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Swirling leaves

Chapter Four - Lady Arwen and Lord Elrond

By Bex


Legolas was so immersed in his thoughts that he did not see Lady Arwen standing on the bridge until he was face to face with her.

“Legolas!” she said, pleasantly surprised to see him. He looked up and smiled. It seemed as if he kept bumping into people a lot these days, or rather, people seemed to out of their way to find him, but he was happy to see Arwen.


“It’s good to see you again little brother. Walking under a love spell? You are usually more perceptive!” she teased.

“Little?” he chuckled with mock outrage, standing a hand span above her. “What are three years out of 3000?” but he blushed at how near to truth her words came. Fortunately, the color in his cheeks hid the red handprint. It still stung, as Aragorn had put a lot of strength behind it, but Legolas did not have the least inclination to explain to Arwen where he got the mark from. He sighed. “It’s good to see you too,” he smiled genuinely. “How is little Eldarion?”

“Ah, as stubborn as his father I fear, but also as lovely and as loving.”

“Then he must be a true little jewel,” said Legolas, trying not to laugh. But Arwen did laugh at Legolas’s remark and soon both elves were holding their sides from mirth.

“Ah, it’s been a long time since I could forget about everything and simply be a carefree little elf again,” said Legolas with melancholy. “Sometimes, I wish I was young again” and that I hadn’t yet fallen in love with Aragorn, he thought, but did not say out loud. “Things would have been much easier then.”

“Yes they would, but it is the elves’s responsibility and doom to take care of Middle-earth.” Arwen and Legolas talked for a long time, until the sun slipped behind the tall mountains and the silver river flowing under their feet lost its sparkle. They talked about anything that came to mind, like old friends do, until the chill in the air forced them to finally do their own separate way.




Aragorn lightly ran up the stairs that led to Elrond’s guest room. Darkness has fallen on Rivendell and elf lamps had began to glow, casting a warm, yellowish light on the paved walkways. Aragorn knocked on the beautifully carved door, impatiently waiting to be let in. inside, both Elrond and Gandalf sat behind a large wooden table laden with fruits and a pitcher of cool wine. They stopped talking to each other as soon as Aragorn came in.

“Yes?” said Elrond.

“I don’t understand!” said Aragorn with gritted teeth.

“And a very good evening to you too Aragorn,” said Gandalf, raising his glass and drinking the last mouthful. “Younglings are so disrespectful these days,” he muttered to Elrond who tried to restrain from smiling.

“What’s wrong with Legolas!? Why aren’t you doing anything to help him? He’s my friend damn it! Are you so inhuman as to let him take his life away?” he tried to say without screaming.

Elrond only looked at Gandalf and raised an elegant eyebrow. “Who ever told you that I was human? But that is beside the point. What are you doing to help Legolas?” Aragorn blinked, surprised out of his anger.

“That is why I came here.” He finally said. “Gandalf, I know you talked to him yesterday. What did he tell you?”

“Ah, Aragorn, if he wished me to tell you, he would have said so. But I believe he would much rather prefer to keep it a secret. You can always go talk to him.” A strange twinkle came to his eyes when he said that last sentence. Aragorn threw up his hands in the air, growling something that sounded suspiciously like “old men…fossils and fools.”

Elrond and Gandalf only looked at each other with a secret gleam in their eyes, and kept their faces straight until the departure of Aragorn.

“I never would have believed that we would become matchmakers Elrond.”

“Nor would I, but we aren’t, in the strict sense of the word.”


They went back to their previous conversation, which was in fact centered around Legolas, Aragorn, and Arwen. And they were sorely tempted to place bets on the outcome of this situation.




“Why do you have to go away again? You just came back!”

“It’s only for a day honey. It’s my turn to scout today. I’ll be back by nightfall, I promises.” Aragorn kissed Arwen on the lips and Eldarion on the forehead, smiling at his little family.

“Be careful Estel,” said Arwen.

“I always am,” he grinned as his wife rolled her eyes. A young elf came over to the pair.

“Lord Elessar? Everybody is ready.”

“Thank you Malidel, I’ll be there in a moment.”

Then turning to Arwen “don’t worry so, dear heart,” and he left, looking back over his shoulder at her until he was hidden by a bend in the road.

Unseen by anyone, Elrond and Gandalf stood on a balcony, overlooking the clearing in which Arwen now stood alone with her baby.

“Do you think he noticed?”

“Aragorn is a very intelligent man…but he is blind in the matters of the heart.”

“Poor Legolas, I wonder how he can bear it.”

“You know that we cannot interfere Gandalf.”

“Of course I know! And I also know that he will be with us for the war of the rings, but the knowledge of how he will come through was not given to me.”

“We will have to wait and see.”

“That is not something I like to do.”

“I thought you more patient my friend.”

“I am…when it does not concern any good friend of mine.”

Elrond just sighed, knowing exactly what Gandalf was going through. The two figures looked out into the distance, each thinking of things that were and things that will be.


* * *


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