Swirling leaves

Chapter Six - Sweet melodies

By Bex


Aragorn barged into Legolasís room, thanked the gods that it was not locked and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight that met his eyes. Legolas was sprawled on his bed, a lifeless hand holding on to a large, empty cup.

Just at that moment, it clattered to the floor with a loud bang.

Aragorn sank to his knees in front of the bed, unable to take his eyes, brimming with tears, from the lovely friend that lay before him. Finally, he sat on the bed and cradled the fair elf in his arms, rocking gently back and forth, humming one of Legolasís favorite melodies.




Legolasís mind slowly wandered the dark corridors of unconsciousness. Although he could not see anything, he knew that he was walking in a hallway of tall green trees that met somewhere above his head to form an arch. The darkness was cool, yet it held some warmth too, and it smelled of green growing things, of living things. And Legolasís mind did not want to leave this peaceful place. He forever wanted to walk along these strange, leafy halls. But from far away, as if muffled through a fog, he could hear a haunting melody that drew him away from the darkness, away from the peace. And yet, he could not resist its calling.




Suddenly the darkness was gone. He could see. And the first thing his eyes focused upon wasÖAragornís face. It was filled with sorrow and pain. Legolas caught his breath, gazing into the face of the one he had loved so much for so long. He chuckled. Aragornís eyes flew open in shock as he stared at the one he had thought gone forever. Legolas now laughed with joy at being alive, smelling the sweet sent of a cold spring rain, seeing the expression on Aragornís face, and not feeling anything more for the man than deep friendship. He laughed at the joy of being an elf again.

Aragorn, not understanding what was happening, slowly backed away from the elf. But Legolas didnít care at the moment. He jumped up from his bed and began to dance wildly around the room, grabbing Aragornís hands and twirling the poor man for a moment. His laughter only ceased to give place to a loud, merry singing. Outside, the rain kept on falling, and thunder lit the sky. Legolas threw open the doors to his balcony and stepped out, arms wide open, face turned up toward the heavens. He was drenched in half a moment, but he did not even notice. He dragged Aragorn outside as well, under the pretext that he was already wet and, with a wild gleam in his green eyes, just as lightening hit the mountains with a roar, the elf kissed the man. For a moment, he looked at the manís perplexed face, seeing him take a step back, the he laughed and twirled around some more.

ďIt worked! Iím back!Ē he laughed with pure joy.

Aragorn didnít know what was supposed to have worked. He was simply happy that his friend was still alive, although behaving a little strangely. And at the beginning, he had been a little afraid of the sparkle in the elfís eyes, but yes, the merry elf was definitely back. A smile slowly split Aragornís face. He just didnít know whether he liked this new elf better than the last.




* * *


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