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Of Elves and Aphrodisiacs

Chapter 4

By Tricia


Boromir could not breathe. If it were not for the insistent pounding of the blood in his shaft, he would have thought Time had stopped.

Haldir's eyes seared him through the suddenly insignificant concealment of the bush.

"Come, my friend. Surely you'd find more enjoyment if you were granted a better view."

Boromir found Haldir's comments strange. He would not have expected the elf to take the discovery of Boromir's trespass so well. But Boromir was not a fool. If Haldir did not appear upset to find him here, he was going to take full advantage of the generosity.

He tucked as much of his stiff flesh into his breeches as he could, wincing as he tied the fabric around the bulge. He crawled forward cautiously, his eyes darting to Legolas when the fair elf gasped upon seeing him. Legolas blushed with obvious mortification and renewed his struggles to remove Haldir's hands from his hips. "Haldir, please."

"Are you shy now that this handsome man sees you impaled so prettily upon my cock?" Haldir purred, his fierce blue eyes never leaving Boromir's.

Legolas groaned, pulling frantically at the other elf's fingers. "Yes!"

Haldir would not budge his grip. "But why ever for? Look at him, Legolas. He does not look very disgusted to me."

Boromir could have laughed. He doubted highly that he looked disgusted. Desperate, lustful, hungry -- he was most definitely all of those, but not at all disgusted. Watching Legolas slump miserably upon Haldir's lap, knowing that the larger elf's stiff flesh was still buried as far as it could go into Legolas' body was quickly making Boromir feel one other emotion as well -- frustration.

Haldir seemed to notice; the elf's eyes flicked to the unmistakable bulge in the man's breeches. Haldir smirked. "What did you hope? That you would get to play with two elves, Man?"

Boromir found a smirk of his own, emboldened by the fact that Haldir had not demanded he leave them. "Mayhap. But I would settle with playing with yours."

Legolas' eyes went round. "No!"

Haldir and Boromir both ignored him. Haldir's eyes narrowed speculatively. "And what makes you think I would share?"

Boromir's eyes left Haldir to briefly rove over Legolas' flushed features. The beautiful elf's eyes were slightly glazed, his pupils large and swallowing most of the blue. A light blush of arousal had spread across his cheeks and down his throat to his chest, highlighting the hard, rosy tips of his nipples. Lower, his pale sex arched almost painfully against his stomach.

"You'll share because you want to see him like this as badly as I do. And two of us could undo him most thoroughly."

Legolas gasped, staring in shock at Boromir. Boromir's groin swelled at having the full, undivided attention of such a beautiful creature. He could envision Legolas beneath him, looking at him with that same stunned look as Boromir filled him again and again with his shaft. Boromir decided that he would not leave this glade without having had Legolas.

Haldir only smiled. "And what would you do to add to our enjoyment of this situation? My fair cousin seems to be quite content as it is." With an almost cruel smile, Haldir thrust up into Legolas, his fingers tight on Legolas' hips to keep the elf immobile. Legolas cried out, trembling violently as the stiff flesh moved inside him.

Boromir held back a groan of need at the display. He longed to be the one buried to his short hairs in Legolas, but he suspected by Haldir's possessiveness that it would be a difficult feat. That did not mean he couldn't try.

Having been a fearless man for most of his life, Boromir opened the ties of his breeches, letting himself bob free for both elves to see. Haldir's eyes darkened; Legolas licked his lips before hurriedly looking away. Boromir smiled.

"While 'tis true that I do not possess the grace nor beauty of the Fair Folk, I do, however, boast of the strength of Man." Boromir slowly took hold of his erection and light stroked it. Conscious of Haldir's eyes upon him, he gathered the slick moisture that had gathered at the head and smeared it over the rosy crown of his erection. "Has your elf ever known the coarse touch of a man? Has he ever felt a man's crude thickness inside him, plundering that tender channel?"

Legolas shivered. Even Haldir seemed affected by the words, the dominant elf's eyes darkening with lust.

"Think of it like a hungry commoner feasting upon the virgin flesh of nobility." Boromir let his teeth flash like an animal's. "Untamed. Wild. It would be so very, very wrong."

"Haldir, I pray, do not let him," Legolas panted. But both elf and man heard the tremor in his voice that no amount of heated protest could disguise.

"And what if I did?" Haldir whispered, lightly licking the nape of his lover's neck. "What if I let this man take you? You, a prince of Elves, reduced to nothing but an elf whore to be used for the pleasure of Men."

Legolas moaned, his head falling back.

Haldir's voice grew sly. "Do not pretend the thought does not arouse you, dear Legolas. I feel how you squeeze around me. You want that, don't you? You want to be laid out like a feast to sate this man's hunger."

"Haldir . . . no."

Boromir barely heard Haldir's next words. "I think I'd like to see that, too."

Boromir crawled forward until he faced Legolas. The elf had his eyes closed as Haldir licked the side of his neck. Boromir met Haldir's eyes over a pale shoulder. When the elf looked at him and continued to kiss Legolas, Boromir took it as permission.

The smooth column of Legolas' sex twitched and glistened before Boromir. It was like slick ivory rising from a nest of pale, winter white hair. The man's mouth watered with the need to taste the shiny essence that dewed at the tip of Legolas' shaft. He did not think a man had ever tasted of an elf this way. Boromir was nigh beside himself with excitement.

He placed his hands atop Legolas' smooth, hairless thighs. At the calloused touch, Legolas' eyes snapped open and his head shot up. "Nay!"

Slender fingers flew through Boromir's hair to pull him away. But it was too late. Nothing but a blade would stop Boromir from lowering his head and touching his tongue to the tip of stiff flesh. He groaned at the flavor that was sweet on his tongue and salty in his throat. Legolas did not taste like a man, for Boromir had been in the company of soldiers enough times to have partaken of his fellows when choices were limited. The elf tasted of a mysterious musk that Boromir knew was possessed by no other creature of Middle Earth. Legolas tasted ancient and mysterious, like a dark river whose source originated deep in the mountains where Man could never step foot.

Boromir wanted more. He wanted all that Legolas had to give. Discarding finesse, Boromir sucked Legolas into his mouth and down his throat. Legolas cried out, his strong fingers tightening painfully in the man's hair. But he didn't pull Boromir away. He held the man down to him and it was a sweet victory for Boromir, indeed. But he promised himself it was just the first.

Boromir rode the bucking hips, realizing that Haldir had begun to thrust up into Legolas. Each forceful thrust shoved Legolas deeper down Boromir's throat.

"Ai, gods -- gods," Legolas whimpered as he was assaulted from in front and from behind.

Boromir groaned deep in his chest at the sounds Legolas was making. He sucked harder, running his tongue firmly along the underside of the shaft in his mouth. He reached forward and cupped the twin globes that had ridden up between Legolas' legs. The elf keened at the touch, bucking helplessly. Boromir let his fingers slide further into the darkness between Legolas' thighs, until his fingertips grazed the slick flesh that pumped furiously into Legolas' stretched opening. Boromir nearly lost his control as he traced the tender muscle pulled tight around Haldir's swollen shaft.

Boromir resisted Legolas' demands and pulled his mouth from the elf's erection. He looked hard at Haldir's sweat sheened face and growled, "Be like a river, Haldir. I would taste you as you flow into Legolas, and he into me."

Haldir shuddered, his pale lashes lowering over his intense blue gaze. "Swallow us, Man," he ordered. He began to thrust hard and fast into Legolas. "And do not miss a drop."

Legolas moaned, his eyes rolling up into his head as Haldir took him with renewed urgency. Boromir grinned and swooped down to take Legolas into his mouth again. He found more of that musky essence waiting for him and he swallowed it greedily, milking Legolas with lips and tongue.

Between them both, Legolas wailed in rising desperation. "Please, please!" he cried out over and over again. "'Tis too much. Oh, gods."

As if in magical concert, Haldir slammed upward hard, practically lifting Legolas on his cock, while at the same time Boromir hummed deep in his throat. Legolas shrieked as his release flooded Boromir's throat. The man swallowed all of it, so aroused by the proof of Legolas' pleasure that he nearly climaxed himself. Above Legolas' gasps, Boromir heard Haldir's low groan of completion. Boromir imagined the elf's hot seed spurting deep into Legolas' body and found himself aching in near agony.

He tore his mouth from Legolas' spent sex and rose up to crush his mouth over slack lips. "I want to be in you," he whispered hotly against Legolas' mouth. Startled blue eyes clashed with his. "I wish to plant my seed alongside your cousin's."

Legolas shook his head, eyes round. "Nay! 'Twill never happen. No man shall breach me!"

Boromir looked down as something was thrust into his hand. It was the sack of aphrodisiac. Haldir grinned mischievously at him from over Legolas' shoulder. "To ease the way," Haldir said drolly. "I think my dear cousin begins to remember himself."

Indeed, Legolas' erection had flagged with his release and his struggles to free himself had taken on new strength. Boromir grinned and dipped his hand into the sack as Haldir held the thrashing Legolas in place upon his lap. A fine powder coated Boromir's hand when he pulled it free. He rubbed it once between his fingers before telling Haldir, "Turn him around for me. I wish to take him as you did."

Smirking, Haldir manhandled Legolas until the slighter elf was kneeling upon the grass, his head held down by a firm grip on the back of his neck.

"Shhh, fair one," Haldir murmured to the other elf, tucking silken hair behind a pointed ear. "I wish to see you taken like this. I wish to see this man plunder your body and make you moan upon his shaft."

"Haldir, no," Legolas panted. His hands clutched the earth as Boromir took position behind him. "I do not want this."

Haldir kissed the other elf's ear. "You will."

Haldir guided Legolas up as Boromir leaned down. Boromir met them halfway, one arm sliding around Legolas' trim wait to hold him still while his powder covered hand slid across Legolas' nose and mouth. The elf thrashed anew when he recognized the drug being forced on him. His struggles made Boromir bite his lip and groan as his desire surged with the need to be in the elf *now*.

But he waited, until Legolas began to tremble beneath him and a faint moan issued from between his lips, whispering between Boromir's fingers. Boromir lowered the hand around Legolas' waist and felt the sticky tip of the elf's aroused shaft brush against the back of his hand.

"I think he is in a more amenable mood, don't you?"

Boromir looked up into Haldir's amused face. He grinned. "So it seems. Far be it for me to disappoint one of the Fair Folk."

Legolas was slippery inside, lubricated already with Haldir's seed. It was with little effort that Boromir slid himself into the elf's tight passage. Man and elf groaned with pleasure as Boromir sheathed himself completely. Boromir cupped Legolas' throat and held him possessively as he snapped his hips forward.

Legolas moaned, the sound a mixture of defeat and arousal. His head dropped as much as Boromir's hold on his throat would allow, golden hair spilling like a silken waterfall to the ground. The golden strands swayed with every thrust. His pale limbs rocked beneath Boromir as though in a sensuous dance. It was like making love to a creature of magic, Boromir thought. He had never felt so fortunate. .

After several minutes of watching Legolas and listening to his moans as Boromir took him, Haldir stood and walked behind Boromir. Boromir hardly cared. His mind and body were focused entirely on the slender body beneath him that shuddered and shivered so deliciously with every push.

Boromir knew he could get lost in Legolas. A thought -- purely one of Man -- had him contemplating stealing Legolas away and keeping him locked up in Minas Tirith. If he could take the aphrodisiac with him, he could use it on Legolas constantly and the elf would never fight, would never attempt to escape. It was a tempting thought.

He was deep into Legolas' body, fascinated by the way the elf's breath hitched whenever Boromir hit that small spot inside, when a pale hand descended over Boromir's face. Startled, he instinctively sucked in his breath. He inhaled the aphrodisiac deep into his lungs.

Boromir gasped as his blood sang with pleasure. He arched his spine, driving himself into Legolas, and the friction was so intense along his shaft that he cried out unashamedly. He ached with an unfulfilled need that pained Boromir so badly he would do anything to alleviate it. Fortunately, that alleviation seemed to come with every thrust into Legolas. The action gave him pleasure so fantastic that he shook with it. Panting like a beast, Boromir ground himself wildly into Legolas, shouting as the elf's inner muscles squeezed him in reflex.

When slick fingers probed Boromir's own entrance, he did not twist away as he would have done had he been in control of his senses. The fire in his blood demanded more and so he pushed back, inviting the digits deeper. When they sank into him, he sighed. But it was not enough.

"More," he growled back at Haldir.

A warm chuckle ghosted against his ear. "As you wish."

Suddenly he was being filled with too much too fast and yet it wasn't enough. Boromir moaned as Haldir pushed into him then immediately began to use him as roughly as Boromir was using Legolas. Boromir braced his hands on Legolas' hips even as he leaned back into Haldir's smooth, muscled chest. He felt torn between the most incredible pleasure he had ever felt, and the most exquisite pain he had been forced to endure.

He could not last long. He gave a hoarse shout as his loins trembled and his release tore through him. He clutched Legolas with a grip that bruised as he emptied himself into the moaning elf's body. As the hot essence left him, it was returned to him as Haldir, too, found his release deep inside Boromir. Boromir shivered at the feel of that warm rush. He had not been taken by another male in many seasons. The unexpected sensation shook him to the core.

So spent and stunned was he that he could not react as Legolas crawled out from beneath him and moved out of his vision. Boromir shuddered as Haldir pulled out of him. His body felt empty and cold without the elf draped over his back and buried to the loins inside him.

He hardly had the breath to gasp when a new firmness pushed against him.

"Legolas," Boromir whispered.

"Ai, I return some of the same," the elf panted against the back of his neck. But Legolas did not sound vengeful, only desperate.

Boromir did not fight him. He pressed his forehead to the grass and let the earth muffle his cries of pleasure as Legolas rode him. The aphrodisiac in his system made his groin swell again. It was with less pleasure than relief that he spilled himself into the grass minutes later.

Behind him, Legolas moaned long and hard as he finally found release in Boromir's body. Boromir smiled tiredly into the grass as he listened to Legolas sob. The elf was exhausted. Boromir listened to Haldir comfort him. The man closed his eyes, promising himself he would rest for just a moment.

When he awoke, the sun was hiding behind the hills in preparation of a complete escape. Boromir groaned as he sat up. He was alone, sprawled within the forest. He ached where he was not used to aching. His body felt worn out and yet curiously light.

Something on the ground caught his eye. He picked up the small sack and hefted it in his palm. Inside was a small pile of white powder. A hesitant smile grew bolder upon his face. So, it had not been a dream, after all.

"Elves," he murmured, shaking his head in disbelief.

He pocketed the sack, careful not to lose any of its precious contents. He would save it for the reunion.

The End.

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