leaves

Chapter Five - Arlegolanon

By Bex


Nothing worth noting happened on the scout’s circuit that day, but heavy clouds were rolling in from the west on a swift wind, and by evening, the air was heavy and silent, as if nature itself expected the approaching storm. And by the time the group arrived to the stables and unpacked, Aragorn felt as if his head would split in two. He steered his steps toward the healers. I definitely need some arlegolanon. But someone beat him to it.

“What do you mean you don’t have any left?” the man barely managed not to scream at the healer. Ha was not in the mood for being patient, and every second he waited, his headache increased twofold.

“The prince of Mirkwood cam in yesterday evening and asked for all the arlegolanon I had. Since the next shipment is due tomorrow morning and I do not have much use for the plant, I gave him all I had. Lord Elrond explicitly told me to accord the prince everything he requested,” the young healer said, trying to be helpful.

“How much of the plant did you have?” Aragorn became suspicious.

“Err, a whole pouch?” the elf was beginning to be a bit afraid of the man. From somewhere off in the distance, thunder struck the ground, and as if a herald, it brought the rain pelting down from the sky.

“Did he ask you for anything else?” Aragorn asked after a moment.

“No. well, he looked through that book here,” the elf pointed his slender hand at a large book bound in green leather, lying open on a stool. Aragorn strode over to it, his headache all but forgotten for the moment. The script was neat and although elvish, easy to read. He slid his finger down the page, mumbling to himself.

“The medical uses of arlegolanon: cures headaches…is known as a cure for love spells and…highly toxic in large quantities when brewed as a tea, or a concentrate…is known for its quick action… has sometimes been used to painlessly end the life of victims suffering from heavy wounds or traumas…” Aragorn’s voice faltered as he stared at the page, his eyes wide in shock and comprehension.

“Damn it Legolas, not again,” he cursed under his breath, running out into the downpour and leaving behind a startled healer. Two steps out of the building and Aragorn was drenched. He knew that Legolas loved being outdoors, but in this weather and the cold wind, even that stubborn elf would stay inside. And that only left his room, since he didn’t seem to want to associate with any of the other elves. And it would be the perfect place to…the man couldn’t finish that thought. He dashed away into the night, praying to every divinity he knew that he wasn’t too late.




Legolas sat cross-legged on his bed, holding the cup of arlegolanon tea in his hands. Arwen’s words kept ringing in his ears, and he wondered why he hadn’t thought about it earlier. Love spells! How dumb can I get? If arlegolanon cancels out love spells and leaves people as they were before the spell, then since no spell was cast on me, it should cancel out my emotions for Aragorn totally. For a moment, the elf seriously thought about the consequences of his actions and whether he really wanted to spend the rest of his life without a single romantic thought about Aragorn. It sounded very dull. Why was life so unfair? But he looked into the amber depths of the large cup and remembered his parents. I will not die from grief! And what about Arwen? She has the right to love Aragorn and have his undivided attention. I will not destroy someone else’s life! No, you won’t. Better destroy yours, said a little sarcastic voice in his head. He had read about the other properties of arlegolanon and he was aware of its deadly poison, but he also knew that he could not go on living as he did now. He would just have to do something he would prefer never to do: gamble with his life and his love.

“I love you Aragorn, and in the depths of my heart, I always will.”

With a sigh, he swirled the contents of the cup and drank them as quickly as possible. The drink was still hot, but he did not even have time to feel the last mouthful, as the full force of the potion knocked him out. The last thought that went through his mind was that he might never get to see Aragorn again.


* * *


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