Author's Notes: This piece was originally posted on under the pen name OIn Silverfury.This is not so much a story as it is an exercise for writing sex scenes. It's AU because it occurs in a vacuum within the LOTR universe. This is not meant to make any sense whatsoever. It was written purely for fun and should be taken that way.

Disclaimer: All of the LOTR characters and place names belong to Tolkien.

Of Elves and Aphrodisiacs

Chapter 3

By Tricia


Legolas was stiff again, his face taut with need and frustration. He turned his face away when Haldir tried to kiss him. Haldir pulled back, smiling. Leaning with his arms on either side of Legolas' head, Haldir shook his head in mock remonstrance.

"Don't tell me it has faded already. You have overcome it so much more swiftly than the last time," he teased, stroking the other elf's hair.

Legolas turned to face him. "Mayhap I have developed a tolerance," he replied angrily.

Haldir laughed at something he saw in the other elf's expression. "Mayhap you enjoy being helpless too much, eh?"

Legolas twisted beneath him, trying to dislodge the other elf. Haldir merely caught him by the shoulders and pushed him down. "I think we both know what is truly happening here, do we not?" Unfazed by Legolas' silence, Haldir traced the curve of the elf's lip with his finger. "You like this much better when I can assuage your guilt for you." He replaced his finger with his lips and gave Legolas a surprisingly gentle kiss. "Do not worry, fair cousin. I can free you from your guilt. I have no qualms about doing what I must to help you to enjoy this. If that involves drugging you, then that is what I will do."

"Nay," Legolas hissed, jerking his head aside.

Haldir ignored him and reached for the sack again. Boromir decided he must somehow get his hands on its contents before this day was over. He wondered if the elven aphrodisiac would work as well on other races. Then again, he realized he may not need the assistance after all. Strange goings-on were occurring within his recently depleted sex as he watched Haldir bring his cupped hand to Legolas' face.

"Just a little more," Haldir murmured with a smirk, "to ease your conscience."

Legolas' protest was muffled by the hand pressed over his nose and mouth. He turned away, but Haldir's hand followed, allowing no escape. Above Haldir's palm, the blue eyes rolled back. Legolas' lashes fluttered as he groaned softly. Haldir watched him avidly, licking his lips as Legolas inhaled more of the aphrodisiac.

"If only you could see how delightedly wanton you look as it overcomes you," the larger elf whispered. "Breathe deeply. Let yourself be at peace with what you desire, Legolas. It will not hurt you."

He pulled his hand away slowly, watching for reaction. The rosy flush of arousal broke across Legolas' skin. Satisfied with what he saw, Haldir slid sideways off of the slighter elf, draping one leg between the naked thighs. His knee brushed the globes drawn tightly beneath Legolas' arousal.

"Haldir," Legolas sighed, reaching up a hand to take hold of the other elf's shoulder. "I have had enough of games. Pleasure me. I beg of you. I cannot take this any longer."

Haldir looked at him with smug amusement. "Oh, I will pleasure you, dear cousin. Have no fear of that." He pulled up his knee to lightly brush the erect flesh. Legolas shivered, his hand tightening. "However, do not try to convince me of how much you can take. I know better." Haldir dropped his lips to the other elf's ear, his words a mere whisper to Boromir's straining senses. "I know you intimately. I know exactly how far I may push you." Disregarding Legolas' groan, Haldir continued, "Rest assured, I plan to wield that knowledge to bring you to absolute supplication. This will not end easily. Not by far."

"Bastard," Legolas muttered, but to Boromir's ears it was a weak curse with little heat behind it. The man was beginning to think that Haldir's lofty words were true: Legolas *did* want this, however much he might need convincing of it. The thought was scintillating. Boromir could think of many ways in which he could assist in such a task.

But for now the duty lay with Haldir alone, who obviously savored the responsibility. "I could do everything that you want me to," he was saying. "But that would end this far too quickly. Let us do what I would find pleasurable, hmmm? Mayhap you will find enjoyment in it, too. Knowing you as I do, my wanton cousin, I think you will."

"You make me out to be a whore," Legolas snapped, jerking his ear from its contact with Haldir's lips.

Haldir captured the other elf's face with his hand, turning him so their lips hovered by a hairsbreadth. "You *are* a whore, my lovely Legolas. You are *my* whore, who will do anything I want you to. You would lick me if I wanted it. Suck me. You would take me into your body a hundred times if I but asked."

Legolas' eyes flashed with a fire that stole Boromir's breath. "Make me," he whispered hotly.

Haldir only smiled. "I intend to." He reached down and placed Legolas' hand over the bulge in his leggings, urging the elf to stroke him. "What shall I do with you I wonder?"

Boromir could see Legolas fighting not to answer him. But his hand, on Haldir's groin, moved more insistently. Haldir's eyes shuttered at the sensation.

"What if I fill you completely?" Haldir mused aloud. He pretended not to notice Legolas' sudden gasp of yearning. "Fill every orifice of your body with my flesh. Would you like that?"

"You know too well that I would," Legolas sighed. "Ease this ache, Haldir. I can feel your need as well. Make us both content."

"So I shall."

Without warning, Haldir stood. Looking down upon the recumbant elf, Haldir slowly stripped off his blue embroidered tunic. Legolas watched him with unconcealed hunger. Indeed, Boromir himself was rapt. Haldir was a magnificent elf, fuller through the chest than Legolas, but with the same deceptively delicate skin and pallor. Smirking slightly, Haldir pushed down his leggings. His shaft jutted out boldly.

Legolas made an inarticulate sound and at once Haldir was upon him, pinning Legolas to the earth with knees on either side of his head. Haldir leaned forward and cupped Legolas by the back of the head, lifting him. "Pleasure me," he whispered. He guided his erection forward and slid it between Legolas' lips.

Boromir groaned as he watched the thick length of flesh disappear into Legolas' mouth. Haldir flexed his hips, pushing himself impossibly deep down the other elf's throat. He gave a soft sigh. After moment, he pulled back, allowing Legolas a breath, then pumped forward again, establishing a slow rhythm. Haldir's shaft grew shiny with moisture as it slipped in and out of Legolas' tightened lips. The larger elf dropped his head and shut his eyes in obvious pleasure.

Behind his concealment, Boromir found himself unconsciously mimicking Haldir's movements. Though he'd just spent himself only moments ago, Boromir was hard again. He grasped himself tightly and stared at the scene before him. He imagined himself in Haldir's place with *his* flesh thrusting in and out of Legolas' mouth. Boromir's moan of pleasure was drowned out by Haldir's as the elf grasped Legolas more firmly by the head and thrust faster.

With a dexterity Boromir envied, Haldir leaned back and found the other elf's erection. Haldir grinned as he began to stroke Legolas. The muffled moans that came from Legolas only widened his grin. Fingers crept up Haldir's hips, urging him to thrust faster. Haldir did, increasing the pace of his strokes on Legolas as well. Soon, Legolas was arching beneath the other elf, trapped between giving pleasure and receiving it.

Haldir abruptly released his hold on the other elf's erection. He pulled out of Legolas' mouth and smiled at the dazed blue eyes that blinked up at him.

"What is wrong?" Legolas asked weakly, catching his breath.

Haldir studied him a moment, still smiling. "As much as I would love to find my release between your delectable lips, I have other plans." So saying, he pushed off of Legolas and sat back on his heels. His erection rose from between his thighs as an intimidating challenge. "Sit upon me, Legolas."

Legolas rose up, eyeing the other elf with unease.

"Come," Haldir coaxed, patting his thighs. "'Tis what you want, is it not? To be impaled upon me?" He stroked himself idly, watching the other elf's reaction. "I have much to offer you, my fair one. Let me lay claim to that lovely body of yours. We have both waited long enough."

"But to sit upon you?" Legolas blushed. "I'd hoped you would take me upon the ground."

Haldir was enjoying his discomfort far too much, Boromir saw. The larger elf chuckled. "But I told you, this was about *my* pleasure. I wish to have you in this way. If you wish an end to the fire burning in your loins, you will do as I say."

Stubborness momentarily darkened Legolas' face. However, the aphrodisiac in his blood was apparently too strong for him to resist. Hesitantly, he crawled up to Haldir and placed his hands upon the other elf's shoulders. Haldir pulled away.

"Nay," he said with a sly smile, "turn around and sit upon me."

Legolas frowned, but even from a distance, Boromir could see the passionate trembling in his body. Saying nothing, Legolas shifted around so that his back was to Haldir. Haldir's hands settled upon the slender elf's waist. "Move back," he instructed.

Legolas slid his legs to either side of Haldir's and moved backwards until his buttocks hovered over the tip of Haldir's straining flesh. The sight transfixed Boromir. His hand stilled as he waited in anticipation of what would come next.

"Do not be shy," Haldir teased softly, running fingers down Legolas' quivering spine. "Take me into you."

Legolas bit his lip, his fair face red with arousal and embarrassment. Slowly, he lowered himself until Haldir's erection pressed against him. Taking an audible breath, he eased himself down. Boromir could see the moment when Haldir breached Legolas' defenses. Legolas's face tightened, sweat breaking out upon his brow. He slid down further, taking Haldir inch by excruciating inch. Boromir forgot to breathe as he watched Legolas slowly sheathe the firm rod within his body. All three of them groaned with relief when Legolas at last sat fully upon Haldir's lap.

Legolas bent his head, breathing heavily. The fall of his golden hair hid his face, but the strain evident in his body spoke volumes. Haldir ran soothing hands down the other elf's back. He gave a quick thrust upwards and was rewarded with Legolas' moan of pleasure.

Haldir bent forward and kissed the elf's spine. "Find your pleasure, Legolas. I will leave it up to you."

Legolas lifted himself, letting the flesh impaling him slide almost completely free. Then he dropped back down, Haldir's swollen member disappearing into his body.

"Gods," Legolas moaned, throwing back his head. He braced his hands upon the front of his thighs. Up and down he moved, riding the stiff erection that impaled his body. He began to move faster. Beneath him, Haldir's face was tight with concentation and desire. His hands gripped the slighter elf's hips, guilding and encouraging.

Boromir felt the familiar tightness gathering low in his body. His fist flew swifly over his flesh, matching Legolas' rhythm. His desire to possess the elf had become like a fever in his body. He shook with the force of it.

Legolas swiveled his hips slightly, tearing a soft cry from his lips. He did it again and this time Haldir was the one to make the sound. The larger elf's eyes were half-lidded with lust, watching the point where he entered Legolas' body.

"You are too much," he rasped. Surprising Legolas and Boromir both, he grabbed Legolas by the hips and held him down against Haldir's lap. Legolas whimpered and struggled to move, but Haldir held him firmly.

"Do not do this," Legolas begged frantically, grabbing at the hands that held him immobile. Haldir must have pulsed within him, for he suddenly gasped, shuddering. "You cannot stop this now. You cannot."

Though he shook with the force of his own arousal, Haldir would not allow the other elf to move. "Nay, I am not stopping this," he ground out. "I am only introducing a new element into our pleasure."

When Legolas looked back over his shoulder, confused, Haldir smiled deviously. "Come and join us," Haldir called out, turning to the bush that concealed Boromir. "I think it is time you stopped watching us and joined in our fun..."

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